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These news articles were transcribed by Kay Stanton as part of the County Cavan Newspaper Transcription Project. Other news articles are available on the site of John REA's biography .
Sharon Oddie Brown, February 1, 2006.

Anglo-Celt – November 2, 1849
The Assistant-barrister for Antrim suspended Mr. Jon REA, solicitor, for three years from practicing in his court, for having used "violent and insulting language" to the court.

Anglo-Celt, Friday, November 16, 1849
SUSPENSION OF MR. REA.- We are happy, for the honour of the solicitors' profession, to see that a meeting of the body has been called to give expression to their opinions on the recent arbitrary and most unwarrantable suspension of Mr. REA.  The requisition calling the meeting has been signed by more than one hundred and fifty members of the profession, including men of all classes and of all shades of opinion.  This is not a question of party, it is one of professional liberty and professional rights, and as such we rejoice to find the body thus taking up the case of an injured member of the profession. - Freeman.

Anglo-Celt  January 31, 1863
The Queen at the Prosecution of John LYTTLE, Mayor of Belfast, v. John REA

Immediately after the sitting of the court

Mr. REA appeared at the bar and applied, as defendant, for an extension of time to file affidavits in reply to that on which an order for a criminal information had been granted against him.  The time for filing affidavits had expired to-day, and it was only on Thursday morning that he had received the attested copies of the affidavit on which the order had been granted.  He had been informed in the Crown Office that it was impossible that the case could be tried till the summer assizes, so that the present application would cause no delay to the trial of the case.  He now asked to be allowed some time to consider whether or not he would not on a future day move that the rule be enlarged for a months.

The Lord Chief Justice--You must not anticipate.  Your application now is for time to file answering affidavits.

Mr. BRUCE (solicitor for the prosecutor) asked to have the application held over until Mr. BREWSTER came into court.

Chief Justice--There is no necessity for the attendance of Mr. BREWSTER.  The Court does not consider the application an unreasonable one under the circumstances, and, without anticipating any ultimate order, we will grant you a week's time, and if you seek for any further extension you must give the prosecutor two days' notice of your application.

Mr. REA--I thank your lordship, and, should I find a further application necessary, I will follow your lordship's suggestion.


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