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NAMES: John OLIVER of Ballinahonebeg & Kennedies; Thomas PRENTICE.
Sharon Oddie Brown. August 6, 2009


1796 May 23-27


To be sold at auction. At the courthouse of Armagh, on Wednesday, 8 June next at noon.

About 53 acres of land, in the town land of Ballinahonebeg[1], within a half mile of Armagh. -- there is a bleach green on the premises, which with the remainder of the lands, are let to solvent tenants, and yield a clear profit rent of £116.14 shillings per annum. The lands are of excellent quality, and held by lease of 21 years from November 10, with toties quoties covenant of renewal, subject to a chief rent of £5.12 shillings per annum.

At same time will be sold a lease of 48 acres of land in the townland of Kennedys[2], adjoining the above, held by lease of which 10 years are unexpired from November, last at the yearly rent of £41.19 shillings and would now set for a profit rent of £40 per and on.

For particulars apply to John Oliver[3] on the premises or Thomas Prentice[4], Armagh. May 14, 1796.


[1] Ballinahonebeg, Parish of Lisnadill, Co. Armagh. It is now incorporated into the town of Milford.

[2] Kennedys, a townland in the Parish of Lisnadill and now incorporated into the town of Milford is a townland of about 203 acres. Interestingly in the Freeholder records at PRONI, the only names listed for the Kennedies are Gray, Gillespie, Johnston, Levinstone  and Livingstone – not OLIVER.

[3] John Oliver John OLIVER (1764-bet 1796-1798). His birth date is based on the fact that his parents married in 1794. He had two sisters, Mary & Elizabeth who were “of the Kennedies”. Son of Joseph OLIVER (1727-1798).

[4] Thomas Prentice He shows up as a witness: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1796Apr1-OLIVER-SCOTT.html The PRENTICE family and the OLIVER family often seem intertwined in their business dealings.



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