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Thomas Jackson observed an eclipse at Chiuzenji, Nikki. I have not researched and annotated the names of others present: Mr. and Mrs. Kirkwood, Colonel Anderson, Mr. AF Satow, Mrs. and the Mrs. Mauran.
Sharon Oddie Brown. April 2, 2014
NOTE: The eclipse occured August 19, 1887. It was a total solar eclipse.


1887 Sept 09 The China Mail


One of the most fortunate among the parties that went to see the eclipse was that entertained by Mr. and Mrs. M. Kirkwood at Chiuzenji, Nikki. They had an uninterrupted view during totality though the early phases of the phenomena were hidden by clouds.  The guests of Mr. and Mrs. Kirkwood were Colonel Anderson 59th Regiment; Mr. T. Jackson[1] Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank; Mr. AF Satow, Mrs. and the Mrs. Mauran..  They viewed the eclipse from a point about 5 miles beyond the end of Chiuzenji farthest removed from Nikki.  At the lake itself only an imperfect view was obtained, and the case was worse at the top of Nantaizan where several persons who had made the ascent in the forenoon enjoyed occasional glimpses only and were altogether unfortunate during totality.  One of Mr. Kirkwood’s party writes: -- the grandest moment was the reappearance of the sunlight bursting on the mountain tops and flooding the recesses of the valleys.  The corona seemed to disappear instantaneously.  So complete was the gloom during the moment of totality that a bat evidently half awakened, flew in the face of one of the servants and was stunned by the blow.  Immediately on the appearance of the corona the whole party uncovered their hands their heads and saying ‘God save the Queen’ -- Jubilee eclipse!  The young lady of the party, already known as a composer, promised a ‘Corona Value’.  Japan Mail.


[1] Thomas JACKSON (1841-1915)



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