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NAMES: Mr. SHIELDS; Mr. WYNNE; Francis PRINGLE of Lime Park; William PRINGLE of Caledon; Joseph OLIVER of Kennedies. OTHER PLACES: Lislea.
Sharon Oddie Brown. August 6, 2009


1785 Jan 25-28


To be let from the first day of November 1ast 46 acres exceeding good land in the town of Lislea[1] upon the banks of the Callan River, where the bleaching business has been lately carried on, and on which there are two Mill-seats with a sufficient fall of water for each mill situated within 2 miles of Armagh, upon the great road leading from our Armagh to Keady, -- Said lands are relinquished by the late tenants Messrs. shields[2] and WYNNE[3] and are now in immediate possession of Mrs. Frances Pringle[4] of Lyme Park near Caledon, who will let the farm in perpetuity to good tenants upon condition of erecting proper mills and houses for carrying on the bleaching business.

Proposals to be received by William Pringle[5], Esq.; Caledon, near Tynan; or Mr. Joseph Oliver[6] of Kennedys[7], near Armagh who will show the premises.

Dated the 24th day of January 1785.


[1] Lislea, Parish of Lisnadill, Co. Armagh.

[2] shields


[4] Frances Pringle of Lime Park, Co. Tyrone. SOURCE: p71 of T.G.F. Patterson's Notes & Family Charts Relating to Grand Juries gives the family relationships of names mentioned in this deed. SOURCE: LDS film # 1279353. John PRINGLE of Lyme Park, Caledon (will proved in 1742) married a Sarah whose last name is currently unknown. Rev Robert PRINGLE of Madden Court, Co. Armagh was one of their sons. He married Frances ENERY (Her father was Rev. William ENERY rector of Killeshandra) on December 30th, 1783.  NOTE: I have a date of 1743 for the deed relating to the marriage, but my notes from Patterson show a marriage date of 1783. One of these dates  is incorrect. I will order the deed to check this out. John PRINGLE of Lyme Park was the agent to John HAMILTON (proprietor of the Caledon Estate). The PRINGLE family held many leases with the OLIVER family. Curiously, there is also the 1753 will of Charlotte PRINGLE née OLIVER (daughter of a Dr. Wm OLIVER – which makes me curious about the manuscripts in the Armagh Library done by Dr. William OLIVER of Bath) and wife of a John PRINGLE. This may be a red herring, but there may prove to be a connection. Another connection: In 1807, John PRINGLE of Lyme Park demised much of the Kennedies to Joseph OLIVER.

[5] William Pringle of Caledon in the County of Tyrone, Gent. His will was probated 1779. He was the son of John PRINGLE of Lyme Park. The family shows up as signatories on many OLIVER leases.

[6] Joseph Oliver. This is probably the Joseph OLIVER (1727-1795) who married Jane OATS (1727-bef 1798). He was one of the children of William OLIVER. His brothers were Benjamin, David & William & his sister was Elizabeth.

[7] Kennedys, Parish of Lisnadill and now incorporated into the town of Milford is a townland of about 203 acres. Interestingly in the Freeholder records at PRONI, the only names listed for the Kennedies are Gray, Gillespie, Johnston, Levinstone  and Livingstone – not OLIVER.



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