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NAMES: David Leslie; Joseph OLIVER; Mr. TOMB, Q.C.; Mr O'HAGEN.
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 31, 2008
NOTE: The unpublished paper: The rise & fall of a village industry Cornacarrow & Laragh mills 1775 – 1925 by Mary Frances Kerley is a splendid resource for understanding some of the complications of this crisis. I am grateful.

Armagh Guardian May 1 1846


Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick, by permission of The British Library:


Court of Queen’s Bench--Dublin, Thursday, April 23.--David Leslie[1] v. Joseph Oliver[2].--Mr. Tomb[3], Q.C., moved that the defendant should be discharged from the jail of Monaghan, where he was at present confined under a ca. sa., on the ground that he had been arrested by an abuse of the criminal process of the country, the outer door of the house in which he was living having been forced open, by virtue of a search warrant, and the arrest under the civil process then effected. Mr. O’Hagan[4] resisted the application. The Chief Justice delivered judgment at considerable length; and ordered that the defendant should be discharged from custody.

[1] David LESLIE, son of Nathaniel LESLIE and MARTHA OLIVER. He would have been born after their marriage in 1803.

[2] Joseph OLIVER, son of WIlliam OLIVER & Mary Anne HYDE. He would have been born after their marriage which was about 1809.

[3] Mr. TOMB, Q.C.

[4] Mr. O’HAGAN



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