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These two news clippings concern the Thomas BRADFORD (1797-1872) of Carnbeg who married Margaret WALLACE (1811-1885). They had twelve known children. In his will probate, he left an estate valued at £9000. OTHER NAMES: M'CLINTOCK.
Thanks to Wendy Jack for transcribing these articles.
Sharon Oddie Brown. September 17, 2008

1865 July 20 The Belfast News-Letter

YESTERDAY morning the nomination of candidates for the representation of the County Louth took place in the County Court-house, Dundalk, at eleven o'clock.
[Report of candidates and speeches, not transcribed.]
  After some exciting speeches had been made, the crowd in the Court soon mixed with the rabble on the street, and in a short time several persons known to be friendly to Mr. M'Clintock were savagely maltreated.  Amongst the number was Mr. Thomas Bradford, Carnbeg, whose grey hairs should have protected him from violence, who was dragged off his car and brutally assailed by ruffians armed with huge bludgeons.  The unfortunate gentleman, whose only crime was that he was a staunch supporter of the Conservative candidate, was abused in a frightful manner, and at present lies in a very precarious condition.


1865 September 12 The Belfast News-Letter
OUTRAGE.- A very disgraceful outrage was perpetrated last week upon the lands of Mr. Thomas Bradford, of Carnbeg, near Dundalk, some of his lambs having been maliciously slaughtered.  Mr. Bradford, who was so ferociously beaten in the public streets of Dundalk at the last election, has only recovered, and this renewed attack on the part of the enemies of law and order is disgraceful.




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