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NAMES: James BARCLAY of Maghera, Co. Londonderry; George CLINTON of Garvagh; Joseph WARDEN of Castle-Dawson; Robert & George BARCLAY.
Sharon Oddie Brown. August 18, 2009


1773 November 19-23 Belfast Newsletter.


To be let from the first of November Instant for such term as may be agreed on, the East End of the House in Maghera[1], and County of Londonderry, wherein the late James BARCLAY[2] lived, consisting of a large Kitchen, a good Parlour and Closet, with two Bed-chambers, on the Ground Floor; a good Cellar under the Parlour; a large Bed-Chamber, Store-room, Closet, and large Lobby, on the upper floor; a large Yard, Garden and Malt-Kiln; a good Stable and other Office houses on one Side of the Yard, with a Range of Tenements on the other Side, all in good Repair; together with, or without any Quantity of Land (under 40 Acres) all well inclosed, in good Heart, and contiguous to the said Tenement. This house is in an excellent situation for Public Business, being a Corner-House, and opposite to the Market-House. Application to be made to Mr. George CLINTON[3] of Garvagh[4], or Mr. Joseph WARDEN[5] of Castle-Dawson[6]. Robert or George BARCLAY[7] of Maghera will show the Premises.


Also to be sold by public Auction, for ready money, on Tuesday the 16th Instant at the above Place, the whole Stock of Black Cattle and Horses of the late James BARCLAY, deceased, consisting of a Variety of Beef and Milch Cows, Cows in Calf, and Heifers, Horses, Mares and Foals; eight Stacks of choice Oats, and a large Rick of Hay all well saved. The Sale of the Shop Goods and Household Furniture is intended on Wednesday, 12 January next, whereof timely notice will be given in this Paper.


All persons to whom the said James BARCLAY was indebted at the time of his death, are desired to furnish their accounts to the said George CLINTON or Joseph WARDEN (his Executors) for Payment; and all Persons indebted to him are requested immediately to pay the same to the said George CLINTON or Joseph WARDEN, otherwise the speediest method will be taken for recovery thereof. Dated 4th November 1773.

Maghera & Castledawson


[1] Maghera is a town in the County of Londonderry aka Derry. SEE: Map.  Currently, close to 4,000 people live there. Initially, the town grew up around St. Lurach’s church which was founded in 500AD – originally as a monastery. It is now roofless and protected under the National Trust. In the 1830s, it was described in Lewis Topographical Dictionary as follows: The town consists of one long and spacious street, from which several smaller streets branch off, and contains 210 houses, most of which are modern buildings of stone roofed with slate and of handsome appearance ; it is a great thoroughfare, and is amply supplied with excellent water. The inhabitants are principally employed in agriculture and in the linen manufacture, which is extensively carried on in the parish; and at Upperlands is a bleach-green, in which about 8000 pieces are annually finished for tile English and American markets ; there are also numerous corn and flax-mills on the different streams, of which the river Moyola forms part of the southern boundary of the parish. The market, on Tuesday, is amply supplied with all kinds of provisions ; a market is also held on Friday, chiefly for grain ; and there are fairs on the last Tuesday in every month for cattle, sheep, pigs, and peelers. The market-house, the property of A. Clarke, Esq., of Upperland, is a large neat building, erected in 1833 on a rising ground in the centre of the town ; and over it is a spacious room in which the petty sessions are held on alternate Saturdays, and a manorial court monthly, in which debts under 40s. are recoverable. Here is also a chief constabulary police station.

Of interest (but I have not yet looked at it) is PRONI D1550/160/12: Renewals of lease of Barkley family to property in Maghera, and purchase by Robert Lytle, including copy will of James Lytle of Tullykerren, 1870. [Six items]

[2] James BARCLAY (?-1773). In 1784, an Agnes BARTLEY, widow of Maghera is mentioned . I suspect there was a familial connection. SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1784Jun7-BARTLEY-BARTLEY.html The last name of this family could be spelled many ways.  The Fasti of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ireland gives the name of James BARKLEY of Magherra as the father of Joseph BARKLEY (1811-1880).  I would expect them also to be related to this James BARCLAY, although I don’t know quite how. It is likely that the James BARKLY of Maghera mentioned in a 1791 deed is also related.  http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1791Jun28-PATTERSON-BARTLEY.html

[3] George CLINTON (1744-1827) SOURCE: St. Paul’s Church, Garvagh.  Here lieth the remains of  George Clinton, and those of his wife and their family all are interred here. He departed this life (date illegible) 1827, aged 83 years

[4] Garvagh, 786 acres in the Parish of Errigal, Co. Londonderry.

[5] Joseph WARDEN

[6] Castle-Dawson. SEE: Map.  It is known as the hometown of the poet, Seamus Heaney and also Ditty’s Home Bakery (I can attest to the splendour of their oat cakes thans to Linda Leonard!). Originally, the village was known as "Dawson's Bridge" and had the distinction of having (at one time) the largest single span stone bridge in Ireland. The village was named after its 'castle' (actually a large manor house) built by Joshua Dawson in 1713. He was Chief Secretary for Ireland and founded the village in 1710. The Dawson estate, Shanemullagh, shares its name with the original townland name. The Dawson family also founded Christ Church, on the edge of that estate, in the early 1700s.SOURCE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castledawson  For the 1837 description in Lewis Topographical Dictionary, see: http://www.from-ireland.net/derry/lewis/cdawson.htm

[7]Robert & George BARCLAY. Given the interchangeable spellings used in this branch of the family, it is interesting that a Robert BARTLEY and George BARTLEY(177-1839), sons of Hugh and Esther BARTLEY were family mentioned in deeds in connection with the BARCLAYs of Maghera. SOURCE:  PRONI D/991/6/1/2 "1st Robert who was M.D. and went to American War 1782 not heard of since 1798. Lived at Londonderry near Boston, bought a farm with Prize money - had 3 children".



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