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These tables all relate to the OLIVER family. It is a work in progress. I hope by sharing them that others can help fit the various pieces of the puzzle together. There are other files that I would like to post, but I am not a computer geek (too bad) and am defeated by the size of them (or the program is defeated by them!). They will have to wait until my skills in this area reach my needs.
Sharon Oddie Brown. November 23, 2006
Date range Links to tables Date entered/updated
1717-1873 Benjamin OLIVER TABLE.The Benjamin OLIVERs of most interest to me in terms of their connection to Benjamin OLIVER (1765-1831) of Killynure are the ones connected to the townlands in Armagh - Ballynahonbeg, Ballyrea, Enagh, Knockagraphy, Magherry Kilcranny and the ones in Monaghan - Ballybay, Clontibret, Cornicarra and Laragh. February 6, 2007
1616-1916 Armagh Townlands with OLIVER names appended December 9, 2006
1689-1867 LDS & PRONI compilation sorted by name October 30, 2006
1689-1867 LDS & PRONI compilation sorted by date October 30, 2006
1682-1866 OLIVER weavers: The occupation of weaver or draper occurs frequently enough that it is worthy of study. It may also tie in to the family story that the OLIVERs who were ancestors of Sir Thomas JACKSON came from the Netherlands where they had sought refuge after fleeing from France and that they subsequently served under King William at the time of the Battle of the Boyne in 1690. January 24, 2007
1695-1854 Dates of wills probated in Co. Armagh November 24, 2006
1708-1728 1st Presbyterian Church Baptisms, City of Armagh July 20, 2007
1717-1834 Dates of wills probated in Clogher November 24, 2006
1753-1963 St. Marks, Armagh, Co. Armagh Records of Birth-Marriage-Death These records are incomplete. November 23, 2006
1766-1850 OLIVER links to Tullymore, Cc. Armagh Tullymore is useful as a focal point in the OLIVER line of Killynure January 25, 2007
1792-1869 OLIVER - Caledon Parish, Co. Tyrone Baptisms It is quite possible that several of these Co. Tyrone OLIVER lines are related to other Ulster OLIVERs in Co. Armagh and Co. Monaghan. Also of note is the profession of weaver for several of the John OLIVER entries. January 25, 2007
1777-1901 OLIVER - Deaths registered in CO. Armagh 1865-1910These births were calculated from the 1865-1910 deaths January 25, 2007
1796 Flax Growers records from 1796 November 23, 2006
1801-1863 Belfast Newsletter Birth Marriages and Deaths: Linen Hall Library Index 1801-1863. November 23, 2006
March 19, 2007
1802-1869 Caledon, Co. Tyrone Church Burials. November 24, 2006
1808-1852 Armagh Miltary Records November 25, 2006
1823-1838 OLIVER - Index to the Tithe Appointment Books In terms of where certainty ends and speculation begins, these are some of the most important records for the Killynure OLIVER line. January 25, 2007
1823-1912 OLIVER - Assorted births from Co. Monaghan 1823-1912 January 24, 2007
1830-1927 OLIVER - Minterturn, Co. Tyrone Baptisms January 25, 2007
1835-1839 Baptisms at 1st Ballybay Presbyterian Church 1834-1982 - OLIVER Information added on Samuel OLIVER (1843-1917) November 24, 2006
January 22, 2007
July 8, 2017
1837 Subscribers to Topographical Dictionary by Samuel Lewis, 1837. November 24, 2006
1839 1839 Voters List printed in Newry Telegraph October 3, 1839 (OLIVER names only) November 24, 2006
1845-1870 OLIVER Marriages retrieved by Maria BEATTIE Thanks to Maria, we have a new slew of OLIVER records to digest. I will update this table as I learn more January 24, 2007
1847-1862 OLIVERs - Assorted Marriages These records include OLIVER sightings likely to be pertinent to our research. January 24, 2007
1851 Griffiths records on OLIVERs in Co. Tyrone November 23, 2006
1857-1892 Will Abstracts relating to OLIVER from PRONI December 3, 2006
March 23, 2007
1862 Griffiths records on OLIVERs in Co. Fermanagh November 23, 2006
1864 Griffiths records on OLIVERs in Co. Monaghan & Armagh November 23, 2006
1864-1874 OLIVER - Assorted Births These records include OLIVER sightings 1864-1874 likely to be pertinent to our research. January 24, 2007
1865-1910 OLIVER-Deaths registered in Armagh I have sorted these by estimated birth to more readly see how they may fit into earlier families resident in Armagh.They were born 1777-1901 January 25, 2007
1901 1901 Census TABLE for Belfast, Shankhill Parish I don't know where these OLIVER families fit into the picture, but sometimes such records are also helpful in the process of elimination of pertinent names. January 24. 2007
1911 1911 Census TABLE for Belfast, Shankill Parish I don't know where these OLIVER families fit into the picture, but sometimes such records are also helpful in the process of elimination of pertinent names. January 24, 2007
1708-2000 OLIVERs mentioned in Deeds Registry in Dublin 1708-2000 Hopefully I am better at recording data than I am at typing. You will likely notice more typos that I have missed. Hopefully, this will still be valuable to many researchers both in Armagh, and also those who are tracing ancestry connected to OLIVERs in Ireland - warts and all. January 20, 2012
1824-1915 Notes from Cardinal Tomás Ó Fiaich Memorial Library Some records of OLIVERS in Co. Armagh of the Roman Catholic faith. January 21, 2012
1747-1839 Freehold Records for OLIVER NOTE: PRONI's freeholders records come from a variety of sources. They include registers of men who had registered to vote (excluding all those whose land status prohibited them from voting) as well as poll books which showed the lists of voters and who they voted for. August 27, 2015
1700-1870 Olivers of Lislooney. There is mounting evidence that the OLIVERs of Lislooney were closely related – at least at the 1st cousin level - in the early 1700s to the OLIVERs of Farmacaffley aka Sherranmcaghully, Parish Of Eglish, Co. Armagh and to the OLIVERs of Tattykeel, Parish Of Kildress, and hence to several other lines - including the OLIVERs of Killynure. I will be writing a post about the suspected links, and their implications for future research. August 29, 2015
1860-1930 abt Oliver Probates: National Archives Index. As you can see from the blanks, there is still more data to add, but I thought it might help if I posted what I had so far. By matching them with census data, it makes it easier to get a fix on who some of these people are. August 30, 2015
1670-1900 OLIVERs of Armagh. This chart captures all of the deeds research and newspaper transcriptions that I have done to date that concern the OLIVERs of Armagh. More are to come, but I am sharing them now so others can get a leg up with their lines. NOTE: This file exceeds 80 pages in length. September 11, 2015
1655-1669 OLIVERs in St. Peter's Church records: Thomas OLIVER b, 1655; Thomas OLIVER d 1657; Benjamin OLIVER b. 1669, son of Richard OLIVER. September 18, 2015
1700-1900 Eliza Oliver's (1815-1903) handwritten history. These two pages were amongst several documents which Christine Wright recently discovered at Gilford Castle. I first saw them on May 7th, 2015. Based on both the handwriting and the content, they were written by Eliza Oliver (1815-1903). It is most likely that they were written for her granddaughter Mary Menary. This is the oldest written version of Oliver family history that I have been able to find so far. September 22, 2015
1912 These are the OLIVERs who signed the 1912 covenant to indicate that they opposed Home Rule. The people who signed this covenant all wanted Ulster to remain part of the UK. Their signatures on this document can be useful when matched with instances of their signatures on deeds. It is interesting as much for those OLIVERs who signed as for those OLIVERs who didn't (It wasn't completely along sectarian lines). NOTE: If anyone can add to My notes, this would help me to sort out which ones are near relations to each other. Thanks. September 22, 2015
1781-1880 OLIVERs from Armagh in British Military: The name "David" from parish of Tynan is particularly interesting to me. September 23, 2015
1766 The only portion of the 1766 Religious Census for Co. Armagh - that survived - was the part from Creggan Parish, some of which is on my site. None of the pages for Co. Monaghan have survived. In this census, the term “Protestant” included the names of men who were both Church of Ireland and Protestant dissenters, such as Presbyterian. September 24, 2015
1783-1905 Working from OLIVER death certificates in Co. Armagh. I have used date from a range of sources to locate where these deaths fit within known family trees. There is always more to learn. October 1, 2015
1864-1900 Births to mothers of OLIVER children as recorded in the Armagh & Dungannon Registries. I have compiled the information in this manner because sometimes, it is hard to see the trees for the forest (the opposite of not being able to see the forest for the trees). This approach - of following the mothers - has clarified many lines of OLIVERs for me, but there are still a few strays. I also suspect that in time that we will find out that most if not all of these OLIVERs are related to one another. June 30, 2017
1841-1856 1841 Census of Olivers of Tyrone & also Griffiths valuations for OLIVERs of the Parish of Urney. July 8, 2017
1901 & 1911 Olivers of Armagh in the 1901 and 1911 Census. I have now placed just about all of these OLIVERs into family trees (although some tree look more like shrubs than trees). It is a small step in organizing the OLIVER forest. July 12, 2017



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