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This is the family history of the DARE-JULIUS family as compiled by George Mildmay DARE somtime before his death in 1907. It was clearly also used for the history that Amy Oliver LLOYD prepared in 1951. The footnotes on this piece are mine.
Sharon Oddie Brown. April 5, 2011




The Dares of Ares


Originally belonged to the noblesse of France. My Great Great-grandfather William Dare[2], fled to England with 40,000 immigrants in the year 1685, when the Edict of Nantes's was revoked and the dreadful persecutions against the Hugenots ensued. Our ancestors brought their monies with them and settled and became one of the leading county families in Dorsetshire.


My great grandfather, Thomas Dare, born 1733, married about 1759 or 1760 a Miss. Ross[3], niece of the late Duke of Bedford[4]. (The late Earl Russell[5] and my Great Grandfather, Thomas Dare, were married on the same day and at the same church.) On the birth of my Grandfather (third son of the foregoing marriage) the late Duke[6] stood sponsor and gave him the delectable name of Phocian. [7]In those days politics ran very high, our people were high Tories and the Dukes were red-hot Whigs. This alone severed the connexion and so matters have remained to this day.


My grandfather Phocian Dare, had no profession and resided on his estate, Woodford Park, near Weymouth in Dorsetshire. He married in 1784, Louisa Caroline Julius[8], by whom he had a family of three sons and three daughters. My father was the second son, George Julius Dare[9]. He was in the Royal Navy but resigned and became the owner of a sailing ship, the “John Bagshaw”[10] (of course having been in command of other people's vessels previously for many years). He married Sarah Shrieve Parke[11] at the Cape, and after making many voyages they finally settled in Singapore. I, George Mildmay, the eldest son, went to Japan in 1864, and after the death of my father, my mother and all my brothers and sisters join me there. My uncle, John Julius Dare, eldest son of Phocian Dare, and his family settled in the West Indies.


I now come to my grandmother's side, the Julius.


My grandmother, Louisa Caroline Julius, was a sister of the late Dr. Charles Julius, M.D.,[12] of the Palace Richmond[13]. (It was he who brought the late Duke of Cambridge[14] into the world.) My grandmother was a daughter of the late William Julius[15], a considerable landed proprietor (Mansion and Killiekrankie Estates) in the island of St. Christopher or St. Kitts, West Indies. His brother John Julius, was then the governor of the same island, and my Grandmothers uncle, William Hamilton[16], was the Attorney General.


My great grandfather, William Julius[17], was considered one of the proudest and most extravagant men in England. He never drove out without his four horses and outriders and live fully up to his income which was £30,000 per annum. He married an equally proud Welsh lady, a Miss Edwards[18], first cousin of the late Sir Charles Morgan[19] of Tredegar Park, whose son was afterwards Lord Tredegar. My grandmother's uncle, the late William Hamilton (before alluded to) married Lady Isabel Erskine[20] and resided Osborne (one of Queen Victoria's residences). My grandmother's first cousin, Mrs. Nesbitt[21], lived at Nevis, an island in the West Indies, where Lord Nelson, then Capt. Royal Navy after making my grandmother an offer of marriage and receiving refusal from her (Louisa Caroline Julius[22]), married Mrs. Nesbitt then a widow, my grandmother acting as one of her bridesmaids. King William the fourth, then Duke of Clarence, who was then with the fleet anchored at Nevis, gave the bride away.


There is a monument to our Grand Uncle (Grandfather (?)) William Julius in Westminster Abby[23]. Near this place lies the body of ... [Captain William Julius[24] late Commander of His Majesty's Ship “Colchester” who departed this life 3rd October 1698 aged 33 years[25]].”



[1] George Mildmay DARE (1840-1907)

[2] Aka Guillaume de Ayres.. It seems that he may have landed in England in 1685.

[3] I know nothing more about “Miss ROSS”.

[4] NOTE: I am not sure which Earl of Bedford this might be.

[5] NOTE: This does not line up Francis RUSSELL, son of John RUSSELL (1710-1771), and the 4th Duke of Beford married in 1764 while Thomas DARE married  in 1759. Nor does it line up with his father, who married twice, but much earlier.

[6] Presumably, this is Lt. Gen John RUSSELL (1710-1771) 4th Duke of Bedford.

[7] Phocian DARE ( 1763-1834)

[8] Louisa Caroline JULIUS (1764-1845), daughter of William JULIUS and Jane Smith EDWARDS.

[9] George Julius DARE ( 1807-1856) was not only the second son, but also the youngest child of six.

[10] A brig of 260 tons built in Essex in 1842. SOURCE: The Essex Review.

[11] Sarah Shrieve PARKE, daughter of William Tollemach PARKE & Elizabeth BUSHE.

[12] Dr. Charles Julius, M.D., A confusion arises here. There are two brothers, Charles Smith JULIUS b 1765 and George Charles JULIUS b 1775. The latter is referred to as a doctor in Louisa Caroline DARE's will. Amy Oliver LLOYD’s notes say: He lived at the Old Palace Richmond and was physician to George IV. Before living at Richmond he served in India. This fits with an email from Judy Whittaker in 2001: I know that after George Julius and his wife Isabella Gilder were married they travelled to India.Five of their children were born there.They returned to England in 1810 and settled in Bristol and in 1814 they moved to the Old Palace,Richmond where they lived for 41 years. They retired to St Leonards where at Maze Hill House they died. George at the age of 91 in the year 1866 and Isabella in 1867 in her 93rd year. They were buried in the churchyard at Hollington.

[14] If this story is true, then it would have to be the 2nd Duke of Cambridge, who was born in Hanover Germany in 1819. The 1st Duke of Cambridge was born 1774, so it couldn’t be him. Depending on which Charles Julius is the correct one, the future Dr. Charles Julius would have been only nine years old at the time, or else about to be born himself at the time of the birth of the 1st Duke of Cambridge.

[15] William JULIUS (1726-1780)

[16] William HAMILTON. A William Hamilton was the English Deputy Governor of St. Christopher 1704-1706. SO far, I have found no mention of a John JULIUS. SOURCE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_colonial_heads_of_Saint_Christopher 

[17] William JULIUS (1726-1780)

[18] Jane Smith EDWARDS

[19] Sir Charles MORGAN (1760-1846)

[20] Lady Isabel ERSKINE

[21] Mrs Frances “Fanny” NESBITT (1761-4 May 1831),born Frances Herbert WOOLWARD daughter of Mary HERBERT and William WOOLWARD (d 1779), a senior judge at Nevis. She was a young widow of Dr. Josiah NESBET (he died c 1781) who was from a Nevis plantation family. After his death, she was helped by her uncle John HERBERT of Montpellier. She married NELSON at Montpelier Estate on the Island of Nexis on 11 March 1787. The marriage was registered at Fig Tree Church, St, John’s Parish, Nevis. She had been orphaned at a young age. There is a lot of detail on her at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frances_Nisbet

I do not know how she fits in as a cousin, but William HAMILTON may be the link. http://www.twogreens.co.uk/wakeup/people/frances.htm

[22] Louisa Caroline JULIUS (1764-1845) married Phocian DARE.

[23] It is in the north aisle of the Nave. There is a description that matches this at: http://www.agbfinebooks.com/Publications/Memorials/Naval%20Memorials%20in%20London.htm

[24] William JULIUS (1665-1698) married an unnamed HAMILTON. He was the great-great grandfather of George Mildmay DARE. NOTE: It is likely that there is another generation to be inserted between the two, since the William JULIUS that I have as his son is born in 1726 – a generation after the first William JULIUS’ death. More work is needed here.

[25] NOTE: This was cropped from the copy of his notes, but was found in the version compiled by Amy Oliver LLOYD, his niece. SEE: Amy LLOYD's history - part 3



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