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I apologize for the formatting of this page. For some reason, it won't stay within the width that works best and I have exhausted what I know to fix it. The deeds are individually posted and can be viewed on the Deeds page (under the documents hyperlink). Hopefully - even in its less than perfect formatting - it will be of use.
Sharon Oddie Brown. December 12, 2007

Olivers of Lislooney, Parish of Tynan, Co Armagh


I need to do more research with maps at this stage. From the maps available to me at this time, I notice that Lislooney, a townland in the Parish of Tynan, is on the eastern border of the Tynan Rectory. It is bounded by water from a substantial tributary that flows into the Blackwater River. This leads to the possibility of a mill and linen related activities. It is also less than two km west of both Fellows Hall (home of the MAXWELLs who figure in many OLIVER leases) and Ballynameta AKA Elm Park (home of the JOHNSTONs who also figure in many OLIVER leases).


There are several records connected to Lislooney for the OLIVER family:

  • 1718 June 11 William OLIVER of Lislooney signed a lease with George JOHNSTON of Ballynametagh (AKA Wood Park), Armagh.
  • In 1807, Benjamin OLIVER was noted in the Freeholder records with a lease at Lislooney.
  • In 1816, his youngest daughter died.
  • 1816 & 1817, again mentioned as a resident & freeholder.
  • In 1827, Benjamin OLIVER is mentioned in the Tithe Appointment books at Lislooney.
  •  In 1830, his son James OLIVER married Letitia SIMPSON.
  • In 1832 and 1839, in the Resident & Freehold records.



1718 June 11

DEED: 38-403-24787


NOTE: I have this deed.


I have a lot to learn when it comes to decoding leases and being able to make educated inferences from them. It would appear that William OLIVER was already residing at Lislooney prior to the lease. This lease poses questions for which I have no answers.

  • Why was the first indenture signed by William OLIVER dated 1718 but the memorial signed five years later in 1723?
  • Why was it for such a small section of Lislooney – one acre only, but nailed down for 99 years. Did it give access to a road?
  • The lease of 1824 mentions an annuity owned by Benjamin OLIVER, father of James for 46+ acres in Lislooney – was this one acre merely adding to a previously existing lease?

Some interesting conjectures can be made about who this William OLIVER may be, but we are still short of a slam dunk.

·       He may be the father of David OLIVER (1725-1806) of Ballyrea (and therefore also likely the father of a William OLIVER (b. abt 1730-d.1816) connected to Ballyrea, Farmacaffley & Ennislare), Joseph OLIVER (1727- Bet 1789-1796) of Ballynahonebeg, Benjamin OLIVER (d. 1770) of Ballynahonebeg & Elizabeth OLIVER (b. 1729).

·       If these things are true, then he was likely born in the 1690s.

·       This then puts him in the same territory and time as the William OLIVER of Mullinture, Co. Armagh which also leads me to suspect a connection to the OLIVERs of Co. Tyrone.

·       Interestingly, a RootsWeb tree of the SPEER family has their William OLIVER born in Latakeel, near Cookstown, Co. Tyrone, Ulster. The source they used was: Irish Pedigree. John O’Hart.  Not all the facts in this tree ring true. For example, Elizabeth VANCE née OLIVER is alleged to have been born in 1700 and to have died in 1800. Without documentation to validate them, deaths at age 100 are usually suspect in my books – but she would otherwise make a neat fit to the Elizabeth OLIVER b. 1728.

·       page 11 of Irish Ancestry of Henry (William) OLIVER mentions a William OLIVER born about 1670 possibly at SherranmcAghully (AKA Farmacaffley), Parish of Eglish, Co. Armagh or Tattykeel, Parish of Kildress, Co. Tyrone and hypothesises that he was a son of Andrew OLIVER of Tattykeel and therefore the brother of an Eliza OLIVER who married John VANCE (page 10). This last fact ties in with the suggestion in the SPEER family tree. They may have referenced the same source.


Memorial of an Indenture made the Eleventh day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighteen between George Johnston [1] of Ballynametagh [2] in the County of Ardmagh [3] Gent of the one part and to William Oliver [4] of Lislooney [5] in the said county ffarmer of the Other Part Witnesseth That the said George Johnston for and in consideration of the rents and covenants therein mentioned doth Demise sett and to farm let unto the said William Oliver his Exns Adminns and Assigns one acre of land English Measure Lyeing and being in the townland of Lisooney Joyning to the townland of Anagh [6]   & Bordering on the East Side of the Highway Leading from Tynan  to Keady [?]ing the Barrony of Tureany [7] and county aforesaid to have and to hold the said unto him the sd William Oliver his heirs Adminns and Assigns from the first day of May [?]ding the date of the sd Lease for  & During the full Term and space of ninety nine years from thence fully to be Completed and Ended Yielding & Paying therefore and thereout yearly and every year for the same the sum of five shillings as by the sd Indenture of Lease Containing severall other Clauses and Covenants [Relation?] being thereunto had may more fully and at Large appear which sd indenture was Signed Sealed & Perfected by the sd George Johnston in the presence of William Scott [8] and Francis Scott [9] both of Killalea [10] in the County of Ardmagh Gent who are subscribing Wittnesses thereto and this memorial was also perfected by the sd William Oliver in the presence of Ffrancis Scott of Killalea Gent and John Scott [11] of Ardmagh who are subscribing witnesses hereto In witness whereof the sd William Oliver hath hereunto Sett his hand and Seale this tenth day of September one thousand seven hundred twenty three 1723


Signed Sealed and Perfected                                                                   William Oliver

 in the presence of


Francis Scott

John Scott


[Coun?] Ardmagh

At a [Goull?] Quarter session of the year hold at Ardmagh in and for the sd county the 16th day of October 1723

Ffrancis Scott of Killalea in the County of Ardmore for to some this day before us in open Court and made oath that he is a subscribing wittness to the Lease in the above Memorial mentioned of which the above is a memorial & saw the above named Geo Johnson

Sign Seal and [?] the same & is also a subscribing wittness to the above memorial and saw the above named William Oliver Sign Seale and [?] the same note

                                                                                          Capt [?] note in support [?]

                                                                                                       [?] [?] ocbry 1723

                                                                                                           John Hamilton [12]

                                                                                                              J.A. Manson [13]




1824 April 6 DEED: 790-345-534280  OLIVER-McDONNELL

James OLIVER [14] of City of Armagh Merchant  for 5s set over Alexander McDONNELL [15] of Belfast Merchant  tenement on the east side of English St formerly in possession of Messrs Hugh & Thomas QUINN [16] . “with the office houses store houses lofts and yard containing in front 22 feet and from front to rear 152 feet with the passage of 9 feet wide in the lane leading from College St to the rear of the premeses [Description follows} .. also mention of an annuity out of townland of Lislooney then in possession of Benjamin OLIVER [17] father of the said James OLIVER containing by estimation 46 acres & ? roods  meared and bounded on the North by the great road leading from Tynan to Keady on the east by the townland of Delea [18] & Lisheagh [19] on the south by the townland of Beaghy [20] and on the west by Tynan river.... Witness John WALLACE [21] attourney; Matthew BARNETT [22] Gent both of Belfast. James OLIVER [SEAL} 3rd April 1824



1853 Apr 16  DEED: 1853-10-214  OLIVER, Benjamin & Letitia – DOBBIN

NOTE: I must get.

George Killen CAMPBELL [23] of Portnaghy [24] Co. Monaghan administrator of Benjamin OLIVER late of Lislooney. Benjamin OLIVER seems to be the father of James OLIVER [25] of Lislooney & Letitia OLIVER [26] (née SIMPSON) is the wife of James OLIVER. They are the parents of Benjamin Robert OLIVER eldest son of James & Letitia.  James & Letitia’s indenture of marriage 1830 June 18. The deed mentions Leonard DOBBIN [27] of Gardiners Place, Dublin Esq. Lislooney, estate of Woodpark, Manor of Caledon formerly demised by indenture 1788 Feb 6 to & in possession of Arthur OLIVER [28] & Benjamin OLIVER & lately in the possession of James OLIVER. It also refers to a lease 6 Feb 1788 renewed 13 April 1829 & a debt judgement 1822 against Benjamin OLIVER for £400 to John BURNS [29] . Witness Henry Leslie PRENTICE [30] of Caledon.

[1] George JOHNSTON. Given the occurrence of this name in later leases connected with OLIVERs and Laragh, this name is interesting.

[2] The contemporary spelling is “Ballynameta” also known as Wood Park, situated in the Parish of Tynan, Co. Armagh. It is just to the east of Lislooney – separated only by the townland of Dillay.

[3] Contemporary spelling: “County Armagh”

[4] William OLIVER. See notes in box above the deed

[5] Lislooney, Parish of Tynan, Co. Armagh. In the early 1800s, a century after this Deed, a Benjamin OLIVER was registered as a freeholder at Lislooney and other records show the family there after this time.

[6] Contemporary spelling: Enagh. This townland is on the western border of Lislooney. There is another Enagh in the Parish of Lisnadill – just to confound us, the OLIVERs had leases in both!

[7] Contemporary spelling: Tiranny

[8] William SCOTT. It is of interest that LDS has a record of a William SCOTT who married an Isabella OLIVER in the Presbyterian Church of Drumbo, County Down in 1720. Worth Checking out! A William SCOTT was also one of the Derry fighters in 1689 from Co. Monaghan.

[9] Francis SCOTT

[10] Kilylea, Parish of Tynan, Co. Armagh

[11] John SCOTT

[12] John HAMILTON. Given the later Jane HAMILTON - Joseph OLIVER marriage, this is interesting.

[13] J.A. MANSON

[14] James OLIVER, a son of Benjamin OLIVER of Lislooney married Letitia SIMPSON on June 17 1830. SOURCE:   Belfast Newsletter. At Killeen cottage on Thursday 17th inst by the Rev P. S. HENRY, James OLIVER of Lislooney to Letitia, younger daughter of the late William SIMPSON of Cavancaw

[15] Alexander McDONNELL of Belfast. NOTE: There are other McDONNELLs including an Alexander McDONNELL described as a drover on English Street in the 1819 Armagh Directory.

[16] Hugh & Thomas QUINN are listed as “Grocers and spirit dealers” on English Street in the 1819 Armagh Directory.

[17] Benjamin OLIVER of Lislooney, father of James OLIVER. NOTE: This description of the land accords with the description in DEED 38-403-24787 dated 1718.

[18] AKA Dillay, Parish of Tynan, Co. Armagh.

[19] Lissheagh or Mount Irwin, Parish of Tyanan, Co. Armagh.

[20] AKA Breaghey, Parish of Tyanan, Co. Armagh.

[21] John WALLACE, attorney of Belfast

[22] Matthew BARNETT of Belfast

[23] George Killen CAMPBELL of Portnaghy Co. Monaghan. At the time of the Griffiths Valuation, a Mary CAMPBELL was listed at Portinaughy, Parish of Donagh, Co. Monaghan.

[24] AKA Portinaghy or Portinaughy, Parish of Donagh, Co. Monaghan.

[25] James OLIVER, a son of Benjamin OLIVER of Lislooney married Letitia SIMPSON on June 17 1830. SOURCE:   Belfast Newsletter. At Killeen cottage on Thursday 17th inst by the Rev P. S. HENRY, James OLIVER of Lislooney to Letitia, younger daughter of the late William SIMPSON of Cavancaw

[26] Letitia OLIVER (née SIMPSON) daughter of William SIMPSON.

[27] Leonard DOBBIN of Gardiners Place, Dublin Esq

[28] Arthur OLIVER is probably of Ballinahonebeg – but I can’t yet place him other than that. I suspect he is related to Benjamin OLIVER. Interestingly, a Robert Oliver who was a son of another Arthur Oliver (of Drumkirwan, Clogher, Co. Tyrone - a generation after this Arthur OLIVER) married Eliza Mullen of Cavan Moutray - on 9th Dec 1858. Since Arthur is not a common OLIVER name, this record may be important to keep in sight (Thanks to Jack Storey for this).

[29] John BURNS?

[30] Henry Leslie PRENTICE of Caledon, Co. Tyrone.



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