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I will continue to include references to Kilkenny elsewhere on my site, but this is where I will park links to bits that are county-specific.
Sharon Oddie Brown January 8, 2020
The land grants to Edmond JACKSON at Corluddy, Portnascully, and Dungooly, all in Co. Kilkenny were key to assembling this Jacksons of Kilkenny family tree. Benthams Abstracts filled in some of the gaps. Was he the Capt. JACKSON who had been dislodged from Co. Antrim? Was he a Royalist, or was he one of those who was caught up in the sweep when the government was transporting all Presbyterians from Antrim & Down in 1653? There is much that I do not know here. Updated August 21, 2019. January 12, 2019



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