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Documents relating to Co. Sligo - mostly relating to JACKSONs.
Sharon Oddie Brown.
Sligo & JACKSONs


Notes Update
Memorials of Sligo Deeds from 1708-1899. These notes include townland links and other references to other sources. There will be more to come. I wanted to upload this page - albeit in its incomplete state - so that others could start work on some of the data. Soon, there will be significantly more hyperlinks to various family trees and also links to other info. NOTE: Some of the townland links to townlands.ie are based on my best guesses as I follow the names of many of the townlands as they shifted over time (sometimes significantly). Older versions of some of this work are on pages beneath. This page should be the most reliable. October 25, 2023
7 Dec 1839 Probate of Thomas JACKSON of Lavally. This probate will connect to the JACKSONs of Tiratick - but some of the details still need to be nailed down. October 28, 2023
JACKSONs in Sligo Tithe applotments. I have just begun my work on this with hopes of tracing back to earlier JACKSONs. More to come. Updated December 12, 2019 June 15, 2019
Registry of Deeds Land Index: Sligo Town 1708 to 1739. I transcribed this set of deeds in the hopes of narrowing down the GORE-JACKSON Sligo relationships. I learned a lot, but not as much as I had hoped. June 28, 2019
Combined notes of Land Index Town of Sligo: 1708-1739 & 1739-1810My purpose in researching the Town of Sligo was to seek evidence of connections of Rev. William JACKSON (1737-1795) to particular properties in Sligo where his family supposedly held leases. His mother was Anne GORE, daughter of Col. Francis GORE and Elizabeth TINDALL. Updated: August 9, 2019 July 25, 2019
JACKSON probates in Co. Sligo. This chart helps to clarify where some townlands mentioned in leases were likely located - specially Collooney, & Gortlownan. Updated: December 12, 2019 November 29, 2019
1897 April 9 Will of Eleanor JACKSON proved. Eleanor ACHESON married James JACKSON in 1830. He was a son of Thomas JACKSON. November 29, 2019
JACKSONs and some relations found in the Place Indexes for Memorials of Deeds in Co. Sligo. This is very much a work in progress, although there are 70 pages of notes so far. December 12, 2019
LINKS to Place Index - Memorials of Deeds in Co. Sligo. Focus on JACKSONs. These are volumes that I have looked at as well as townland names that I have focused on to date. December 12, 2019
Descendants of William JACKSON of Sligo– A line of Methodist JACKSONs who resided in the Parish of Emlafad, So. Sligo. Several of the more recent descendants emigrated to Canada. December 12, 2019
Deeds related to Thomas JACKSON of Coloony, Lavally, Gortlownan & Teretick etc. December 12, 2019
JACKSONs in Co. Sligo BMDs. Grouped by families  



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