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I will continue to include references to Cork elsewhere on my site, but this is where I will park links to bits that are county-specific. My focus is primarily on JACKSONs.
Sharon Oddie Brown January 8, 2020

NOTE: JACKSONs from Cork are of special interest to me bceause of a family story connected to my JACKSONs. Shortly after Margaret JACKSON nèe BRADFORD (1739-1820)  threw a bunch of family papers into the fire in outrage over her husband David JACKSON’s (1755-1796) obsession over lost lands, a “man from Cork” showed up with the other half of the deeds. They would have bolstered their case for the rights to the land - wherever this lost land was. A not uncommon practice in the mid-1700s was that a deed would get cut or ripped in half with each of two parties holding on to their half of the parchment. The story is that George JACKSON (abt 1718-1782) - the father of David JACKSON - had lost the inherited family lands in a card game. We do not know where this George JACKSON came from, only that he ended up as schoolmaster of the charter school in Creggan Parish, Co. Armagh and died at Urker near Crossmaglen.

Start of City of Cork Memorials 1739-1777 Revised
JACKSONs of Co. Cork The JACKSON name was associated with Co. Cork in the early 1600s during the first Plantation settlement. How or even if those very early JACKSONs hook up with this lot, I don't know. This tree begins with a Thomas JACKSON born in late 1600s, and connects to the names of STRETTELL and DEVONSHIRE They are a subset of the JACKSONs of Duddington. January 8, 2020
Deeds work etc. re: Strettle JACKSON and others. This page includes dozens of memorials of deeds for JACKSONs in Co. Cork. The family of Strettle JACKSON, had connections to many other counties and families, particularly in the Quaker and Protestant circles.
There are also extensive footnotes about Lodowick JACKSON of Youghall, Co. Cork. I suspect that he will connect to Ambrose JACKSON and/or Strettle JACKSON but I have yet to find the links.
January 8, 2020

The 1647 Probate of Will of Rev Thomas JACKSON Canterbury coupled with the 1658 March 14 Probate Will of Elizabeth JACKSON, his wife, lead us to their grandson Lodowick JACKSON and to understanding his connections to County Cork in the mid-1600s. It is likely that some of his descendants rooted there. For example, the ancestry of Alderman Ambrose JACKSON has yet to be taken that one step back to to connect to likely roots in Britain.

January 15, 2020
Jacksons of Canterbury & Nantwich England and Co. Cork, Ireland. This Family tree starts in Lancashire with the 1571 birth of Rev. Thomas JACKSON. He became the prebendary of Canterbury Cathedral and was a grandfather of Lodowick JACKSON of Youghall Co. Cork who served as a customs and paymaster in the mid-1600s. In the 1640s, Rev. Thomas experienced financial set-backs and had to retrench. The financial circumstances of his family was like many of their class whose sons lived in Ireland and worked as merchants, military, clerics, or government officials. January 15, 2020
JACKSONs from Co. Cork - Will Probates. In time, I will match these up with deed records, BMDs, the 1801 census and other records. Several of them had connections, families and residences in other counties. January 30, 2020



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