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This focuses on JACKSONs in Co. Cork. One of the lines, that of Strettle JACKSON, had connections to many other counties and families, particularly in the Quaker and Protestant circles.
NOTE: There are also extensive footnotes about Lodowick JACKSON of Youghall, Co. Cork. I suspect that he will connect to Ambrose JACKSON and/or Strettle JACKSON but I have yet to find the links.

Sharon Oddie Brown. May 27, 2011
Update January 7, 2020. Several leases added. After many previous updates, this page needs to be redone. Ther are formatting ghosts. UPDATE: January 8, 2020 - added another dozen deeds. January 9 added many more records.


Strettell JACKSON & various connections made by deeds


It helps when one finds a JACKSON with a slightly unusual first name, Most of the JACKSON’s in Ireland in the 1700s chose their son’s names from a pretty limited palate – William, John, George, Richard, James .... This made Strettell JACKSON an intriguing find, especially since deeds made it possible to track him. He is included in the family tree: JACKSONs of Co. Cork. It also appears that this family also has links to the Duddington line of JACKSONs. Since families often intermarry more than once, this is worth bearing in mind.

NOTE: JACKSONs from Cork are of special interest to me bceause of a family story connected to my JACKSONs. Shortly after Margaret JACKSON nèe BRADFORD (1739-1820)  threw a bunch of family papers into the fire in outrage over her husband David JACKSON’s (1755-1796) obsession over lost lands, a “man from Cork” showed up with the other half of the deeds. They would have bolstered their case for the rights to the land - wherever this lost land was. A not uncommon practice in the mid-1700s was that a deed would get cut or ripped in half with each of two parties holding on to their half of the parchment. The story is that George JACKSON (abt 1718-1782) - the father of David JACKSON - had lost the inherited family lands in a card game. We do not know where this George JACKSON came from, only that he ended up as schoolmaster of the charter school in Creggan Parish, Co. Armagh and died at Urker near Crossmaglen.


DEEDS IN CORK CONNECTED TO JACKSONs (and I few GOREs who may be of interest):


NOTE: In the following deeds, I have only footnoted names that are not already mentioned in the JACKSONs of Co. Cork. More will be added I have yet to process some of this material.


1715 Mar 2
ROD: 16-349-7686
Between Judith Jenpin de la CROIX of the City of Cork, Widow & Ambrose JACKSON[8] of the same Merchant Judith JACKSON als De la CROIX his wife & Elizabeth & Mary De la CROIX of the same City spinster of the one part & Warham JENNETT of the same City Esq of the other part Reciting a deed from 1704 Isaac De La CROIX dec’d, merchant of Cork demised a large stone house, cellar & garden in the North East Marsh of Cork, Parish of St. Mary Shandon .Isaac made many improvements and demised to his wife, Jenpin De la CROIX & his three daughters incl Judith Jehpin De la CROIX, wife of Ambrose JACKSON
1715 Apr 22
ROD: 36-111-21753
Moiety or one full half of Ballyshane ats Johnstown near Glanworth for rents and considerations from Abraham DICKSON, Gent of Ballybricken, Cork to Norton JACKSON, Gent of Ballydangin, Cork from henceforth for life of Norton JACKSON, Anne JACKSON, daughter of Norton JACKSON; John JACKSON, son of George JACKSON of Glanbegg, Co. Waterford  paying £75 ster rent over & above taxes. WITNESSES: William DICKSON, Gent, late of Cork & William COGGIN, Merchant of Cork City; William COGHLAN, Gent of Cork City & Patrick HEALY, taylor of Killathy, Cork.
1715 May 1
ROD: 31-75-18242
Richard HARRISON Carpenter of City of Cork demised to John HARRISON Gent of Castlelyons, Co. Cork a piece of ground with dwelling house on the East Marsh of the City of Cork formerly called Bowling Green Marsh, said premises in possession of Ambrose JACKSON. John HARRISON and his heirs hold the premises for 993 years
1716 May 19
ROD: 35-457-2327
Edward JACKSON of Buttevant, Co Cork, Gent & Wm NORTHCOTT, Gent of City of Cork. Reciting that the Rt Honorable Frances Lady Viscountess Dowager Lanesborough by lease dated Apr 27, 1713 demised to Edward JACKSON and Richard ROWLAND town and lands called the Farm of Buttevant containing 226 acres  2 roods 1 perch English measure and way more acreages all situate in the Barony of Orrary & Kilmore, Co Cork. For 61 years from May 1, 1713 at yearly rent of 500 pounds & Richard ROWLAND transferred all his right to Edward JACKSON & the said Edward JACKSON for the consideration of 700 pounds transferred it to William NORCOTT. Witness: High LAWTON of City of Cork, merch; George JACKSON of Glanbegg, Co. Waterford, Gent & Benj JOHNSTON, public notary.

Thanks to Michael Stewart for the following: for £700, Edward JACKSON of Buttevant, Co Cork, Gent made over leases to sd lands (granted by Hon Lady Viscountess Dowager Frances LANESBOROUGH), to Wm NORTHCOTT, Gent of City of Cork to hold for remainder of term. Lands included: farm of Buttevant [226a2r31p]; West Doher Serab? [614a2r31p]; East Doher Serab? 325a3r32p]; Cragganes [261a3r33p]; Knockbarry [243a1r17p]; Chotlefarm? 134a1r24p]; lands of south farm on east side of water. James BROWNE & Lawrence MEAGRES drew map of farm of Buttevant. Richard ROWLAND by endorsement on back of lease 22Apr1713 transferred his rights to lands granted to Richard ROWLAND & Edward JACKSON by Hon Lady Viscountess Dowager Frances LANESBOROUGH unto Edward JACKSON.  Nicholas LYSAGHT was the justice present. WITNESSES: Hugh LAUGHTON, Merchant of Cork City; George JACKSON Gent of Glanbegg, Co. Waterford, Gent & Benj JOHNSTON, public notary.

1717 May 25
ROD: 19-11-9174
Joseph HUDDY of Tallow, Co Waterford & Edward JACKSON of Battevant Co Cork, Gent  WITNESS: George JACKSON of Glanbegg, Co Waterford Gent & Walter RAWLEIGH of Mitchelstown, Co. Cork Esq.
1717 Dec 3
ROD: 22-87- 11472
Image 53
JACKSON City of Corke, merchant & Elizabeth HEALY of same City widow of other part ... reciting Robert ROGERS by indenture 21 Mar 1704 demised to Isaac de la CROIX Merchant deceased stone house at North east marsh of City of Cork for term of 100 years rent £30 “during the war between England of the one side and France & Spain of the other side” .... de la CROIX made improvements & left all to his wife Judith Jense de la CROIX & his 3 daughters. Judith the said wife of Ambrose JACKSON, Elizabeth & Mary de la CROIX [more detail]
1719 May 28
ROD: 33-407-20715
Image 518
Samuel BROWNE of Bandonbridge, Co. Cork, cordwinder ... house and garden on north side of River Bandon adjoining orchard belonging to Ambrose JACKSON of City of Cork, merchant now in possession of James JACKSON of Bandon, merchant ... death of Samuel BROWNE & Anne his wife, father & mother of Samuel BROWNE & death of John BROWNE brother of Samuel BROWNE … Samuel BROWNE paid him and his mother Anne BROWNE by James JACKSON of Bandon Merchant … James JACKSON [SEAL]
1720 Nov 8
ROD: 28-223-17357
Ld. BURLINGTON- JACKSON. & Jonathon TANNER Book Index 1708-1729
James JACKSON of Town of Bandon, Merchant ... tenement called Linscombs & tenement called Landons, Town of Bandon & a small meadow of 2 acres in possession of JACKSON for 3 lives for £84 paid by Johnathon TANNER of Bandon.James JACKSON of town of Bandon, Merchant should enjoy tenement named Linscombs and the tenement called Landon in the town of Bandon, Co. Cork.
1721 Feb 1
ROD: 33-408-20716
Image 518
Reciting James JACKSON of Bandon, merchant & Abraham DAVIS of Bandon, Co. Cork stand jointly bound unto William REYCROFT of same town 22 Apr 1720 ... House orchard & premises
1721 Nov 11
ROD: 33-2-19438
James JACKSON Gent Town of Bandon, Cork was a witness
1722 Apr 22
ROD: 34-321-21754
Sarah HOARE, widow and relict of Edward HOARE on death of Edward HOARE, Gent and Alderman, late of Cork & under dower rights was in possession of Ballyshane als Johnstowne in Fermoy (ba) Cork [3 plowlands], conveyed sd lands to Norton JACKSON Gent of Wallydangin, Cork for lives of Norton JACKSON, Ann JACKSON daughter of Norton JACKSON and John JACKSON son of Norton JACKSON at £___ ster yrly rent. George JACKSON of Glanbegg, Waterford was mentioned.  WITNESSES: George STRODE, REG; Berkely TAYLOR Esq. of Ballynacroe,; William COGHLAN, Tailor of Killatty,, Cork, Gent of Cork City.
1722 Mar 21
ROD: 38-109-23499
Image 68
BTW James JACKSON  of Bandon, Co. Corke merchant of 1 pt & Johnathan TANNER of Bendan aforesaid (note different spellings) Merchant of other pt. For townland Linscombe, Co. Corke. Whereas 25 May 1720 Hon Richard Earl of Cork [?] Burlington let to James JACKSON tenement called Linscombs landons a small meadow containing about 2a in possession of said James JACKSON in Cork, Co. Cork with barns outhouses etc for natural life of Henry BALDWIN son of Henry BALDWIN of Mossgrove Co. Cork Thomas REYCRAFT only son of William REYCRAFT of Bandon clothier & Jonathon TANNER only son of Jonathon TANNER party to aforesaid deed.
1723 Sep 23
ROD: 40-122-24590
Image 70
BTW Ambrose JACKSON of City of Cork Merchant of 1 pt & John GOODMAN of City of Cork Merchant of the other pt. Reciting that Robert ROGERS Esq by indenture 13 Mar 1704 set to Isaac De La CROIX the large stone houe Cellar & Garen then in occupation and tenancy of said Isaac de la CROIX lying and being on the North East Marsh of City of Cork … will of Isaac de la CROIX mentions daughter Judith (wife of Ambrose JACKSON) , Elizabeth & Mary …
1728 May 2
ROD: 150-533-103742
Image 299
Btw Miles JACKSON of Ballyphilip in the North Liberty of the City of Cork, Gent of the 1 pt & Thomas STRONGE of the same City North Liberties, Farmer. Lease of lands of Killogh & Ballyvologe in Parish of Ballyangary, Barony of Clonolloe, Co. Limerick as held by Redmond NASH and John NASH unto Thomas STRONGE his executors, assigns … during the natural life and lives of Miles JACKSON and Thomas STRONG
1731 Mar 7
ROD: 68-226-47819
Edward JACKSON of Gurteen Gent  for £357 pd by Richard ROWLAND of City of Corke.. Plowland of Killathy… WITNESS incl Henry JACKSON of Cork Gent SEE: Quaker Jacksons in Ireland.
1731 May 29
ROD: 73-493-52137
Image 271
BTW Dillon NEWMAN of Drumeen Co. Cork Esq.  of 1st pt; Richard NEWMAN Esq. eldest son and heir of said Dillon NEWMAN of 2nd pt; William CAUSABON of Carrig, Co. Cork Esq. of 3rd pt; Catherine CAUSABON daughter of said William CAUSABON of 4th pt. Rev Benezar MURDOCK of Killpa___ Co. Cork Clk Henry PURDON of the Little Island Co. Cork Esq.  Rev. Francis GORE of Ahafolis Co. Corke Clke & Arthur HYDE of Castlehyde Co. Cork Esq of 5th pt. Reciting  marriage btw Richard NEWMAN & Catherine CAUSABON : William CAUSABON trustee  paid £2,000 portion charged on listed townlands Duhallow & Fermoy baronies in Cork per terms of (a) 16 Jun 1711 marriage settlement and Dillon NEWMAN  assigned to trustees his land in Cork baronies of Duhallow Co. Cork (Aldworth, Dromaneen, Gortroe, Killinane, Kilpadder, Kilvealaton, Knocknunning & Scarrow) & Barony Fermoy Co. Cork (one plowland in Ballyellis & one plowland in Ballygarrett …. Elizabeth NEWMAN of City of Cork widow & Dillon NEWMAN by indenture 2 Aug 1703 granted … more names ….  Reciting 16 Jun 1711 btw William CAUSABON of Carrigleary als Gethingsgrott Esq. The Honbl Brigadier Francis GORE of Clonrow Co. Clare Esq. & Isabella GORE daughter, William TAYLOR of Burton Co. Cork Esq. William CAULFIELD of Donmonane Co. Gallway Esq. George GORE of Toneleck Co. Longford Esq. Robert TAYLOR of Ballynort Esq. & Anselm TAYLOR of Dublin Esq. … William CAUSABON bequeathed [various lands] Co. Cork for and during life of Isabella … and said indenture William CAUSABON in consideration of marriage of said Catherine with said Richard … to use of Sarah CAUSABON, Catherine CAUSABON & Arabella CAUSABON daughters of William CAUSABON & wife Isabella CAUSABONwith reference made to (b) 2 Aug 1703 & (c) 20 Apr 1723 [23179] leases thereof) Isabella GORE daughter of Hon. Brigadier Francis GORE of Clonroad Co. Clare and wife of William CAUSABON of Carrig Cork
1733 Jan 15
ROD: 109-513-76911
Image 595
BTW William RYVES of Ballyfadane Co. Limerick Esq. of 1st pt & John CROKER of Ballynagard Co. Limerick Esq. & Richard MOUNSELL of New Ross Co. Tipperary of 2nd pt. Kilner BRAZIER of Lizard Co. Limerick Esq Francis GORE of Assollus Co. Cork Clke; Marmaduke GROVE of Garrynacanty Co. Tipperary Esq & Thomas CANFIELD of Dunaman Co. Roscomon 3rd pt. John LYSAGHT of Mount North Co. Cork Esq. & Edward CROKER of Rawleighstown Co. Limerick Esq. of th 4th pt. Jane GORE daughter of Arthur GORE late of Clonrone, Co. Clare Esq & Mable GORE otherwise CUSAK his wife both deceased of the 5th part. … Marriage settlement William RYVES and Jane GORE - Jointure residuary benefit for Catherine GORE … town and lands of Searkeen, townlands of Rathgullan, townlands of Knocklawry, townlands of Glenary, townlands of Ballyngarry & townlands of Ballynlackan containing 1,000 acres in Barony of Castlea, Co. Limerick then in actual possession of said John CROKER & Richard MAUNSELL … term of 300 years … use of Catherine GORE otherwise RYVES mother of said William RYVES during her natural life and after her decease to the sue of the younger half brother to said William REEVES provided always that the said Francis GORE the other party to the deed and father to the said Francis GORE  shall well and truly settle and limit the house and lands of [Assolas?] Rathmore & Rathbeg containing by estimation 174 acres in Barony Duhallow, Co. Cork … WITNESS: William LEWIS of Middletown Co. Cork Clerke; Edmond BAYLY late of Laghqurr Co. Limerick Gent & Thomas BELASYSE late of Co. Clare Gent …
ROD: 109-513-76911
Image 596
See above Jane GORE… Francis GORE the elder and Francis GORE the younger.. House and lands of Assolus Rathmore 174 acres in Barony Duhollow Co. Cork

1734 Jul 1
ROD: 76-480-55498 Image 45
Edward JACKSON of Gurteen, Co. Corke for consid of 200 pounds made over to Richard ROWLAND of City of Cork merchant lands of Gurteen situated on Blackwater, Barony of Formoy, Co. Cork.... land was demised to Edward JACKSON by Viscount MIDDLETON dec’d 1724 Oct 6 for lives of John JACKSON, Henry JACKSON who is dec’d and George JACKSON.

1734 Jul 4
ROD: 78-150-54249
Image 378
Marriage Art. Btw Thomas BROWNE[9] of City of Cork, merchant of 1st part & Ambrose JACKSON of the City Merchant of 2nd pt & Susannah Judith JACKSON spinster daughter of said Ambrosse JACKSON of 3rd pt. Marriage to be btw Thomas BROWN & Susannah Judith JACKSON... 550 pounds .. legal details & dwelling house in north liberties of the city which Robert ROGERS Esq demised to Edward BROWNE father of Thomas BROWNE and which was made over to Thomas BROWNE by Judith BROWNE relict & Executrix of said Edward BROWNE ... Thomas BROWNE, Ambrose JACKSON & Suzannah Judith JACKSON [SEAL]
1737 May 19
ROD: 101-489-72630
Will of Alicia LUKEY als CROSS of Cork, widow. Mentions her nephew William WALLIS Esq. several cousins. In the list of lands, mentions Miles JACKSONs concerns, all in City or suburbs of City of Cork. NOTE: The WALLIS connection. From Eustace: LUKEY, ALICIA als. CROSS, Cork, widow. 19 May 1737. Narrate, 2J pp., 21 Nov. 1741. Her nephew William Wallis, Esq. Henry Rugg, Esq., trustee. Her cousin John Gillman, Currykeen, Esq. Her cousin Ephenetus Cross, second son of Philip Hayes Cross of Cornody, Esq. Mills commonly called Careen's Mills, Mr Fitton tenant. Tucker's concerns, John Raymond's holdings, Miles Jackson's concerns, all in city or suburbs of city of Cork, and all other her real estate. Witnesses : Mary Farmer, widow of Saml. Farmer, Ballymacodagh, Co. Cork, gent., Henry Rugg, junr., apprentice to Danl. Knight, Cork, merchant, Robert Wallis, Cork, public notary. Memorial witnessed by : Mary Farmer, Saml. Farmer. 101, 489, 72630 Wm. Wallis (seal)
1739 Aug 28
ROD: 93-623-67149
Image 45
Made btw Ambrose JACKSON of City of Cork Esq of 1 pt... lots of land that Ambrose had around the custom house for 23 years...
1741 Nov 21
ROD: 106-83-72812
Image 49
Lease made bet Ellen JACKSON of City of Dublin widow and relict and executor of Revd William JACKSON doctor of divinity late of City of Dublin & Revd William JACKSON of Rocksavage, Co Cork only son and heir at law of sd Wm JACKSON dec’d. of 1 pt & Rev Daniel HEARN Archdeacon of Cashel of other pt   .. in consid of £1624 sterling pd to Ellen by Daniel HEARN townlands of Streamstown cont 389 acres... many townlands ... all in Barony of Moycashell, Co Westmeath. NOTE: See ROD: 141-338-95707
1743 Oct 17
ROD: 113-119-77674
JACKSON-COX & ors Book Index 1730-45
Btw Miles JACKSON of Baleyphilip in the County of the City of Cork, Esq. Of the part & Walker JACKSON of Lisduane, Co Limerick Gent of the other part  sale and release by Miles to Walker... Miles JACKSON intends to Suffer a Comon Recovery of the premes in order to barr and Extinguish all Intails ...complex deed....one of the witnesses was Denis O’BRIEN of Limerick ...
1744 Jan 11
ROD: 119-454-83213
Rev. William JACKSON of Rocksavage Co. Cork Clke only son and heir at law of Ellin JACKSON late of Shurock [Shurcock?], Co Westmeath. Of 1st pt. … lands in Barony Ballyboy, Kings Co. & Barony Eglish, Kings Co.
1746 May 19
ROD: 123-251-84437
Rev William JACKSON of Rocksavage, Co. Cork of 1 pt & Rachel KNOLLES, widow of Kinsale, Co. Cork…. Reciting 1731 Jun 5 John NASH of Co Cork lands of Currantrishlane… NOTE: William JACKSON married Mary NASH in 1738.
1749 Jul 14
ROD: 141-338-95707
Image 484
Deed of Release btw John SMITH & John SHERIDAN both of City of Dublin Esqs. Trustees and executors of the will of Rev. Dr. Thos SHERIDAN late of City of Dublin deceased & Richard SHERIDAN eldest son & heir of this Thomas SHERIDAN of the 1st pt. The Rev. William JACKSON of Rocksavage, Co. Corke the sole executor of the will of [Elinore?] JACKSON deceased late of said City, widow who was sole executor of Rev. William JACKSON Clk deceased late Prebendary of the Parish of St, John the Evangelist in the said City of the 2nd pt. Elizabeth KELLETT of Cornesk, Co. Cavan widow of the 3rd pt. Patrick BRADY of City of Dublin Gent of 4th pt.  …. Sold to Elizabeth KELLET the lands of Enugh otherwise Enagh 67 acres 2 roods 27 perches in Co Cavan. NOTE: An Ellin JACKSON, widow, had a will proved in 1743.

1751 May 13
ROD: 151-299-101506
Image 489
Lease between Peter JACKSON formerly of City of Cork, but now of Bristol, sugar Baker of the one part and John Allen of the City of Cork, Clothier. Land known as Dahills in the South suburbs of the City of Cork. Witnesses: Francis Randall of the city of Bristol and John Magee of the city of Cork, Mariner

1753 Jan 29
ROD: 163-65-107588
Btw Rev. William JACKSON late of Rocksavage, co Cork but then of Ballinvolane in the North Liberties of the City of Cork, Clerk of 1ts pt to widow Elizabeth FRANKLIN lands of Curran Treilshane in Barony Kinalea, Co Cork. SEE: Clerical and Parochial Records of Cork, Cloyne, and Ross, Volume 1. William Maziere Brady. And footnoted ROD at 1757 Apr 5

1753 Nov 9
ROD: 164-427-111228
Image 223
between William JACKSON of Youghall, County Cork gent of the one part and John SMYTH of Ballymoney, Co Waterford gent of the other part. William JACKSON leased to John SMYTH his heirs executors admons town and lands of Garryduffe in the Barony of Coshmore and Cashbridge and Co. Waterford formerly held by Florence McCARTHY late of Youghall, Co. Cork deceased from the Right Honorable John Earl of Grandison for a lease of three lives, renewable forever
1755 May 13
ROD: 174-544-117420
Lease btw Micajah JACKSON of City of Corke Merchant of 1 pt & Jeremiah VICARS of Co Dublin Tanner of other part. Micajah devised tenement where VICARS dwelt at Crooked Staff in the Liberty of Thomas Court & Donore, City of Dublin for term of 99 years. NOTE: In 1762, Trade, Property & Legal Notices from the ‘Corke Journal’: JACKSON, MICAJAH, Linen-Draper, next door to St. Peter's Church SEE: JACKSONs of Pimlicoe NOTE: Jeremiah VICARS was the husband of Joyce JACKSON (b. abt 1689) – daughter of Robert JACKSON & Joyce SHAW.
1755 Aug 30
ROD: 172-567-118239
John JACKSON of the City of Limerick, Grocer .. mtg Oct 30 1752  btw John JACKSON and his wife Rachel otherwise LUCAS one of the daughters of Thomas LUCAS Skinner deceased of the 1 pt & NEWSOM of the City of Corke of other pt. [list of lands] for  125 pounds and interest… and then 175 pounds pd by  John NEWSON…
1756 Sept 1
ROD: 184-75-122061
Temperence JACKSON spinster of Wood roof in Co. Tipperary of one pt & Joseph HAUGHTON of Meath St Co & City of Dublin Tallow Chandler of other pt....demised house in south side of Cork St in Liberty of Thomas Court & Donore & City of Dublin... details.
1757 Apr 5
ROD: 187-264-124861

In an indenture of release dated 5 April 1757, the Rev. William JACKSON [10]of Balyvolane in the north Liberties of Cork city, for £200 released Currane Treilshane in “Kinnelea” barony county Cork unto George HODDER of Cork city, Esq., subject to fee farm rent of £19 and payment of the mortgage.  On the back of the deed, George HODDER acknowledged that the lands conveyed were in trust for Thomas BARTER [perhaps BARKER] of Anagh, Co. Cork, Gent and that the £200 was of the sd. Thomas BARTER.

The deed recited that the land had been granted by indenture of lease & release dated 4 & 5 June 1736 by the Rt. Honorable Edward SOUTHWELL Esq., unto John NASH Senior, of Brinny Co Cork, Gent forever at £19 yrly rent; that John NASH granted the land by indenture of lease and release dated 11 & 12 July 1736 unto the sd. William JACKSON for £520, subject to rent; and that the sd. William JACKSON had granted the land by indenture of lease & release dated 28 & 29 January 1753 unto Elizabeth FRANKLYN, widow of Cork city, in mortgage for £500.

Witnesses were John VAUGHAN, then of Cork city, Gent (deed), William SNOWE, of Cork city, Gent (deed & memorial) and Gregory PHILPOT of Cork city, Silversmith (memorial).

Samuel JACKSON and George HODDER signed the memorial. The memorial was registered 17 June 1757.

SEE: Clerical and Parochial Records of Cork, Cloyne, and Ross, Volume 1. William Maziere Brady.

1757 Jul 27
ROD: 189-507-126386
John VIZE of Donegall in Co Tipperary Gent & Joseph VIZE VIZE eldest son & heir of one pt & Micajah JACKSON & Wm BERRY both of City of Cork Merch of other pt... Ann JACKSON Woodroffe in Co Tipperary & Temperance JACKSON spinster sole daughter of the said Ann JACKSON of the 2nd pt... marriage of Joseph VIZE & Temperance JACKSON.... NOTE: In 1762, Trade, Property & Legal Notices from the ‘Corke Journal’: JACKSON, MICAJAH, Linen-Draper, next door to St. Peter's Church

1758 Nov 16
ROD: 198-8-30274
Image 340

BTW Donatus O’BRIEN of Blatherweek Co. Northampton in Kingdom of Great Britain Esq. of 1 pt & Jeremiah JACKSON of Kings Cliffe Co. Northampton Great Britain Gent of the other pt. O’BRIEN assigned to Jeremiah JACKSON & his heirs an annuity payable out of Manor towns & lands of ____ in Co. Rutland Great Britain … lands of Fanore Cahirrcullen Lisnahow Shally Coghlan & Ballynora in Co. Tipperary & Clare & Liberties of Cork at the election of Jeremiah JACKSON … for natural lives of Catherine his wife & Jeremiah JACKSON his youngest son …WITNESS Donatus O’BRIEN the younger Esq. Jeremiah JACKSON [SEAL] NOTE: Catherine COX wife of Jeremiah JACKSON sr.

1759 Feb 23
ROD: 199-78-131590
Intended marriage (since taken place) – Micajah JACKSON intended groom of Cork City covenants that if Catherine HARE of Cork City intended bride to survive him, his Executors will pay Catherine HARE, Richard HARE, Russell HARE &William PERRY  [son of William PERRY] [trustees of Cork City] £800 ster & further sums over and above the £500 she is entitled to receive on the death of any of her brothers/sisters under the Will of her father Richard PERRY, upon trusts [education & maintenance of Children ... details stained]; Micajah JACKSON releases to Catherine HARE, Richard HARE, Russell HARE &William PERRY 5 houses in Dublin city in trust in case his fortune is deficient [NOTE: These houses are described in other deeds]. John REILY, Justice present; Robert WRIXTON & Anthony LANE, Registrars. WITNESSES: Thomas SKEYS, Anthony LANE & Joshua HUMPHRY, all of Cork City. Registered March 30, 1759. NOTE: In 1762, Trade, Property & Legal Notices from the ‘Corke Journal’: JACKSON, MICAJAH, Linen-Draper, next door to St. Peter's Church

1759 Mar 30
ROD: 199-199-131949
Registrars: Roger POWER, Ambrose JACKSON & John JACKSON
1760 Aug 28
ROD: 206-565-137225
Samuel JACKSON was Registrar.
1760 Nov 26
ROD: 260-248-168802
Btw Micajah JACKSON of City of Cork Merch of 1 pt & Robert BEASLEY in Chamber St, City of Dublin, Clothier of other pt... dwelling house north side of Chamber st... for natural life of Samuel VICKERS of City of Dublin Merch... Witness: Thomas VICKERS ... NOTE: In 1762, Trade, Property & Legal Notices from the ‘Corke Journal’: JACKSON, Micajah, Linen-Draper, next door to St. Peter's Church
1762 Oct 15
ROD: 245-500-162773
Image 271
… Rev William JACKSON of Lotaghin in North Liberties of City of Cork of 3rd pt.
1764 Aug 1
ROD: 230-462-152274
Btw George LUMLEY of City of Corke Gent youngest son of Hugh LUMLEY late of Ballymaloe, Co Corke Esq. Dec’d & of 1st pt & William JACKSON[11] of Youghall, Co Cork, Gent of 2nd pt [NOTE: He may be connected to ancestors of Strettell JACKSON] & Thomas WILY of City of Waterford Merchant of 3rd pt ... descry of land...

1764 Dec 12
ROD: 232-477-153899
Btw Ambrose JACKSON of City of Cork Esq of 1 pt & Thomas BROWN of same city Burgess of other pt

1766 Dec 19
ROD: 255-366-165199
Anne WALSH née JACKSON wife of Richard WALSH of Kilathy, Cork - release part of Ballyshane ow Johnstown for lives renewable subject to rent charge for Anne JACKSON for her life. Other Parties: Watkins ROBERTS, Gent of Cork City, his eldest son Hodder ROBERTS & 2nd son George ROBERTS. John CROKER Gent of Ballykeaton, Cork & William CROKER, Gent of Carrignagraph, Cork. NOTE: Anne JACKSON is a daughter of Norton JACKSON

1767 May 20
ROD: 266-57-167863
for consids, Rev. Chambre CORKER to Mary JACKSON, widow, relict and sole executtix of Rev. William JACKSON late of  Lota in North liberties of Cork city; dec'd, [grantee 1765 Nov 14] of yearly annuity of £14 for 29 years if she should live so long, out of the lease from John WALWEY [John GALWEY?] Esq. [grantor 1765 Nov 14]  to William JACKSON of dwelling house gardens & demesne lands of Lota [81 Engl Statute acres] then in tenancy and occupancy of Richard BRADSHAW for 31 years from 1 May then last past at £160. WITNESSES: Ruby PATHETT, clerk to Michael McCARTHY; Michael McCARTHY, publican. Rev. William JACKSON (1713-1767) SEE: Clerical and Parochial Records of Cork, Cloyne, and Ross, Volume 1. William Maziere Brady. And footnoted ROD at 1757 Apr 5 NOTE: Mary JACKSON aka NASH.

1767 May 20
ROD: 266-63-167868
for £250 and other consids, Mary JACKSON, then of West Court, Kilkenny, widow & sole executrix of Rev. William JACKSON Lota in North Liberties of Cork city; lately deceased to Rev. William JACKSON [? – also mentioned Chambre CORKER, Rev. Clerk of Lota in North liberties of Cork city] of dwelling house gardens & demesne lands of Lota [81 Engl Statute acres] as demised by John GALWEY to William JACKSON  Nov 14 1765 [which then was in tenancy and occupancy of Richard BRADSHAW for 31 years from 1 May then last past at £160]. WITNESSES: Ruby PATHETT, clerk to Michael McCARTHY; Michael McCARTHY, publican.  SEE: Clerical and Parochial Records of Cork, Cloyne, and Ross, Volume 1. William Maziere Brady. And footnoted ROD at 1757 Apr 5 NOTE: Mary JACKSON aka NASH.
1767 Nov 14
ROD: 266-58-167864
John GALWEY to Rev. William JACKSON of Lots in North liberties of Cork of dwelling house gardens & demesne lands of Lots [81 acres Engl Statute measure] late in tenancy and occupancy of Richard BRADSHAW. Memorial executed by Mary JACKSON as William JACKSON lately deceased. Note that the surname in this memorial is clearly GALWEY while in previous deed it is clearly WALWEY. SEE: Clerical and Parochial Records of Cork, Cloyne, and Ross, Volume 1. William Maziere Brady. And footnoted ROD at 1757 Apr 5

Deed of Assignment  btw George JACKSON of Clonaganna, Kings Co. gent of the 1 pt & George JACKSON of Knockinglass  Tipperary Gent of the other pt. reflecting deed made by Thomas SADLIER of Sopwell Hall, Co Tipperary Esq of the 1 pt & the sd George JACKSON then of Rahinanae in Co. Cork but now of Clonagane of the other pt.  SADLEIR had granted to George JACKSON all the lands of Rahimane for and during the natural lives of the said George JACKSON Anna Maria JACKSON wife of said George JACKSON and Robert JACKSON eldest son of George…. George JACKSON of Clobagona has made over to George JACKSON of Knockinglass the lands of Rahanine. WITNESSSES Isaac STONEY;  Edward WELSH; John DELANY.

1770 Sep 16
ROD: 286-131-185104
Jeremiah JACKSON of Fanningstown Limerick sale, trustees Thomas CROKER Esq. of Dublin & Henry Cole BOWEN Esq. of Annabel Cork appointed by Act of Parliament entitled for the relief of the creditors of Ralph Warter WILSON & Edward Warter WILSON, sold land to Jeremiah JACKSON for ever. Witnesses Richard CHESTER, Gent of Dublin & Ralph UVEDALE, Gent of Dublin & Edward NIVEN, Gent of Dublin. nickred SEE: JACKSONs of Duddingham & Limerick.

1775 Nov 8
ROD: 308-435-206137
John JACKSON of Youghall Co Cork Esq & John SMYTHE release to Thomas GARDE  lands of Garryduffe, Barony of Coshmore & Cashbride, Co. Waterford. WITNESSES: William JACKSON jun & Peter BAYLEY both of Youghall

1777 Sep 2
ROD: 326-40-213277
Bwt William JACKSON Alderman of Cork & Mary PIGGOT of Angier Sq., City of Dublin, widow.  .. house on Strand Street in Youghall
1780 Jul 14
ROD: 332-419-225233
Image 218
BTW William JACKSON of Youghall Co. Cork Alderman of 1st pt Mary PIGGOTT of City of Dublin of 2nd pt & Jonathon HUDSON of City of Cork Gent of 3rd pt. Reciting that said William JACKSON was seized in fee simple of premises in Strand St in town of Youghall Co. Cork then in occupation of William JACKSON by indenture 9 May 1777 … William JACKSON [SEAL]
1781 Mar 5
ROD: 338-357-227970
Marriage shortly between George JACKSON Esq. now of Middle Temple, London & Susanna BENNETT, spinster before of Cork City, now residing in Bath, Great Britain... heir at law of Joseph BENNET, deceased by Widow BENNETT, before of Cork City, now residing in Bath, GB. George JACKSON seized of Glanbeg, Ballygally, Coolishall and Ballyduff in Co. Wexford. Widow BENNETT & Susannah BENNETT are seized or intitled to 3 plowlands - __achanes in Barracks (ba) Cork + Ballymore in Baays Great Island, Co Cork. Details as in sd articles. (Note that no trustees are listed). WITNESSES: Roger BENNETT; Richard GREEN

1781 July 14
ROD: 344-587-234122

JACKSON Wm Esq Youghal, Co.Cork Marriage agreed between William JACKSON Esq. Of Youghal, Co. Cork [NOTE: He may be connected to ancestors of Strettell JACKSON. His dates would be right for him to be an uncle] and Jane HAYMAN, daughter of Alderman Samuel HAYMAN, deceased; Share of the lands of Coolafanery, Imokilly . Alderman Thomas GREEN of 3rd part.

1786 Jul 5

ROD: 406-550-267400
Strettell JACKSON, Gent Trustee of 1st part.  [Staining] Stoneneboly(?) ow Stonnebloy ow Boly & Rathspike ow Rathspick in Queens Co [730a 3r 2p plantation measure] : Strettell JACKSON & Richard HOLMES with consent of Robert ARMSTRONG, Gent of Athy Kildare lent £1000; Richard HOLMES & Joseph DEVONSHIRE[4] since dead; Sarah ARMSTRONG, daughter of Robert & Sarah ARMSTRONG, lately married to John RICHARDSON of Cottage, Co. Kildare is intitled to sd £100 + int (deed 24 Sept 1782); thus mtg and deed for sd lands unto John RICHARDSON to hold for ever subj to redemption; the sum of £3000 due on mortgage was in full for marriage portion of Sarah ARMSTRONG jr..  Richard HOLMES, trustee to distribute assets of Joseph DEVONSHIRE to which Sarah ARMSTRONG was entitled as a first cousin; of Corke city. Stuart WILDEN of Kiln__y Queens Co. Registrar: John MOORE. Witnesses Abraham RYDER, Gent of Brey, Co. Kildare & Ruben HARVEY, merchant of Cork City.

1788 June 1

ROD: 398-295-263021

Between Strettell JACKSON of City of Cork Gent & wife Mary orse COHEN [NOTE: I have COUZENS as well as COSSINS from other sources] of 1st part for consids Strettell & Mary JACKSON released unto John TUTHILL Esq. Of Limerick City, one undivided part, (the whole into 3 equal pts) of both 114 acres plantation of Castle & pt of Tulavimont(?) [possibly Tullovin, Parish of Croom, Barony of Coshma] Co LIM for 3 lives renewable for ever + 120 acres plantation of Islanea [aka Islandia?, parish of Adare, Barony of Coshma] in LIM for lives intents and purposes mentioned; Strettell & Mary JACKSON before present Trinity term will acknowledge befor Crt of Common Pleas one or more fines unto John TUTHILL[2]of sd lands. Windham QUINN [Windham Quinn MP (1717-89)of Adare Manor,Adare,County - marriage in 1748 to Frances,the daughter of Richard Dawson of Dawson's Grove,County Monaghan, ]& John ___MLEYgrantor. Roger COHEN Gent, deceased; Richard Cohen, Gent dec’d. John MOORE Registrar. Witnesses: Robert REEVES, Gent of Dublin City & William MAUNSEL, Gen Apprentice of Robert REEVES..

1788 Jul 18

ROD 405-59-265-418

Registered 15 Nov 1788

Indenture of lease 18 July 1788

Noblett Johnson of Cork city Merchant [part 1]

Thomas Kift of Cork city, Merchant [part 2]

Whereby sd Noblett Johnson granted unto sd Thomas Kift a dwelling house built by sd Noblett Johnson and lately in possession of Ab: Thomas Strettle[3], Merchant, on south part of Morrissons Island, in parish of Holy Trinity, Cork City, bound on west by house of Catherine Beecher, on north by holdings of Mr. Charles Ferguson, on the east by holdings of Mr. Henry Sadlier and the River Lee on the south, from 25 March then past for 500 years at £80 p.a. rent.Witnesses to the deed and memorial were Thomas Chatterton of Cork city, Publ. Notary and Daniel Connell of Cork city, Gent. The memorial was sealed by Thomas Kift and sworn at Cork city before William Colburn 1 September 1788.

1789 Apr 18

ROD: 413-67-270998

Richard BARRETT, brewer of Cork City for consids assigned unto Strettle JACKSON Esq. Of Cork City all his rights etc to a plot of ground at Rock Savage in s.e. quarter of Cork  city, bound on west with road to Blackrock, for lives of Richard BARRETT & Strettell JACKSON & Elinor BARRETT, wife of Richard BARRETT and others to be added under perpetual renewal.

Michael MORRISON’s( Gent) place adjacent to plot of ground at Rock Savage in s.e. quarter of Cork  city. Anne SLEIGH & Richard LONGFIELD’s (Esq.) lands to south of plot of ground at Rock Savage in s.e. quarter of Cork  city. WITNESSES: William PHILLIPS Gent and Patrick BLAIR Esq. both of Cork City.

1789 Sep 26

ROD: 414-340-270969

JACKSON-TUTHILL Names Index 1786-1794

Plot of ground at Rocksavage in s.e. quarter of Cork city, came to be vested in Strettell JACKSON of Cork City. Strettell JACKSON to make provision for Mary JACKSON owse COSSINS [aka COUZENS], wife of Strettell JACKSON  if she survives him, & for their issue, thus for consids, Strettell JACKSON unto John TUTHILL Esq. Of Limerick City & George KNAPP Esq. Of Cork City for lives of Richard BARRETT, Common brewer of Cork City, Elenor BARRETT (wife of Richard BARRETT) & Strettell JACKSON plus others to be added under perpetual renewal, upon trusts, intents & purposes. Lands of Ann SLEIGH & Richard LONGFIELD Esq. were to west of said Plot of ground at Rocksavage in s.e. quarter of Cork city.Referencing 1781Sept 28  deed: Michael MORRISON granted, 1781-8-28 plot of ground [195 x 85 ft] at Rocksavage in s.e. quarter of Cork city in possess of Richard BARRETT unto Richard BARRETT.

1790 Sep 22
ROD: 432-108-280217

of town of Youghall, Co. Cork Esq of 1st pt & Jane HYDE spinster, youngest daughter of Rev Arthur HYDE of Hyde Park in Liberties of City of Cork Clerk of 2nd pt. & Thomas GREEN Esq and Rev. Arthur HYDE jr both of Youghall … marriage William JACKSON & Jane HYDE … parcels of land with appurtenances within the Manor of Kirkby-Stephen and Brough in Co. Westmorland Great Britain also house in Strand Street in Town of Youghall Co. Cork together with Outhouses yards and gardens possessed by William JACKSON late of Youghall Gent deceased father to said William JACKSON and also houses on south side of the Mall in the Town of Youghall bounded on north by STOATs premises and on the South by dwelling house of said William JACKSON on the west by Garden Brewery & premises held by him and on the East by the Street to hold severally unto the said Thomas GREEN and Arthur HYDE the younger … jointure … WITNESS Ben Murdock JACKSON [Benjamin Murdock JACKSON] Esq M[?] of Yougahal & Mary KEATING sister to said Ben [?] JACKSON [seal]
1796 Jul 7
ROD: 543-197-357899
Image 105 - faint
Btw Edward Rowland JACKSON of Castleview, Co. Cork Esq. of the 1 pt & James CASKERRY of Clasbeg in the Little Island farmer of the other part
1796 Oct 10
ROD: 505-353-326570
Wm JACKSON of Youghall, Co. Cork Esq. & Catherine REA said town widow of the other… John REA late of Youghall deceased… plot of land adjoining the Clock Castle
1797 Dec 18
ROD: 523-540-346503
Image 595
Susannah JACKSON
of the [Spittle?] of the City of Limerick of 1st pt; to Michael MAHONY of the Spittle of the City of Limerick, Clothier of other pt. Suzannah JACKSON by virtue of a letter of Atty vested in her husband John JACKSON then of the City of Cork Gent  for consideration therein mentioned set to Michael MALONEY back garden …  [hard to read] … west ground southward  … bounded on east by Gallows Green on the west by Turnpike from John’s Gate to the Blackboy Turnpike on the north with [?] FOULCKs holdings & on the south with an open passage from the Road aforesaid unto the Green adjoining John JACKSON’s holding in the south suburbs of the City of Limerick, Parish of St. Patrick’s for term of 150 years WITNESS: John POWELL of City of Limerick Writing Clerk & James CONNELL of said City needle maker…
1799 Aug 11
ROD: 525-217-344389
Image 427
Benjamin Murdock JACKSON
of the town of Youghall, Co. Cork, Esq. granted to Richard Henry ROGERS, Rector of Parish of Killeagh, Co Cork… land where Richard Henry ROGERs was building a dwelling house at Devonshire Place, Town of Youghall. … for lives of Benjamin Murdock JACKSON, John PARKER & Henry PARKER 1st & 2nd sons of John Robert PARKER Esq. WITNESS: William JENKINS.
1801 May 2
ROD: 537-332-352998  
A widow, Catherine JACKSON was Occupier of a Dwelling House in Fish Street, Parish of Christchurch, City of Cork.
1802 Mar 30
ROD: 538-472-359022
Image 572
Btw Strettle JACKSON of City of Cork Esq. of 1 pt & Thos GIBBLINGS of City of Cork Esq. SEE: Quaker JACKSONs of Cork, Dublin & Tipperary.
1803 Nov 26
ROD: 558-176-370748  
Btw Margaret JACKSON of City of Cork Widow and John JACKSON of City of Cork Esq. acting executors of the last will and testament of Edward Rowland JACKSON late of Castleview Co Cork Esq. deceased. Of 1st pt. Rowland Jackson O’CONNOR of [Varsfield?] and James O’CONNOR of the same place Gent of 2nd pt. Hannah SEYMOUR of City of Cork spinster of 3rd pt…. details of land transfers SEE: JACKSONs of Ahenesk
1804 Jan 18
ROD: 574-389-390455
Image 219
BTW Benjamin Murdock JACKSON Esq. M.D. of Youghall, Co. Cork of 1 pt & William DAVIS of Killeagh Co. Cork, Esq of the other pt. [description of land in Town of Youghall]

1807 Oct 3
ROD: 595-69-404314

JACKSON Benjamin[12] Gent Merchant of Youghal, Cork business partner to said William GREEN

1808 Aug 31
ROD: 608-230-417212

Eldest daughter of Strettle JACKSON. Her marriage to Precious CLARK 4th son of Benjamin CLARK, City of Dublin

1809 May 8
ROD: 607-540-417495
BTW John JACKSON of City of Cork, victualer of 1st pt George CASEMONT of Larne Co. Antrim surgeon, Robert BLAKE of Larne Gent & Samuel NEILSON of Glins Co. Antrim trustees names in the last will of Jane JACKSON late of Larne widow deceased of 2nd pt … John JACKSON is in possession .. tenements formerly in possession of William HOUSTON on north side of Main Street in the Newtown of Larne … more description.
1810 Aug 6
ROD: 629-41-430026 Image 26
Hard to read – Abigail HARVEY of Youghall spinster one of the Legatees of the late Thomas HARVEY of Youghall Merchant deceased of 1pt & Joshua JACKSON of Youghall Merchant of 2nd pt & John LECKY of [?] Merchant & surviving executor of the last will of Thomas HARVEY of 3rd pt. Joshua JACKSON after solemnization of marriage of Abigail HARVEY … said Joshua JACKSON her intended husband … no issue living at time of her death … NOTE: Joshua JACKSON (1789-1836)
1810 Dec 18
ROD: 634-115-432959
Image 383
Memorial of an indented deed of assignment between Benjamin CLARKE city of Dublin merchant of the first part, Nathaniel HONE of city of Dublin, Alderman John ORR, Wilson MILLS, Francis MILLS and John THOMPSON all of the City of Dublin merchants and trustees of the estate and effects of Benjamin CLARKE of the second part and Mary JACKSON widow and George TUTHILL of the City of Dublin Esquire executors of Strettle JACKSON late of said city Cork Esquire deceased of the third part and John Fuller and Thomas Fuller of said city Dublin merchants of the fourth part. Reciting as is recited Benjamin CLARKE Nathanial HONE John ORR Wilson MILLS Francis MILLS and John THOMPSON in consideration of five shillings each of them in hand paid and said Mary JACKSON and George TUTHILL in consideration of £300 to them in hand also paid by said John FULLER and Thomas FULLER did according to their response unto grant bargain sell alien release and confirm unto the said John and Thomas FULLER in their actual possession then being by virtue of a lease for a year therein mentioned all that and those that field that parcel of ground situated at or near Dolphinsbarn County Dublin containing 1 acre two roods nine perches more or less also that field parcel of ground set on the Southside of the ground Canal between Haroldscross and Dolphinsbarn County Dublin, and containing 3 acres 30 perches more or less marred and bounded on the North by the grand Canal and on the South by a field formerly in the possession of James RUSSELL on the East partly by a piece of ground formerly in possession of Phillip PROSSER silk thrasher deceased and partly by a field formerly in possession of Joseph ANDREWS son-in-law and successor to John SALLY deceased by which was formally the estate of John CREIGHTON Esquire, and on the West by a Lane road leading from said ground and canal to the fields of James RUSSELL. To hold unto said John Fuller and Thomas FULLER their heirs and assigns for and during the natural life [lives not mentioned]. WITNESS Thomas RAWSON of the city of Dublin attorney and Memorial witnessed by Thomas RAWSON and by Richard McNABB of city of Dublin gent. NOTE: Wilson MILLS was the husband of Isabella BIRCH of Co. Down. Nathaniel HONE was the husband of Anne JACKSON, daughter of William JACKSON (1690-1772). Mary JACKSON (1759-1824) widow of Strettle JACKSON (1755-1807) of Cork. George TUTHILL was an uncle of Mary JACKSON SEE: JACKSONs of Co. Cork
1811 Apr 20
ROD: 637-203-436724
Image 111
BTW [?]  KEATING of Youghal, Co. Cork and late of Virginia North America 2nd son of John KEATING of Clonmall Co. Tipperary, Brewer deceased & Mary his wife. John KEATING of Town of Youghall Merchant only son  and heir of [?] KEATING & Mary KEATING only daughter of [?] KEATING of 1st pt. William JACKSON of Town of Youghall Esq & Benjamin JACKSON eldest son & heir of said William JACKSON of 2nd pt;  … Benjamin Murdock JACKSON
1811 May 21
ROD: 438-80-438014
Image 48
Btw Mary JACKSON, widow [of Strettle JACKSON]  of the one part & Joseph Devonshire JACKSON her eldest son of the other part. [Extensive description of lands and previous deeds & other parties] Knockalisheen, Parish Inishkenny, Barony Cork.- land in actual possession of Joseph Devonshire JACKSON, and left to him in his father’s will.
1811 Sep 10
ROD: 642-13-439419
Image 302
BTW Suzannah JACKSON of City of Bath, widow & Joseph Henry JACKSON of Ballymore, Great Island, Co. Cork of the one pt & James HALPIN of Ballymore farmer of other pt. JACKSONs demised 28a 3r in Great Island, Co. Cork bounded on north by farm of Savage FRENCH Esq. on the North by the sea on the east by part of Ballymore late in occupation of Michael HALPIN on the west by Lough of [???] … memorial WITNESS: William HARVEY & Richard VINCENT.SEE: Jacksons of Glanbeg NOTE: Joseph BENNETT assumed the name of JACKSON
1812 Jan 21
ROD: 648-153-442597
Susannah JACKSON then of City of Bath, Great Britain widow & relict of George JACKSON formerly of Glanbeg, Co. Waterford Esq deceased & Joseph Henry BENNETT formerly Joseph Henry JACKSON of Ballymore, Co. Cork eldest son of the said George & Susanna of the 1st pt. Christopher ALLEN of the City of Dublin of 2nd pt Gent & Peter BAKER of City of Dublin of 3rd pt…. SEE: Jacksons of Glanbeg
1812 Nov 9
ROD: 657-180-449913
Btw William DAVIS of Killeagh Co Cork & Benjamin Murdock JACKSON of Town of Youghall, Co. Cork Esq…. land in the town of Youghal ranging on the west in a parallel line with the wall built by Joshua JACKSON Merchant and on the East side between his concern and BROWNEs extending from sd Western boundary to low watermark bounded on the north by land owned by Edward GREENE… Roger GREENE-  more description ….

1813 Jul 23

ROD: 682-473-469647

JACKSON-. Names Index 1813-1815

Elizabeth VILLIERS als JACKSON wife of John VILLIERS, City of Dublin, land in Stephen’s Green [5 pg deed] reciting will of Edward VILLIERS. Witness: Joseph Devonshire JACKSON of Dublin. NOTE: Joseph Devonshire JACKSON, was the son of Strettell JACKSON. His sister, Anna Strettell JACKSON married John TUTHILL whose father, George TUTHILL took on VILLIERS name as a result of his uncle Edward VILLIERS[5].

1816 Nov 20
ROD: 709-114-485449
Image 72
BTW Thomas GALEWAY of Killarny, Co. Kerry Esq. & William JACKSON of Youghall Co. Cork Esq. trustees named for the intermarriage of William WHITE of Killarny Esq. & Alice HYDE daughter of Rev. Arthur HYDE of Killarny Clerke. Of the 1 pt & Harriet MAGENIS of City of Dublin Spinster of other pt. NOTE: Alice's sister Jane HYDE was married to WIlliam JACKSON.
1818 May 30
ROD: 746-92-507628
Image 38
Between Thomas DAVENPORT, of Ballynacourty, Co. Limerick [NOTE: There are two Ballynacourtney townlands. One in parish of Iveruss, and one in Stradbally] & Maurice [Uracke?] ATKIN of Leddington Co. Cork of 2nd pt. Arthur GIBBINGS of City of Cork Esq of 3rd pt & Warren Hastings Rowland JACKSON of Castleview Co. Cork Esq. of the 4th pt. … in consideration of £3,990 to Thomas DAVENPORT & Maurice [Umack?] ATKIN paid by Warren Hastings Rowland JACKSON at the request of said Edward HOARE confirmed to Warren Hastings Rowland JACKSON lands in his actual possession of Killcullishall & West Ballinhinning otherwise Factory Hill Co. Cork containing 105a 1r 20p of profitable land & 1a 1r 30p of White Slab English Statute Measure [more description] WITNESS: [?] DAVENPORT, Ackin HOARE & Jackson are Henry BENNETT & Henery HOARE both of City of Cork Attornies
1819 Feb 13
ROD: 743-22-505757
Gr W Separation 1819-1821
Image 327
BTW Warren Hastings Richard JACKSON formerly of Cheltenham, Co. Gloucester Esq. of 1st pt; Anne JACKSON otherwise D’ALTON formerly of the same place but now residing at Caen in Normandy, the wife of said W.H.R. JACKSON of the 2nd pt. Albert D’ALTON a Major in his Majesty’s Army and a Trustee appointed on the part of said Anne JACKSON of 3rd pt. Robert STRATTON of Great Fitzgerald St, Parish St. Mary, Co. Middlesex Esq. also a Trustee … yearly annuity £300 to Anne JACKSON and annual annuity of £50  for Mary JACKSON daughter of W.H.R. JACKSON & Anne JACKSON to live and reside with Anne JACKSON  and also £50   for Albert JACKSON, youngest son of W.H.R. JACKSON & Anne JACKSON  to live and reside with Anne JACKSON  … lands of Clashanodig, Clashlugy, Carrigrenane & Catleview situate in Little Island, Barony of Barrymore Co Cork. … marriage agreement of W.H.R. JACKSON & Anne JACKSON   14 Jan 1804. …
1822 Sep 24
ROD: 775-234-525169
Image 143
BTW Richard ASHE of Ardimanning City of Cork of 1st pt; Jane JACKSON late of Kinsale Co. Cork but now of City of Cork widow of 2nd pt. & William Preston WHITE of City of Cork Merchant of 3rd pt… Jane JACKSON demised tenements of West Dromony Inchirickane Carrigafook and Cooldorrihy all in Co. Cork
1824 Jul 5
ROD: 797-288-538423
Image 183
BTW Robert King CUMMINS of City of Cork Merchant  of 1st pt; Nicholas Marshall CUMMINS of City of Cork Merchant of 2nd pt; William JACKSON of West Trignmount Co. Devon Esq. and Mary JACKSON of same place spinster daughter of William JACKSON of the 3rd pt & Joseph King CUMMINS of said City of Cork Merchant and Samuel CODNER of West Trignmount Merchant of 4th pt. Nicholas Marshall CUMMINS at direction of Robert King CUMMINS granted to Robert King CUMMINS & Samuel CODNER and their heirs annuity of £500 secured by lease 7 &8 Dec 1822 … Mary JACKSON now Mary CUMMINS in case of her surviving said Robert. WITNESS: James John CUMMINS of City of Cork Merchant & William Rufus JORDON of East Trignmount in Devon.
1827 Oct 3
ROD: 828-307-557042
Image 205
BTW Mary JACKSON of City of Cork widow of James JACKSON Esq. deceased and then of Clifton Co. Gloucester UK Jane JACKSON & Mary JACKSON spinster daughters and only children of James JACKSON deceased of 1 pt; Edward HOWLEY of Ardnaree Co. Sligo Esq of the other pt. Reciting 7 Jan 1739 Hon James Lord Baron Tyrawley & Killmain demised to Vaughan JONES then of Ardnaree the old Castle of Bealack & 5a adjoining the same which had been enjoyed by William BOURKE as tenant at will in Barony Tyrawly Co. Mayo …. Reciting 6 Feb 1800 bt Charles JONES & James JACKSON Capt North Mayo regiment of Militia since deceased of other pt ….JONES transferred to JACKSON Castle of Bealeek together with 5a  adjoining called the Castle half quarter .. James JACKSON had published hi will & bequeathed land to his wife Mary JACKSON in trust for his daughters  …NOTE: James JACKSON (1765-1825) & wife Mary PERRY. SEE: JACKSONs of Enniscoe and Carramore, Co. Mayo

1833 Jul 17
ROD: 1833-13-48


Between Samuel Pim JACKSON[13] late of City of Waterford but “who is now of Siston Cottage near the City of Bristol in Glocestershire, Esq.” Of 1st part & John Robert PARKER ... JACKSON demised Lime Kiln & lands now known as Green Park (held under corporation of Youghall).

1833 Jul17 DEED: 1833-13-58


As in Deed 1833-13-48 but referencing lands or farm called Town Bog near Clay Castle within Liberties of the Town of Youghall 180A bounded on North by Gortnesaggart & Ballyclemesy on the south by Strand or beach on the east with the Deasert and Clay Castle ..

ROD: 1833-20-224 John Jackson Cloneroy, Co. Cork, B. Upper Loughtee
1834-1-204   Warren JACKSON Upper Lane Griloughs, Co. Cork, B. Dunallow
1834 Nov 12
ROD: 1834-18-285
Indented deed of mtg btw Thomas FARREN of Gratten Hill, in the North suburb of Cork, Gent & Walter William HARRIS of Glanmire Rd., in the north suburb of Cork, Esq. Doctor of Medicine and Jane HARRIS nee JACKSON his wife of the second part & John CUMMINS of the City of London, Merchant and Roger William HARRIS of the said City of Cork, attorney at Law, trustees named in the marriage settlement…




These may or may not be related to Strettell JACKSON and his father Thomas JACKSON, but if nothing else, they are where to look next. As part of this digging, the involvements of Lodowick JACKSON shed light on JACKSON family connections to Cork, but more work needs to be done. I hope someone knows more than I do. Since the offices of sheriffs, mayors and such were often granted as much as a result of family and social standing as anything, the following mentions are worth noting:

Mayors and Sheriffs of Cork 1700 - 1799

1726 Sherriff of Co. Cork Ambrose Jackson

1735 Amb. Jackson, Mayor of Co. Cork

1795 Strettle JACKSON, Sherriff of Cork.



  • The 1766 Census of Youghall mentions both a John JACKSON & a Widow JACKSON.
  • Also, Officers of the Youghal Union Fuzileers in 1782 included: Major-Com., Thomas Green; Captains, John Reeves, William Jackson and David Freeman; Lieutenants, Thomas Walshe and James Greene; Chaplain, Richard Vincent; Surgeon, Benjamin Jackson. SOURCE: The History of the County and City of Cork. Rev. C.B. Gibson, M.R.I.A., volume 2 (of 2), published by Thomas C. Newby, London, 1861.

    Memorials of the Dead:

Cork – The friends burying Ground

It was just mentioned that many JACKSONs were buried here.

Vol X Memorials of the Dead.


St. Mary’s Parish Yougal, Co Cork

Christened June 8, 1666 Elizabeth daughter of Lodowicke JACKSON[6]

Burial June 11, 1666 Elizabeth daughter of Lodowicke JACKSON

Vol III Memorials of the Dead


  • Probates: See also:JACKSONs from Co. Cork - Will Probates. In time, I will match these up with deed records, BMDs, the 1801 census and other records. Several of them had connections, families and residences in other counties.
Surname Forename Date Place County Record Detail My Notes
Jackson John 1661     Will inventory Esq  








Jackson William 1781 Youghall Cor   Alderman P. Beryl Eustace Will Index
Jackson William 1785 Youghall     merchant  


Edward Rowland






Jackson Margaret 1807          
Jackson Strettle 1810          
Jackson Benjamin Murdock 1818         P. Beryl Eustace Will Index
  • Benthams Abstracts:

1661 John JACKSON Cork to Jane BURTON orwse JACKSON the widow

1801 John DEVONSHIRE Cork Merchant als Deborah ROBINSON wife of Samuel [?] ROBINSON the second cousin Martha [CORFREED?] & Anne JACKSON former Admons 21 Nov 1801

  • Crossley Abstracts

Jane Green – m James Murdock JACKSON. Query son of William JACKSON who married 1748 Mary daughter of Thomas GREEN by Mary daughter of Henry MURDOCK.
Benjamin Murdock JACKSON & James Murdock JACKSON [tree] of Y [Youghall?] 1780 – Consult will of Y 1785. Where do JACKSONs of Ahenesk near Middleton come from?
REF. William 1785

  • Quaker Records

John JACKSON married Rachel LUCAS in Meeting at Limerick 12.7.1747
Thomas their son born here 9.14.1748
John their son born here 9.23.1750
Ann their daughter born here 4/11/1752
Sarah their daughter born here 5.30.1753
Elizabeth their daughter born here 2.28.1756
[NOTE: Also mentioned in Index]
John their son died in Limerick 3.10.1751
Rachel[LUCAS] the mother dyed in Cork 3.20.1772 NOTE: 1755 Aug 30 ROD: 172-567-118239

John the father dyed in Limerick 5.11.1785

Peter Jackson married Anne Osborne in Cork December 26, 1733
their children:
Jane born January 30, 1735
Mary born December 1, 1736
Elizabeth born December 11, 1738
Anne born July 15, 1741

Jane died Mary the first 1736
Anne died February 14, 1742
Anne their mother died June 31 1746
Peter Jackson died in Cork June 11 1777 aged about 75 years
Alice widow died in Cork October 25, 1782
Elizabeth married out from Friends
Mary married William Wright See Feb 90

Peter took a second wife Alice Allment widow of Thomas Allment February 2, 1753

Joshua Jackson son of the late Joshua Jackson of Youghall and Abigail Harvey, daughter of the late Thomas Harvey of Youghall married Youghall September 19, 1810.

Hannah Harvey their daughter born 22 July 1811 said Hannah Harvey died 8th  April 1812
Joshua their son born 23 December 1812 said Joshua died at Youghall 3rd July 1840
Thomas Harvey their son born 28 August 1814
Susanna their daughter born 14 April 1816. Said Susanna died at Youghall first of January 1844
Charlotte their daughter born 3rd of December 1817 [d, 19 June 1904, late of 10 Maxwell road, Rathgar, Co. Dublin. Spinster]
John Todhunter their son born 9th of February 1820 said John Todhunter died at Cork 9th of November 1838
Removed to Dublin NOTE: They had four more children in Dublin.

Abigail Jackson died in Cork 18 March 1867

Ruben Harvey Jackson of Cork son of the late Joshua Jackson of Dublin and Anna Carol daughter of James Carroll of Cork were married at Cork on 17 May 1855
Alfred their son born 30 July 1857
James Carroll their son born 16 November 1859
Susanna Sophia their daughter born 11 May 1862
Elizabeth her daughter born 14 August 1864

Anna Harvey her daughter born 16 April 1869
June 19, 1904 Probate of will of Charlotte JACKSON late of 10 Maxwell road, Rathgar, Co. Dublin Spinster who died June 19, 1904 granted at Dublin to William John GREEN Coal Merchant. Effects £162 19s 1d. NOTE: In the 1901 Census she is a “Quakeress”, age 83, born in Youghall, [Co. Cork]. Also of interest in the household is Lucy BEWLEY, age 69, a visitor and “Quakeress” born in Mountmellick.

At her residence, Charlemont Mall, Dublin, Susan Jackson, one of the oldest members of the Society of Friends, relict of the late Mr. Joshua Jackson, of Youghall, and aunt of the honorable Judge Jackson.
1844 http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/09%2025%2044.pdf

NOTE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/history/Jackson-Strettell.html It is probable that this is Susanna ALLEN who married Joshua JACKSON in 1788.
  • Misc
    • Jacksons are included in an alphabetical list of the English (mostly from SW England) who settled in the vicinity of Bandonbridge, Cork during the plantation scheme of Elizabeth I, circa 1588-1603. SOURCE: Brehony, Tony, West Cork - "a sort of a history, like." (Wicklow: Kestral Books, Ltd., 1997) pp.120-121.
    • In the mid-1600s, a John JACKSON of Bandonbridge was on the Cromwellian side of the battles for power in Ireland [7].
    • In the early 1900s, Sir Thomas JACKSON’s daughter Dorothy St. Felix JACKSON (1887-1964) settled at Barony House (or cottage) Glengarriff, Co. Cork. An alternative name for Glengarriff was KILMOCOMOGUE (Lewis Topographical Dictionary). I have often wondered why she chose Co. Cork.
    • Marriage March 6, 1823 : On the 6th inst. at Wells, Somerset, by the Rev. Wm. Stamer, the Rev. Wm. Nelson Jackson, of Youghall, Co. Cork, to Isabella, eldest Daughter of Colonel James Smith, of Cheltenham.
    • Marriage: 20 March 1747 Joshua Jackson, Dublin and Anna Strettell (d. bef 1800), Dublin Quaker marriage certificate.
    • Marriage: 22 January 1788 Joshua Jackson, Youghall, Co. Cork and Susanna Allen, Limerick Quaker marriage certificate.
    • Marriage: 19 September 1810 Joshua Jackson, Youghall, Co. Cork to Abigail Harvey, Youghall, Co. Cork Quaker marriage certificate.


    JACKSON, Joshua, Merchant.
    JACKSON, William, Brewer.
    JACKSON and ROBERTS, Merchants.
    JACKSON, Benjamin, M.D.
    JACKSON, George, Grocer.

    A LIST Of the Corporation of the Town of Youghall.

    Right Worshipful Samuel Allin, Esq.; Mayor.
    Thomas Green, Esq. )
    and ) Bailiffs.
    Edward Green, Esq. )
    George Ponsonby, Esquire, Recorder.
    William Jenkins, Town Clerk.
    John Sedgwick, Esquire, Mayor, Elect.
    William Jackson, Esq. ) and Samuel Nealon, Esq. ' Bailiffs Elect.


    Henry Coghlan, Esq.
    John Pratt, Esq.
    Roger Green, Esq.
    Samuel Allin, Esq.
    Thomas Green, Esq.
    Hugh Swayne, Esq.
    Benjamin Taylor, Esq.
    John Swayne, Esq.
    Richard Uniacke, Esq.
    William Jackson, Esq.
    David Freeman, Esq.




[3] Thomas STRETTLE. NOTE: Anna STRETTLE (1725-1800) was the wife of Josua JACKSON (1722-1774). I would expect that there is some familial connection.

[4] Joseph DEVONSHIRE is an interesting name given that Strettell JACKSON named a son Joseph Devonshire JACKSON,

[5] Edward VILLIERS. His  connection to the JACKSONs is as follows:

 1 John Villiers

........ 2 Dorothea Villiers b: in of Ballinabolie, Co. Kilkenny d: 03 Jun 1784 +George Tuthill b: 25 May 1693 in Youghall, Co. Cork, Ireland d: 13 Mar 1771 in Faha, Co. Limerick, Ireland m: 09 Nov 1740

.................. 3 John Tuthill b: 01 Jan 1743/44 in Faha, Co. Limerick, Ireland d: 20 Jul 1814 in 50 Stephens Green, Dublin. Ireland +Elizabeth Jackson b: Abt. 1750 in of Fanningstown, Co. Limerick, Ireland d: 16 May 1826 in 50 Stephens Green, Dublin. Ireland m: 29 Dec 1769

............................. 4 George Tuthill b: 14 Feb 1771 in Kilmore d: 11 Aug 1842 in 14 Fitzwilliam Sq., Dublin

................................. +Catherine Langley b: 1772 in Lisnamrock, Co. Tipperary d: 25 Mar 1854 in 2 Salem Place, Dublin m: 23 Feb 1792 in Killenaule, Co. Tipperary

.................................... 5   John Tuthill b: 03 Jun 1793 in Lisnamrock Castle d: 13 Feb 1876 in Birr, Kings Co., Ireland +Anna Strettell Jackson b: 1793 in Cork d: 20 Mar 1844 in Rapla, Co. Tipperary m: 12 May 1815 in St. Peters, Dublin  *2nd Wife of John Tuthill:   +Margaret Lloyd b: 10 Mar 1812 in Clare St., Dublin, Ireland d: 21 Dec 1895 m: 15 Dec 1846 in St. Peters, Dublin, Ireland

............................. 4 Thomas Edward Villiers Tuthill b: 09 Jul 1783 d: 1859

................................. +Anne Stack

........ 2 Edward Villiers b: in of Kilpeacon

[6] Lodowicke JACKSON is another one of those delightfully rare names.

·        In Oxford Journal Notes and Queries  Nov 16, 1907 p388 : LODOWICKE JACKSON – Can any English of Irish correspondent of N & Q give me genealogical particulars of this family of Lodowicke Jackson. His daughter Elizabeth was baptised in St. Mary’s Church, Yoghall, Co. Cork on 8 June 1666, and interred there 1667. Could he have been a son of Anthony Jackson, who was interred in the Temple Church, London in 1666? Wm. Jackson Piggot. Manor House, Dundrum, Co. Down.

·        National Archives UK record him as a witness to land deal between Francis Drake & Thomas Brough in 1655/6: Property as in MS. GLY/297.
Recites (i) that Sir John Trevor has conveyed the premises to Thomas Harler and John Kersey, gent., in trust for (a) by deed of even date; (ii) that by deed, 22 October 1651, the premises were conveyed from the Trustee of the late parliament for the sale of lands of the late king, to John Reyner, Thomas Brough and William Stebbing; (iii) Sir John Trevor has delivered this deed to (a) who agrees to deliver copies to (b), pay the costs and exhibit the original when required.
Witnesses: Lodowicke Jackson, Samuel Gilpin.

·        He witnessed an indenture from 1665 , signed in the margin by Tho; Evelyn and Fra. Drake. SOURCE: Some Special Sources in genealogy: The Genealogy of the Submerged. Chas. A. Bernau. London, 1908.

·        In a letter dated 1686, a Lodowick JACKSON wrote to Robert BOYLE about his gout. He was 53 years old at the time of the letter, and lived at Mistress Haughtons over against the New well by Hoxdon  Square.. SOURCE: http://www.e-enlightenment.com/sample/letters/boylroPC0060191_1key001cor/?srch_type=group&g=new&s=201010&r=7

·        From other mentions in customs, it seems he was a merchant.

·        July 21 1666, there is a letter written from Dublin Castle from George Lane to Lodowick JACKSON directing the sending of a letter from Ormond to Captain Hooper to Youghal. SOURCE: Bodleian Library  http://www.bodley.ox.ac.uk/dept/scwmss/projects/carte/carte44.html

·             A later Lodowick JACKSON had an estate in Prince William County, Virginia in 1742.

·        The following will may provide the missing link: ELIZABETH JACKSON of the precincts of Christ Church, Canterbury, wid.— (Dat. 12 Jan .1654) — 'my great age' — Susan wife of Thos. Floud — Wid Lewis — Grandch. Thos. son of my son Thos. Jackson late dec'' — Son Jas Jackson — Grandch. Thos. son of my son John Jackson late dec'' — Grandcli & goddau. Eliz. wife of John Fanshawe— Grandch. & my husbands godson Thos. Bankes — Grandch" Ann, Wife of Geo. Gilpin, Eliz. wife of Hen. Catlum, Mary wife of [blank] Parker, Ann wife of [blank] Cannon & Jas. Barham ch" of my dau. Ann Orchard wid. late dec'' — Son-in-law John Bankes clerk— Grandch. Lodowick Jackson — Son Rich. Jackson — Grandch. Ursula Jackson — Dau. Jane wife of Thos. Bedingfeild & her 2 dans. — Son-in-law Nich, Bix & Eliz. his wife — Houses in Mercury Lane in Canter- bury — M' John Cogan of Canterbury gent. — Son Jas. & son-in-law John Bankes exors.— I renounce all other wills & particularly one made in Feb. 1646 in pursuance of my late husbands charge unto me in his last will but cannot continue it in force by reason of the great alterations happening by y'' deaths of so many of my children since that time — Elisabeth Jackson — Wits :— John Bankes, Jane Bedingfeild, Edw. Hirst, Tho. Swafler — Codicil (dat. 26 Aug. 1657) — Son-in-law John Bankes dead since the making of will — Dau. Jane Bedingfeild to be exor. in his place — S' Anth. Aucher knt. — Rich. Barrowe — 'My owne imediate children' viz., James Jackson, Rich Jackson, Jane Bedingfeild & Eliz. Bix — Elizabeth Jackson— Wits : — Tho. Bridge, Thos. Staynes, Phill. Seaward, Margt. Jackson. (Pr. 14 Mth. 1657-8. P.A. p. 131).

·        Lodowick JACKSON to Ormond written from Youghall MS. Carte 215, fol(s). 7  2 February 1664. Reports the circumstances under which a Cadiz wine-ship (bound for an English or Irish port) was boarded by a "Turkish man-of war" [meaning an Algerine corsair], which had previously captured a French vessel bound for Cadiz, on board of which they had found "a person that was an instrument in the late King's death", together with his wife. Adds that these captives have been carried into Algiers, and that some of the seamen think, from the description given, that the person so taken is Ludlow. SOURCE: National Archives, UK.

·        Lodowick Jackson for some Customs place [in England] during the ill circumstances in Ireland where he has been employed in several capacities in the revenue. SOURCE: British History Online. Calendar of Treasury Books. Volume 9 1689-1692.

·        Proposals for the Imposition of Stamp Duties, in Ireland, for advancement of his Majesty's Revenue. By Lodowick Jackson Apparently, addressed to Richard, Earl of Arran, Lord Deputy. [1683?] MS. Carte Calendar 59

·        LODOWICK JACKSON TO ORMOND. 1681, October 8. Youghal. — Announcing the arrival of a small bark from St. Martino with forty-eight persons, who fled, as they say, from persecution. They are very poor and accept of the charity of well-disposed persons. He took Lieutenant Hamilton, one of the Scotch officers, to his assistance in an examination which he encloses. Abstract. SOURCE: Calendar of the Manuscripts of the Marquess of Ormonde. Preserved at Kilkenny Castle New Series, Vol VI. London 1911

·        It seems he may have been a paymaster, and was challenged by those who were not paid: FARMERS OF THE REVENUE TO EARL OF ARRAN. 1682, July 22. Dublin. — Among the assignments drawn by us for the last March pay which was lately issued Capt. Charles Murray being assigned on Mr. Lodowick Jackson of Youghal for his three months pay, required an absolute acceptance to be paid at the very day, which the collector not being satisfied to do otherwise than usually, he hath by a public notary protested the assignment. SOURCE: Calendar of the Manuscripts of the Marquess of Ormonde. Preserved at Kilkenny Castle New Series, Vol VI. London 1911

·        Then it seems that he fell out of favour: LODOWICK JACKSON TO ORMOND.  1683, April 10. Youghal. — Concerning the suspension of his contingent employment since the 25th of December last. The present Managers will not consent to restore him unless he accepts of Dungarvan, a place void of business and of conversation. He refers to having offered Mr. Greatrax as a surety. Without his Grace's protection this usage must turn to his ruin for his great and untainted reputation is blasted, and his Grace's poor old servant is now to begin again in a worse condition than when he came over with his Grace. He relies on his Grace's wonted goodness to recommend him to a service in his Grace's family, wherein his wife, being one of the daughters of Sir George Gwynn, Baronet, would be glad of the honour to assist her Grace as a confectioner. His son, whom he has kept at Kilkenny School, is fitted by his small growth, and other education, to wait on his Grace or his Lady Duchess as page, or to attend on Lord Ossory in his travels. He presumes this because Lady Thurles told him his mother was nearly related to her. Abstract. Calendar of the Manuscripts of the Marquess of Ormonde. Preserved at Kilkenny Castle New Series, Vol VI. London 1911.

[7] Bandonbridge,

  • March 9, 1654: Abraham Savage, aged 55, now rest. in Bandonbridge and at the time of the rendition, examd. That suddenly after the declar of Corke for the Parl., Lord Inchiquin being jealous of the town of Bandonbridge following the example of Corke, ordered Capt. Mathew Constantine with a troop of horse to possess himself of said towne and disarm all townsmen; and said Inchiquin ordered a compy. or two of Irish into the towne, but soon after observing the disaffection of the town towards the Irish soldiers, ordered one Coll. Francis Courtney to be Govr., who brought in his own Compy, and soon after the Irish were removed; and further, that Major Henry Turner, Ens. Thomas Dunkin, Cornet Wm. Fuller, Ens. Danl. Gwin, Corpl. Thomas French, Corpl. Ralph Fuller, John Langton, Corpl. John Browne, Wm. Bull, Richd. Shute, Richd. Nobbs, John Jackson, Jonathan Bennett, Jonathan Boteler, John Legg, Chas. Wills, Franc. Hill, John Shearhill, Wm. do., Thos. Williams, Robt. Stewart, Nich. Gun, Robt. Olliver, Mathias Percevall, Roger Martin, Robt. Colethurst, Tim. Philpott, Robt. Dunn, Richd. Phrips, being all townsmen, came several times to dept. before the surrender, expressing their readiness to attempt the seizing on the Govt. officers, and guards then in the town, and secure it for the Parlt and Ld-Lieut. Cromwell, but could not effect their purpose; and that Capt John Braly, Lieut. Edwd Berry, James and Henry Rice, with others, about a day or two before Broghill came with a force against said town, afsd persons secured the West guard of the town and disarmed the soldiers, turning them out, but it being so sudden a business, such others as were appointed with Major Turner to seize upon the other guards are prevented, the design being discovered; but soe it was that the above-named 4 persons, and those with them, were besieged in said guard by the soldiers then in town; and several shots made at them, so they were constrained to yield themselves prisoners; and this night the inhabs dispatched Wm Bull to Lord Broghill, informing him of the danger of the persons taken prisoner, and desiring him with some forces to come before the town, then having his countenance, would open the postern gate by seizing on the sentinel, and receive them into the town; but when Ld. Broghill came, hostages were sent forth and the town suddenly delivered by the Govr, on condition only made for himself and his soldiers, &c. 9 March 1654 - Deposition of Abraham Savage,former Provost of Bandonbridge.

  • At the close of the year 1690, 29th February, Colonel George Hamilton wrote from Bandon to Colonel O'Donovan at his camp, " Sir, there being one John Jackson, sergeant of Captain Ker's company, lately taken by some rapparees, if you will send him to Dunmanway or any other adjacent garrison, I'll send you Sergeant Deady in his place, or two soldiers both of your name, who were sent to Cork when the Assizes ' wor' sitting, so not in my custody. Illustrations Historical and Genealogical of James Irish Army List 1689. 2nd Edition. John D’Alton. In two volumes . Vol II. London. 1841.p716

[8] Ambrose JACKSON. This is not a common name (at least less common than James, John, or William), but interestingly it is one of the names in the Killingswold JACKSON line from Yorkshire :

·        SEE: http://www.angelfire.com/al/jack/RJackson.txt

1.  RICHARD JACKSON was born 1515 in Killingswold Grove, Yorkshire, England.  He married ANN TODD 1538, daughter of ROBERT TODD.

            Children of RICHARD JACKSON and ANN TODD are:

....        i.                 ANTHONY JACKSON, b. 1540; d. February 1606/07, England.

            ii.                ELIZABETH JACKSON, m. WILLIAM MIDDLETON, August 10, 1564.

            iii.               JANE JACKSON, m. THOMAS BLAYTON, November 19, 1564.

            iv.               ISABELL JACKSON, m. ROBERT FURTH, October 25, 1566.

            v.                JENETT JACKSON, m. GEOFFERY HELOR, June 27, 1575.

            vi.               FRANCES JACKSON, m. JOHN SUTTON, July 14, 1577.

            vii.              AMBROSE JACKSON, m. ANNE GIRSBAND, November 19, 1581.

            viii.            JOHN JACKSON, m. FRANCES WALER, June 02, 1584.

            ix.               ALICE JACKSON, m. THOMAS WALLAS, December 06, 1584.

  • FINN'S LEINSTER JOURNAL 1768 Births, Marriages and Deaths  By H.F.Morris Vol 7 #2, p245. No. 13. Wed. 10-Sat. 13 Feb. Dublin, 11 Feb.[1768] Died. At Corke, Ambrose Jackson, Esq; one of the Aldermen of that city.

·        His only child Susannah Judith JACKSON married Thomas BROWNE.SOURCE: A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry of Ireland. Sir Bernard Burke, 1912.

·        He became a Freeman in 1713. SOURCE: The Huguenot Settlements in Ireland. Grace Lawless Lee.

[9] Thomas BROWNE was a son of EDWARD BROWNE (1676-), Mayor of Cork 1714, and  Judith, dau. and heiress of Warham JEMMETT. Thomas married Judith, only child of Ambrose Jackson.

[10] Rev. William JACKSON. I do not know if he is the same as the William JACKSON beneath.

[11] William JACKSON.

  • There is a reference in Samuel Lewis’ A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland, 1837: Jackson, Mr. W. Ballynona flour-mills Castlemartyr
  • He married Jane HAYMAN in 1781.
  • Public Executions in Cork 1786-96 1786 HOURAHAN, Edward hanged and quartered for the murder of William JACKSON

[12] Benjamin JACKSON.

·        There was a surgeon who was an officer of the Youghal Union Fuzileers in 1782

[13] Samuel Pim JACKSON(1811-1883). He was a son of Anthony JACKSON and Elizabeth PIM of Waterford, part of Quaker line of JACKSONs.



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