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Documents relating to Co. Kildare - relating to JACKSONs and others.
Sharon Oddie Brown. March 30, 2018


KILDARE 1654-56 Civil Survey of Co. Kildare. Update
Jacksons of Kildare in Griffiths Valuation This compilation of data is especially useful when looked at in conjunction with abstracts of Memorials of Deeds of JACKSONs in Co. Kildare. [Deeds page updated June 18, 2015]I will be working on more related data and will soon write some companion pieces as well as at least one family tree that I can construct as a result of this data.
Jacksons in Kildare 1835-1839 Voters List
Jacksons in Kildare 1823-1837 Tithe Applotments Since computer searches do better with consistent names - for example William instead of Wm or Wllm - I have standardized them all. I find that this kind of table is helpful when viewed alongside deed references, and other land documents.
Jacksons of Ballygibbon Snippets There are several family branches of Jacksons of Ballygibbon, Co. Kildare that will likely interconnect when more is known. None of them are extensive enough to really be called trees - branches is more like it. Shrubs, perhaps. Ballygibbon is also very close to the parishes of Ardkill and Tomahoe, where there were also JACKSONs in the early 1700s. A link is likely. See: Jacksons of Kings Co. & Co. Kildare tree.
JACKSONs of Wexford, Wicklow & some Kildare

I have posted the JACKSON probates from the National Archives, and interpolated material from several other sources. As I result, I also updated the outline tree of the JACKSONs of Co. Kildare. There will be revisions for both these pages in the near future as I learn more from data I recently brought home from Ireland.

May 12, 2013
Jacksons in Co. Kildare Townlands Sometimes it is hard to see the forest for the trees. Much of this data is in various other documents on my site, so this is simply another way of looking at it. Perhaps with a fresh perspective. All three of these Jackson family trees deserve more attention, as do the strays who are yet to be connected. I have also included a map. June 28, 2015
Kildare Valuations for JACKSONs and LYNCHs. WARNING: These notes were taken at great speed, and need to be double-checked against the originals. In my haste, I did leave off the identifying dates of the books that the entries were transcribed from. Their use is primarily as a starting point. NOTE: Valuation books contain the revisions of ownership recorded after the Griffiths Valuations which took place in the mid-1850s. May 15, 2013
John JACKSON of Cargeen Co. Kildare and Sarah LUCAS of Rathdaniel, Co. Carlow Benthams Abstracts were key to putting these relationships together. In the next couple of months, I have a lot more in other records such as deeds to add. That will have to wait until my return from Ireland – I will get to it then. April 12, 2018
Descendants of Thomas JACKSON of Athgarvan & Kineagh, Co. Kildare.I have completed a major update of this page - dozens of new names and source. ALso info on JACKSON family crests. February 1, 2020



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