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Documents relating to Co. Leitrim - relating to JACKSONs and others.
Sharon Oddie Brown. March 30, 2018


Cancellation books of Aghavilla The last of David JACKSON's and Eliza OLIVER's children to be born at Aghavilla aka Aughavilla was Mary JACKSON b 1844. There is a deed reference that shows David JACKSON still connected to Aghavilla in 1849 August 27. This is the last mention of the land in connection with him and his name does not show up in the records at the time of the Griffiths Valuation in 1856-7. According to his marriage agreement, JACKSON had leased 86 acres and 17 perches or thereabouts - measured in Irish acres. This would work out to be a little more than 139 acres English measure. It would seem that this would then be the land leased by LaTouche to Rorke. The mystery is when and how the land went from a leasehold held by David JACKSON to one held by Hugh RORKE. October 26, 2010
Leitrim Land Index 1708-1810. My focus was to find connections between the GORE, SALE and JACKSON families. There are hundreds of other names included. Many had connections by marriage. I have yet to run them all to ground. August 9, 2019



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