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A grab bag of links to other sites that I find useful.
Sharon Oddie Brown. Updated: February 9, 2023 Major format change to make it easier to read.

Please let me know if any of these links stop working.



·         My usual place to start is: Ordnance Survey of Ireland

·         Or else, the maps associated with Griffiths Valuations on the Ask About Ireland Site.

·         Mapco has an 1838 map of Ireland which can be viewed in enlarged segments.

·         For maps of Ireland in the 1650s: The Down Survey of Ireland hosted by Trinity College. Using searches - learn a great deal more about how the early maps relate to later ones.

·         Irish Famine Population Data: A site that tracks population changes in Irish parishes from 1841 to 2002.

·         http://www.townlands.ie/ This site is my go-to place when I want to see maps and look at adjacent townlands or to get clues to older names.

·         For Historical Maps: A sub-section of the Placenames Database of Ireland July 1, 2016

·         Bob Sinton's townland maps: http://www.bob-sinton.com/maps2/mapsx.php

·         Townlands superimposed on contemporary maps: http://ireland.kiwicelts.com/irishMap/ireMap.html

·         A wonderful site for Monaghan maps is done by Monaghan County.

·         For Dublin, see the 1798 Dublin Map at Mapco: Mapco

·         Dennis Garvey's site for parishes and townlands in Co. Louth.

·         Open Street Maps. March 2016

·         Geological Maps. July 7, 2016 Years Ago, I found some of these on one of my trips by dropping into the office in Dublin. Now they are available online.

·         PRONI 1602 maps of Escheated Estates on Flicker. September 7, 2016

·         PRONI Historical Maps viewer. New in 2016.

·         Old English maps. Since many of the Irish JACKSONs (and others) came from Westmorland and Lancashire.

·         Thetruesize.com This site enables comparisons of the size of one country to another. January 9, 2020

·         Alison Kilpatrick's map of The Manor of Kinard (Minterburn & Tiranny) 1613-1641. July 5, 2017

·         Map of Armagh & Newry by Rocque. John Rocque made a map of county Armagh in 1760- it also incorporates two detailed plans of Armagh & Newry. June 8, 2021


·         Valuation Office Books at National Archives of Ireland.

·         PRONI Links to Valuation Records Search. February 4, 2023

·         1659 Census of Ireland.

·         http://www.townlands.ie/ This site is my go-to place when I want to see maps and look at adjacent townlands or to get clues to older names.  

·         Wikipedia is useful for tracking down variant townland names, as is the Sean Ruad site.

·         Placenames Database of Ireland: To track the Irish versions of names that preceded the English version.

·         Place names in Northern IrelandTo track down English, Scots, or Irish place names.

Coleraine maps in lbrown collection. February 10, 2023 Also L. Brown Map Collection.

Bill Macafee Maps - incl Coleraine etc December 17, 2023




·         The Family History Library has included many images of pages from the Deeds Registry in Dublin. These include both grantor indices and townland indices. 2016

Estate records at Family Search. This is an excellent summary. December 11, 2023

·         Nick Reddan's Deeds Indexing Project - thanks to thousands of hours of volunteer labour

o   A tool for finding townland indexes - thanks to Nick Reddan & volunteers.

·         Arborealis - Alison Kilpatrick has also done yeoman service transcribing deeds.

·         Sebastian Graham shows all the mills of Northern. Ireland. July 5, 2017

·         Ordnance Survey Maps - index to the numbers for the Irish maps. March 5, 2021

·         UCD Maps.

·        Ireland Estate records at Family Search.



·         History of Ireland: Free ebooks. February 7, 2017

·         Topographia Hibernica: Or The Topography of Ireland, Antient and Modern. William Wenman Seward. Dublin 1811 February 25, 2018
Currency conversions: Currency Converter 1270-2017 from the National Archives. February 13, 2019

·         Genealogy on Facebook List NOTE: The Irish Genealogy links are of special interest. August 22, 2019.
Latin names translated to English. This helps with tracking down options for names. Many earlier versions of names were in Latin. December 12, 2019

·         Postcards of Ireland - from the Linen Hall and other collections. January 25, 2021

·         Index of Free Irish Books.

·         The Dictionary of Irish Biography March 17, 2021

·         John Grenham's YouTube Videos. April 20.2021 & John Grenham's Blog. Nov 11, 2023

·         PRONI YouTube Links. April 22, 2021

·         Ontario Tax Assessment Rolls. July 22, 2021

·         WIKI Irish Roots Project. August 11, 2021

·         Virtual Record Treasury of Ireland. September 24, 2022

·         Northern Ireland Archives - links to records of JACKSONs. October 11, 2022

·         Volunteer transcriptions at IGP. November 18, 2022

·         Irish Manuscripts Commission. pdfs of many documents.

·         Irish Diocesan and Prerogative Wills 1595-1858. February 9, 2023 and Irish Diocesan and Prerogative Wills 1858-1922.
Wikitree Irish Project February 10, 2023
Hathi Trust - a digital library of archived materials including many old books. August 5, 2023
The Irish Aesthete. A well indexed site, focussing on architecture but with a lot of solid historical research.
Eddies Extracts.. The search function works well. October 22, 2023
Irish-Canadian Family Histories. by Peter J. Clarke. So many for me to follow up on: JONES, KANE, MARTIN, MINCHIN, SPEERS, STEELE, VANCE, WEEKES, November 23, 2023
Free Irish Books - also by Peter J. Clarke. NOTE: His Facebook link stopped working in 2021
November 23, 2023

British National Archives Discovery. A searchable database of records held by The National Archives and more than 2,500 other archives. December 23, 2023

Western Canada archive: University of Alberta's library online historical collection, Peel's Prairie Provinces. January 21, 2024
National Library of Ireland - Photos on Flickr. January 26, 2024






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