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Documents relating to Derry aka Londonderry. My main focus here is JACKSONs of Coleraine.
Sharon Oddie Brown. March 20, 2018



Research Notes for Jacksons of Coleraine. Hopefully, this rudimentary start may be of help to others researching people in Coleraine. I will likely add to it as I learn more. June 29, 2013
Timeline of Jacksons of Coleraine. This timeline includes data from web sites, books, deeds, and archives. It is by no means exhaustive, although it already runs to close to 20 pages. June 29, 2013
Memorials of Deeds of Coleraine. This is my first stab at making sense of the many Coleraine JACKSONs by using information in of deeds. In the process, I uncovered several errors in my initial notes which are posted on my web site. Correcting them means totally redoing the tables, so I will update those as soon as I can get to it. Please let me know if you have anything to add or correct. PS: One helpful tool that helped to prevent me becoming utterly lost was the article by Bill Macaffe: Map of the Baronies and Civil Parishes of Co. Londonderry. July 13, 2016
1677 John JACKSON house in Coleraine Of interest to me is that several of the JACKSONs of Kirby Lonsdale were also resident and active in Coleraine at this time. One of them, Capt. William JACKSON (1628-1688) had held leases in the Clothworkers Proportion from 1663. He was a son of Rev. Richard JACKSON (1602-1681). Rev. Richard had a brother John JACKSON (b. abt 1609). There may or may not be a connection. Although the lots 9 & 10 in Coleraine were willed to Paul JACKSON, a brother of John JACKSON, I have yet to find a record of him there. November 22, 2018
Londonderry Drapers Company Parishes: My curiosity in the lands allocated by the Drapers Company is because Samuel JACKSON (1641-1706) of first Kirkby Lonsdale and then Dublin apprenticed with the Drapers Company in 1657. Samuel’s grandfather William JACKSON (1575-1626) had also been a member of the Drapers Company. I have found no evidence that either of them held lands here, although it is quite likely that William JACKSON (1575-1626) did. Samuel JACKSON’s older brother William JACKSON (1628-1688) was apprenticed with the Clothworkers Company and had other holdings, initially in Coleraine. November 23, 2018
JACKSONs of Newtown Limavady. The presence of JACKSONs near Limavady goes at least as far back as the 1630s. NOTE: Newtownlimavady is midway between Coleraine and Londonderry, two other places where there were also significant numbers of JACKSON land holdings in the 1600s. There was also another JACKSON family in the Barony of Loughinsholin to the south. It is too early to say how or even if these clusters of JACKSONs are related. See also 1699 Map of Newtownlimavady Thanks to Steve McCracken & Jim McKean. January 22, 2019
JACKSONs arrived in Co. Londonderry at least as early the early 1600s . This is an attempt to not lose our sense of the forest (or forests) for the trees. In the 1639 Great Parchment Book, there are already descriptions of the holdings of William, Richard and Peter JACKSON. Richard JACKSON is a carpenter of Magharafelt. It would not surprise me if he turns out to be related to the JACKSONs of Drogheda. The Richard JACKSON of Elaugh Castle in the County of Donnagall gent. is likely to be related to the JACKSONs of Coleraine. The Peter JACKSON on the eastern side of Coleraine is likely to be related to the Richard JACKSON (son James) who was a butcher. It is also possible that he was related to the JACKSONs of Steeple and Island Magee. These are all conjectures at this point. January 23, 2019
JACKSONs mentioned in The Great Parchment Book. In 1639, after prolonged proceedings in Star Chamber, Charles I claimed as forfeit the Irish estates of The Irish Society and the City companies in Northern Ireland. A Commission under the Great Seal was instituted to survey the forfeited estates, consolidating all contracts and particulars of the affected rental lands and enrolling their details into one volume. The “Great Parchment Book” is the result, and includes invaluable information about the County of Londonderry in the early 17th century. February 2, 2019
1739-1810 - List from Townland Index - Coleraine The source for my transcription of memorials of leases from 1739-1810 in Coleraine is at Family Search. December 17, 2023
1739-1810 Notes on memorials.. My primary focus has been the JACKSONs of Coleraine, but there are dozens of families who married into them or who did business with them which are also of interest to me. For anyone who wants more context for many of the people in these leases, I recommend Coleraine in Georgian Times and Coleraine in By-Gone Centuries, both by Rev. T.H. Mullin D.D. December 18, 2023



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