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This photo is of Martin & Ethel in 1957 at the wedding of their son, Struan BROWNE.

Martin M.George Browne

Ethel Steel
Born: March 14, 1887
Died: circa 1963 Died:
Father: John Monteagle BROWNE Father:
Mother: Susanna M. Edgar Mother:

Struan Forsythe BROWNE, married Geraldine Ann WIGAN.
Raymond BROWNE

During World War I, Martin served in the Royal Field Artillery. (Source: News clipping on Hugh Browne).

In the 1940s he and Ethel lived at Cotswold, Harlow, Essex, England

Ethel was the official painter of the Queen’s horses and dogs and we have several copies of her paintings which were turned into Xmas cards and postcards. See: Paintings by Ethel Browne

More recently, an intesting item turned up at www.patented-antiques.com 01/04/2003

The razors above were made by the famous maker, Weiss. The handles are made of horn. $575.00

This seven day razor set was given to BROWNE by the Ardglass Golf Club in 1913. Each back of the blade is marked with a different day.

I visited Martin and Ethel in 1961. Ethel was a sprightly person who thought nothing of heading off for a two hour walk in the rain with her plastic apron over her head. Martin was the “Squire of the Village”. He sat at home and when he desired a quart bottle of cider, opened the front door and called across to the publican across the street who brought it over. He played several games of chess with me as we drank cider together. I recall that my head remained clear, but when I went to stand, I had no knees (I was 15 years old at the time). So, we played another game.

My brothers Brian BROWN and Struan BROWN both received their first names from the sons of Martin & Ethel, while Martin BROWN got his name from Martin BROWNE. Clearly the family made a huge impact on our father, David BROWN. Martin BROWNE was the only brother of June BROWN (née BROWNE) and was still living at the time of her death.

Since Martin was the last surviving member of his immediate family, clearly, the cider agreed with him.



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