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For years, our family had a large copy of this photo, but never knew who the gent might be. Only that he looked pretty cool.
In May 1995, when Struan, Bruce, Sara & I
went to Ireland together, we came face to face with the original hanging in the Orange Hall at Aghavilly (The Pert Hall). According to the plaque, it had been presented by Lt. Edgar BROWNE, Royal Irish Fusiliers - a nephew of Hugh EDGAR.
In a newspaper article saved by our grandmother, Edgar Monteagle BROWNE mentions the childhood influences of his Uncle Hugh EDGAR as being particularly important to his political life. We also know that our grandmother was fond of him and his sister Jane.
The copy of this photo that we grew up with now hangs in the Vancouver home of Brian Gerald Muir BROWN.

Hugh Edgar
Born: abt. 1837
Died: April 22, 1894

In County Armagh: One Hundred Years Ago" A Guide and Directory 1888, (p. 179) Hugh EDGAR is mentioned as the pastor of Aghavilly. A description of him in Armagh Clergy 1800-2000, (p. 113) gives a bit more detail:

Hugh Edgar. Son of Alexander Edgar, Carpenter, of Belfast. Born in Belfast c. 1837. Self_educated; Q.U.I., B.A. 1864; and entered T.C.D., June 21, 1866, aged 29 years, B.A. 1872, M.A. 1876.
D. 1870; P. 1871; C. of Drumbeg (Down), 1870_75; I. of Aghavilly, 1875_94.
A mural tablet in Aghavilly Church is inscribed: "Sacred to the memory of Rev. Hugh Edgar, A.M., Rector of the Parish of Aghavilly for 19 years, who entered into rest 22nd April, 1894, aged 59 years. This tablet is erected by the parishioners to record their esteem for of (sic) his faithful labors, and to express their sorrow at his lamented death." He is buried in Clifton Street Cemetery, Belfast.

I also have in my collection a number of parchments relating to degrees which Hugh EDGAR received for his various degrees and ordinations. Some of these will be entered at a later date (when I get better at making them more viewable).



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