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Photo taken about 1876 at Slieveroe

Robert Hamilton Reed Margaret Jackson
Born: October 24, 1847 Born: April 3, 1853
Died: September 16, 1881 Died: February 27, 1944
Father: Dr. Thomas REED Father: David JACKSON
Mother: Mary Anna HODGE Mother: Eliza OLIVER
Married: October 26, 1875 at Derryvalley by Rev. Wm. Reid (by special licence). SOURCE: Family Bible at Gika Jackson's.

Eva Oliver REED, born November 19, 1876, married James USSHER
Maud "Mattie" Elizabeth REED, born May 18, 1878, married Alan SKUCE
Margaret Hamilton REED, born 1880 died as a child September 8, 1891*
Thomas Jackson REED, born 1881 (or May 25, 1880 according to McCullagh Bible)

*An entry in Sarah WHITESIDE's Daily Remembrancer Book, September 8: "Poor wee Marjorie Reid died 1891" (NOTE: The spelling of REED and REID lacks consistancy in all our family records.


Robert REED aka REID

Photo Credit: Dave Hall.

From Full Circle, we learn that he lived at Slieveroe and served the Cahans congregation and the wider community for many years (p. 321). He was a contributor to the Ballyalbany Manse construction (p. 274) and in 1880 - the year before his untimely death - was ordained as an elder in the congregation. His father, Thomas REED, was also a doctor and the medical dispensary was run out of their home at Slieveroe.

DEATH: September 16, 1881. Dr. Robert Hamilton Reed of Slieveroe. Age 34. Was coronor for the Northern Division of Monaghan and Medical Officer for Kilmore Dispensary District & also had a private practice. He died Friday night after “a tedious illness, the immediate cause of death being inflammation of the lungs”. “He was kind and considerate to the poor never permitting personal inconvenience to interfere with what he considered his duty to them. In the dead of night he was as willing to hasten to their relief as at midday, and by frequent exposure in this way, it is to be feared his constitution became impaired and unable to withstand an attack which, when stronger, he could readily have shaken off”. NOTE: Lord Rossmore and Colonel Lloyd came to his funeral & 70 members of the Masonic Order (he was Worshipful Master of Masonic Lodge #351 in Monaghan). SOURCE: Bartley, Thompson, McKean, Gardiner & Jackson papers

The source for his birth date is from the IGI on-line; no source material was available for the entry, so I have no idea how reliable it is. Wendy Jack found a reference to his death at Index to Obituaries of Irish-Born http://tiara.ie/obidxr.htm ( If the birthdate of 24 Oct 1847 is correct, he would only have been 33 when he died, not 34):

SURNAME, First Names: REED, Robert Hamilton Dr
Age: 34
Where from: Slieveroe MOG IRL
Paper: Cork Examiner (COR IRL)
When Published: 1881-9-21


She was the younger sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON and the older sister of David JACKSON. Of her chikdren, Alice is the link that (thankfully) ties us to our Aussie "cousins". Were it not for the assistance of one of them, Wendy JACK, I would be nowhere on all this. Also, thanks go to David Nesbitt and his book, Full Circle: A Story of Ballybay Presbyterians - where he tells of memorials which were at Cahans and have been moved to First Ballybay (p. 325-326):

The McCullagh Memorial was under the front window on the wall to the graveyard side. When she died in 1944, Mrs Margaret McCullagh of Slieveroe had included in her will a clause expressing her wish that her son give £5 yearly to Cahans in her memory 'where she so long worshipped'. He did more than this to keep her memory alive. William Armour dedicated the memorial to one who had been 'for many years a staunch supporter of the congregation' (Presbyterian Herald, November 1950). Margaret McCullagh, née Jackson, had first married Dr Robert Hamilton Reed of Slieveroe, then Andrew Bradford McCullagh, son of Thomas McCullagh of Derryvalley."Memorial tablet erected in Cahans, now moved to 1st Ballybay:"In loving memory of / Margaret McCullagh / who died 27th February 1944 / Erected by her children

Margaret McCullagh
née Jackson
Photo taken at Sliveroe
July 14, 1932.

At 79 years of age.

Andrew Bradford McCullagh Margaret Jackson
Born: Born: April 3, 1853
Died: July 1, 1897 Died: February 27, 1944
Father: Thomas MCCULLAGH Father: David JACKSON
Mother: Sarah MCCULLAGH Mother: Eliza OLIVER
Married: August 31, 1887 at Freeduff Presbyterian Church by Rev. David Jamieson. SOURCE: Family Bible at Gika Jackson's.

Sarah "Sallie" MCCULLAGH
Mary "Mollie" MCCULLAGH, born abt 1890, married Thomas Dare JACKSON
Elizabeth "Lizaba" MCCULLAGH, married William GRAHAM
Alice "Brownie" Margaret MCCULLAGH, born abt 1894 married Andrew ALEXANDER
George David MCCULLAGH, born 1896 and died in 1918, in WWI
John "Jack" MCCULLAGH, born 1897, married May COLTMAN


The date of this family photo from Slieveroe is likely 1900-1901. From left to right: Brownie (Alice Margaret McCullagh), Eva (Eva Oliver Reed), Mollie (Mary McCullagh), Jack (John McCullagh), Tom (Thomas Jackson Reed), Lizaba (Elizabeth McCullagh), "Mother" (Margaret Jackson), Sallie (Sarah McCullagh), George (George David McCullagh), Mattie (Maud Elizabeth Reed ).

Undated - probably 1903-1905.
From left to right: Unknown woman, Margaret JACKSON (seated), George MCCULLAGH, "Sally"MCCULLAGH, "Molly" JACKSON, possibly Thomas Jackson REED, Unknown boy, "Jack MCCULLAGH, possibly Mattie REED, unknown boy, "Brownie" MCCULLAGH, "Lizaba"MCCULLAGH and Eva REED.

A group of relatives at Slieveroe on the occasion of the wedding of James Ussher to Eva Reed
BACK ROW: Unknown*, Unknown*, William Ussher, Mollie McCullagh, Sally McCullagh.
MIDDLE ROW: Charles Ussher, Unknown*, Grannie McCullagh (Margaret), Alan Skuce, Mattie Skuce
FRONT ROW: George McCullagh, Lizaba McCullagh & Brownie McCullagh
Uncle Tom Reed. Date 1904
NOTE: These identifications were most likely done by John McCullagh Jackson. The notes add that one of the unnamed people would most likely be Bessie Brown

Margaret JACKSON is referred to as "Aunt Peggy" and she is dressed in balck and to the left of her daughter, the bride. Allen SCUSE (1863-1941), a banker and husband of Maud Martha Elizabeth REED (1878-1958) is behind Aunt Peggy's shoulder (he has a mustache). The Thompson BROWN mentioned, seen in the middle at the back, would have been Thompson BROWN jr (1868-1942). Jeannie Coulter JACKSON (1877-1975) is in the upper right hand side.



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