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Rev. Robert Kennedy

Elizabeth Hall Moore
Born: 1836
Born: 1838
Died: 1896 Died: April 13, 1921
Father: Thomas KENNEDY Father: John MOORE
Mother: Sarah Mother: Mary Jane DILL

Thomas John KENNEDY b. 1868 m. Jessie BOYD became a doctor; d. Geelong - Feb 12, 1938
David KENNEDY became a doctor
Mary Elizabeth KENNEDY b. 1875 married James STEEL & had two daughters (Elizabeth & Sheena)*
Robert KENNEDY b. 1869, died as a six month old baby at Creswick

*SOURCE: Dill Genealogical Tree
as compiled by Rev. Wm. James Young

From the Ballarat New Cemetery Register, we know that Elizabeth Hall KENNEDY was cremated in London and has her ashes interred at Ballarat. Her residence had been given as c?o Dr. Kennedy, Geelong. From the same source, we know that Robert KENNEDY was a Presbyterian minister resident at Clarendon Street, Ballarat at the time of his death. There are references to the STEEL family in the war-time correspondance of Charles Andrews MOORHEAD.

The principal document which we have available to shed light on this family is the following letter which was typed on a typewriter in an italic font (Letterhead: :AMYSVILLE WESTERN BEACH, GEELONG):

Fortingal, Latrobe Terrace,
Dec 29th, 1914

My dear Jeannie,
It was very good of you to write to me after my long silence. Writing is such a difficulty even with a typewriter.
This is a terrible war and its consequences even now are heart breaking. We cannot withhold our loved ones from helping our country in her dire need but oh! The heart break to those who are left behind. My heart is very sore for you left with your little ones. May God be your strength & your stay & may he watch over Charlie & bring him safe back to you.
I was sorry to hear of Charlie’s brother being so very ill. It will be a sad trial to his mother. I have never seen him but his mother shewed (sic) me a photograph of him & his wife once when I was in Ireland.
I am glad to know that wee Joan is now so strong and well. The walking will come all right when she is ready for it. I am glad Hal has got over all his troubles too.
You will have heard that Mary has had another little girl. I had my first letter from Mary since the baby came, last mail. She says she was a splendid baby when she was born, but she was not thriving well. They had not for so far been able to get the right food for her & she had lost heavily. I hope to have better news next week. We have had no mail this week. The mails are very irregular now. It is very trying. The Orient mails particularly seem to be often withdrawn. Their ships are I think often used as transports. When you are writing Charlie will you give him my love.
It will be very nice for you to be with your mother now & I am sure she will be glad to have you.
I don’t know whether Mary has told you that we expect a little one here some time in March. We are all glad. Tom has offered to the Russian Consul here for medical service but he will not know for some time whether or not he will be needed. If he goes, his wife will go with him. She is a trained nurse. More medical men have offered here than are needed.
Now dear Jeannie, goodbye. I will be remembering you now. I trust you will have good news from Charlie. May God be with you dear & give you his own rest & peace.

Your ever loving aunt,
L.H. Kennedy

We also have a photo of her daughter:


There is also frequent reference to the STEEL family in the letters home from the front by Charles MOORHEAD - still to be reread and used to fill out this picture.



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