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Isabella Dill MOORHEAD
October 1885
Robert Moorhead and his mother,
Isabella Dill (Moore) MOORHEAD
Robert Moorhead
Isobella Dill Moore
Born: April 21, 1839
Born: April 2, 1840
Died: 20 November 1893 Died: March 1, 1915
Father: John MOORHEAD III* Father: John MOORE
Mother: Sophie VAN DOREN* Mother: Mary Jane DILL

* This seems to be conjecture on the part of Harold MOORHEAD. I have yet to verify it.

Henry Hamilton MOORHEAD
William Armstrong MOORHEAD
Robert Dill MOORHEAD b. 1867 d. Feb 21, 1897 (age 29-30)**
Mary Josephine MOORHEAD b. 1868 d. 1934 Married Rev. John BOYD d. 1906 Ballynahinch
John Marcus MOORHEAD b 16 March 1872, Belfast d. 4 April 1917 Los Angeles (age 45)***
Charles Andrew MOORHEAD b.Belfast 7 Dec 1877, d.Vancouver, BC, Canada 12 Sept 1935 (age 58)

** From a range of records, we know that Robert Dill MOORHEAD died in Geelong, Australia in 1897and had close ties to the KENNEDY family through his aunt, Elizabeth Hall MOORE who married Robert KENNEDY. He is buried in the family plot at Ballarat. In his life time, he was a horticulturalist and lived at Fitzroy St., Geelong.
*** The birth & death date of John Marcus MOORHEAD come from a death notice in the possession of Jeannie MOORHEAD: John M. Moorhead Born March sixteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-two Belfast Ireland Died April fourth, nineteen hundred and seventeen Los Angeles, California. According to Hal MOORHEAD, John MOORHEAD was visited by Charles Andrews MOORHEAD (father of Hal).




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