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This is a picture of David Brown in Cairo.

David Brown

Alice Rickett
Born: September 18, 1872
Died: July 13, 1919 Died:
Father: Thompson BROWN Father:
Mother: Eliza "Bessie" JACKSON Mother:

The records in the following table were kindly supplied by Tina Staples, archivist at HSBC

1872 born 18 Sept 1872*
1890 April 1st: Junior clerk at the London office of the Imperial Bank of
1892 Left London on November 16th
1892 Arrived in Tehran on December 12th
1918 Opens a branch in Baghdad
1918 In Tehran
1919 July. Died from heart failure, age 46**

* He was a nephew of Sir Thomas JACKSON and David JACKSON of HSBC.
** A neighbour of Killynure farm, Eugene Fegan, remembered, " Oh, aye and David Brown, he was putting on his shirt collar. Dropped dead he did." Conversation on May, 1995. NOTE Later this was remembered as being David's brother Thompson BROWN's death. This is corroborated by the death cert. I suspect that David BROWN died in Tehran. There is a gravemaker for a David BROWN in the Tehran Protestant Cemetery

NOTE: A fertile source for more information on David BROWN has been the well written Banking and Empire in Iran by Geoffrey Jones (Published by the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation in 1986):

David Brown arrived in Tehran Dec 12, 1892 at the time that things were at their worse as a result of the collapse in silver prices and ill advised investment policies. "The years 1893-1895 were the nadir of the Bank's fortunes." p.71
New links between the Imperial Bank and the Hongkong Shanghai Bank were formed in 1894 when Sir Thomas Jackson was appointed to the Imperial Bank's Board of Directors. p. 77
Apparently, there was serious undercutting of the Manager and Brown asisted Woods to draw up a report critical of the manager p. 107.
In 1913, Brown looked after the interests of the Kerman Mining Syndicate.. p. 129
In 1908, Brown became a Chief Inspector. p. 131
In 1910, Brown became Deputy Chief Manager and much of the local running of the Bank was delegated to him. p. 131 Apparently, the Manager, Woods was a less than competant manager and Brown did much of his work. p. 165.
In 1919, there was a general consensus that Brown should take over as Manager no later than October 1919, but he dropped dead of a heart attack on July 13th, 1919. p. 184

Given that the the Silver Bowl would have been brought to Canada by my grandmother in 1922 - three years after the death of this David BROWN - and that it was supposedly handed down to the next "David" in the family, I start to wonder if the bowl came firstly from David JACKSON (uncle of David BROWN) and then next through through to this David BROWN and then finally on to my father, another David BROWN.

Sharon Oddie Brown, September 22, 2003




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