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Allan Martin
Born: 1777
Born: 1783
Died: March 1854 Died: February 1868
Father: Allan Martin Father:
Mother: Mother:


Susanna MARTIN, married Alexander EDGAR, died May 7, 1885
George Crean MARTIN, erected tombstone above - a key part of our puzzle. Died April 24, 1899
Sarah MARTIN, died November 27, 1834
Allan MARTIN, died February 12, 1850
Arabella MARTIN, died July 1, 1836
Jane MARTIN, died December 30, 1890
Mary MARTIN, married Unnamed ORR (see letter by son)


The gravestone erected by George Crean Martin gives the description of his father as “Allan Martin ‘Late of Ringfad’" Ringfad is a townland in Ardglass at the entrance of Killough Harbour in the Irish Sea. It is 181 acres and was where St. Patrick was supposed to have landed in the 5th Century AD. There was a shipwreck noted there on December 18, 1858. Several other wrecks in subsequent years were near this point. Clearly a tricky stretch of water just offshore from this land. We do not know whether Allan MARTIN owned the townland or was a tenant there, but I suspect the former.

According to a letter from H. Wallace & Co. dated November 17, 1923 and copied to Mrs. T. Jackson Browne, Jane MARTIN sr. willed a property in Ballee to her daughter Jane MARTIN which upon the death of Jane MARTIN Jr. was to be distributed amongst all the daughters of Jane MARTIN Sr.. Pertinent quotes from the letter:

We are trying to trace the shares of Reps. Mary Orr in the property in Ballee bequeathed by the Will of Jane Martin to her daughter for life and on her death the lands were to be divided equally between Jane Martin (Sr’s) daughters, Including Mary Orr, or their children.
We have succeeded in tracing all the shares except that of Mary Orr, which would be payable to her children. We have a note in our books that the children of Mary Orr were Richard Binney Orr and Letitia Orr (now Atherton) and that they were resident in New Zealand. ...
Mary Orr was your Maternal Grandmother’s sister, i.e. your mother’s mother was Susannah Edgar, and her sister was Mary Orr.



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