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This will is one of several for JACKSONs who were goldsmiths. NAMES: Francis JACKSON & wife Anne; Richard JACKSON; John JACKSON; John WILIS[?]; Robert JACKSON; Barthomew ?; Mr. BURTON; Nicholas LAYFIELD. Robert COOP. PLACES: St. Foster's parish; Burton in Kendal;
Sharon Oddie Brown. December 10, 2011
Updated transcription thanks to updated notes by Jan WAUGH. November 18, 2016.


Francis Jackson will 31 Oct 1574 goldsmith


NOTE: This transcription would have been utter garble were it not for the eagle eye and astute contributions of Jan Waugh who caught all the parts that eluded me. I have added a paragraph break before each item to make it easier to follow. In the original, it was transcribed as one lengthy paragraph spread over parts of three pages. I did footnote some of the references to money, but not each succeeding time the same roman numeral was used.


In the name of God amen. The last daie of October in the year of our Lord God One thousand five hundred seventie and four [1574] and in the xvi-th [16th] year of the reign of our Soverigne Ladie Elizabeth by the grace of God Queen of England France and Ireland defender of the faith. I Frances Jackson[1] citizen and Goldsmith of London althoughe by God mercifull visita[t]ion at this tyme such my bodie yett his hollie name be praised therefore being of good perfect and sound memory doe make and ordain this my present testament and last will in manner and form following that is to say I doe whollie comitt and commend my life to Almighty God my merciful father by and throughe // the means of my only Savior and Redeemer Christ Jesus and when I shall have ended this transitory life I will that my bodie shalbe buried in Christian manner in hope of a joyful resurrection. And as to the dissolution of all my temporal goods and chattels and debts to me owinge / I will that thereof first my funeral charge with the makinge of the inventories of my goods and probate of this my testament in all and singular [such? cash?] as I doe or shall owe to any person or persons as they shall be due and payable shall be paid and bond. And then I will that all the residue of my goods and chattels and debts to me owinge acordinglie as the same shall be praised and valued in lawful and orderlie manner shallbe reconed and acompted into trooe severalequal parts. One equal parte thereof I do give and bequeath unto Anne[2] my welbeloved wife for and in full recompense and contentation[3] satisfaction [4] of all suche parte porcon [portion]  as she in anyewise by the custome of the city of London or otherwise by any means can or maye have or clayme challenge or demand to have of any my goods chattels and debts to me owinge or of any part thereof

 Item I give to Oswall[5] my said wieves sone xx li[6] in money. And to her daughter Elizabeth[7] xxx li[8] in money[9]  and to her daughter Margaret[10] xx li [pounds] in money.

 Item I give and bequeath to the maior, comynaltie and citizens of London govenors of the hospitall of Christ Brid(e)well and St. Thomas in Southwark and for and to the relief of the poor children in Christ Hospital aforesaid vi (pounds) xiij s. iiij d[11].

 Item. I give to the relief of the poor persons in Ludgate , Newgate and the twoe compters in London x li[12] that is to saie x s apece to be distributed in entire of the said funeral persons.

 Item I give and bequeath x li to be distributed amongst the poor people in St. Foster's parish[13] wherin I nowe dwell

 Item I give and bequeath  xj (pounds) xiij s. iiij d[14]. to be distributed amongst the poor people of Burton in Kendal[15] by the discrecon of the churche wardens there /

 Item I give and bequeath to my brother Richard Jackson[16] and his sonnes the sum of cl li of lawful money of England between the said Richard and all his sonnes part and part like to be devyded.

 Item. I give and bequeath to my sister Elizabeth Leeke and her children amongst her and her children part and part like to be devided the some of c liof like money as aforesaid.

 Item I give towards ye repairing and amendinge of the highewaies betweene Kendall and Lancaster vli in money to be bestowed by the churche wardens of Burton aforesaid. /

 Item I give and bequeath to my Awnte Brockbanes children amongst them part and part like to be divided x li in money.

 Item. I give to John Jackson[17] of Kirckebank in Burton aforesaid xli [pounds] in money.

 Item I give to my brother John Jackson[18] [sometimr servente with the said John Jackson of Kirckbank . iij li.

 Item I give to everie (every) of my household perminentes? both men and maydes (maids) to be dwelling w[i]th me at my death x li apeice.

 Item I give to my Goddaughter, the daughter of my cousin John Wiclif[19].v li (pounds) in money.

 Item I give to my friends Robert Jackson[20] …Ric Wiclif, Bartholomew Thebord[21] and the wief of Mr. Burton[22] the bruer to everie of them a gold ringe apeice to be worthe x li apeice. And I make and ordain my executors of this my present testament my said brother Richard Jackson and my loving friend Nicholas Layfield[23] to which Nicholas for his pains therein and to be taken I give vi li xiij s. iij d.[24] in money. And I make overseers hereof my loving friend Robert Coop[25] and my said cozin John Wiclif, And I give to either of them for their pains there in to be taken one ringe of fine gold apeice./ The same ringe to be worthe one ounce apeice. And I doe forgive and by there presence release unto the said John Wiclif all debts duelie and demand whatsoever the residue of all and singuler my goods cattells and debte to me owinge not before given, bequeathed or appointed in and by these presents. I do give the one half therof in charitable relief of the poor people in Burton aforesaid to be distributed and bestowed by ye churche wardens there for the time being. And the other halfe therof I will shalbe bestowed in maintenance of the schoole in Burton aforesaid and for the good instrucon and educacon of children there. As to my said Executors with the advise of the said churchwardins shall [send?] most convenient  And I doe by these presentes clerlie revoke, adnull and declare to be utterlie void all former testamente and I will whatsover by me herefore declared and made together with all the contente of the same, And I doe pronounce and declare that these presente doe conteyne myne onlie verie last will and testament In witness wherof hereto I have published my name and set my seal the day and year first in there presents above written / [ ] / Frances Jackson /  


PROBATE: Nich. Layfeld Executor ... Richard Jackson, Executor. December 7, 1574.


NOTE: Here is a tree that I have compiled based on entries in Mary L. Jackson, Jackson, Beard and Allied Families Prepared and Privately Printed for Mary L. Jackson by the American Historical Society, Inc. New York 1925. This Francis is in the 5th generation.
THE Jackson family was anciently established in Yorkshire , some members of which settled in the South of Scotland. T here were other families of Jackson, in other parts - notably that derived from the great Norman house of Lasalles, «i »but«/i» of no blood connection with this one. This particu lar family is traceable to a common origin by means of a si milarity of coat-armour among its scattered branches, whic h have been recorded from time to time, showing the basic t heme of development to have been a fosse between three bird s. In some cases these three birds were shovellers, in othe rs, shadrakes, hawks, and jackdaws.

In the Visitation of London of 1508, Francis Jackson, great -grandson of John Jackson, second son of William Jackson, o f Sugthall, or Snaydall, County York, England, bore arms: Gules, a fesse argent, between three jackdaws, proper. In th e Visitation of Yorkshire, the one given above

1 William JACKSON
  + Isabel BARNBY
    2 Charles JACKSON
      +  WOODHALL
        3 William JACKSON
          + Barbara CLYFTON
            4 Charles JACKSON
              + Dorothy NEVELL
            4 Francis JACKSON
            4 Gervais JACKSON
            4 Mary JACKSON
              + Francis COPELEY
            4 Ellen JACKSON
            4 Mary JACKSON
        3 George JACKSON
        3 Richard JACKSON
        3 Charles JACKSON
        3 Anne JACKSON
          + Robert SHEFFIELD
        3 Margaret JACKSON
    2 John JACKSON
        3 Thomas JACKSON
            4 Francis JACKSON
                5 Francis JACKSON d: 1574
                  + Anne d: Aft 1574
                5 Richard JACKSON d: Abt 1610
                5 John JACKSON
    2 Bryan JACKSON


I have made a chart that may be helpful in ascertaining other JACKSON relations to this Francis JACKSON. A more complete chart organized alphabetically is posted on its own page:




Jackson, Frances, of Emotts (Wyersdale), husbandman, A..6 Chas.[26]



Jacson, James, Burton in Кendal,* К



Jackson, Anne (wife of Thos. J.), Burton,* К



Jacson or Jackeson, Richard, Clarke, of Burton in Кendal, К.



Jacson or Jackeson, James, of Silverdale, К



Jackson, , L?



Jacson or Jackeson, Leonard of Bolton К



Jacson or Jackeson,  Isabel, of Warton, К



Jacson, Alexander, of Dalton, F



Jackson, Henry, of Dalton, parish of Burton, К



Jackson, Henry, of Ulverston, F



Jackson, Edmund, Burton Hall, К



Jackson, John, of parish of Ulverston, F •



Jackson, alias Smithe, Gervase, of Barwicke, parish of Warton, К



Jackson, Thomas, of Lindall, F



Jacksonn, Thomas, of Dalton, parish of Burtonn, К



Smithe alias Jackson, Gervaise, of Barwicke, parish of Warton, K



Jackeson, John, of The Covewith in Silverdale, К



Jackson, William, of Broughton, F



Jackson, Jenet, of Dalton, F



Jackson, James, of Old Barrey, F



Jackson, Thomas, of Lindall, F



Jackson, James, of Cockerham, A



Jackson, John, of Fernebrocke



Jackson, John, of Lindall, F



Jackson or Jakeson, John of Yealand Redman, К



Jacson, Edward, of Broughton, F



Jackson, John, К



Jackson, Frances, of Burton in Кendall, К ...



Jackson, Edmund, of Burton in Кendal, К



Jackson, George, of Cockerham, husbandman, A



Porter, John , alias Jackson of Barton, Husbandman, A



Jackson, Thomas, of Burton, К



Jackson, Richard, of Burton in Кendal, К



Jackson, George, of Nether Hutton in Warton, К ...



Jackson, Richard, of Burton in Кendal, К




[1] Francis JACKSON

[2] Anne JACKSON – I have yet to learn her maiden name. NOTE: She is still alive in 1574.

[3] contentation (NOTE: This word had been unclear before)

[4]satisfaction (NOTE: This word had been unclear before)

[5] Oswall? Possibly a son from a previous marriage.of his wife.

[6] xx =20.0.0 li = pounds

[7] Elizabeth Unnamed

[8] =30.0.0

[9] It appears that these are a servant’s children.

[10] Margaret Unnamed

[11] =£6.8.3

[12] = £10.0.0.

[13] St. Foster’s Parish. NOTE: I have not yet looked at the parish registers to see what more can be learned.

[14] =£11.13.4.

[15] Burton in Kendal. This is in the County of Cumbia, although in the past it was included in Co. Westmorland. This is an interesting reference and would lead me to suspect this is his parish of origin. It is particularly interesting because of the strong presence of JACKSONs of a similar class situated in nearby Kirby Lonsdale. SEE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burton-in-Kendal NOTE: There was an ongoing JACKSON presence in Burton in Kendal well into the 19th Century. SEE: http://www.northofthesands.org.uk/westmoreland/surname/17/jackson

[16] Richard JACKSON

[17] John JACKSON of Kirckebank in Burton.

[18] John JACKSON, a brother

[19] John WICLIF Cousin?

[20] Robert JACKSON.

[21] Bartholemew THEBORD

[22] Mr. BURTON?

[23] Nicholas LAYFIELD

[24] =£6.14.3.

[25] Robert COOP

[26] NOTE: The year was missing in the text.



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