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NAMES: Robert JACKSON of Kirkby Kendall; John ARCHER; Jane JACKSON; Grace JACKSON née SANDS; Grace JACKSON (daughter); Robert JACKSON & Thomas JACKSON of Whitehaven; John NEWTON; Thomas MACKERETH; Arthur FISHER; George FISHER; Dorothy RAWLINSON; Jenet ROBINSON; Thomas STAINBANKE; Agnes WARDE; Thomas SANDES; Thomas BRATHWAITE; Mathers RICHARDSON; George BIRKHEADE; Robert HARRISON; George JOBSON; Miles ESKRIGGE; Roger ASKERED. OTHER PLACES: ; Ambleside.
Sharon Oddie Brown. February 2015
1659 Aug 5 Robert Jackson PROB 11/294/452

NOTE: The will indicates a distinction: collaterall heires or to my right heires. Thomas JACKSON, merchant of Whitehaven would seem to be a collateral heir. Perhaps a cousin. This will shows the connection between the JACKSONs of Kirby Kendall, and the JACKSONs of St. Bees, the Parish that includes Whitehaven. This transcription owes a lot to the transcribing and research skills of Jan Waugh. Thank you. If there are errors in the anotations, they are likely mine.

In the name of God Amen  I Robert Jackson[1] of the Borough of Kirkby Kendall[2] in the countie of Westmorland, mercer, very weake and sick in bodie but sound in  mynde and of good & perfecte memorie the Lord be praised for the same doe make and ordaine this my last will and testament in manner and forme following revoking hereby all other former willes and testamente (  )  First and principally I commend my soule into the handes of Almightie God my most mercifull nad heavenly father hopeing and stedfastly believing [sic] through his mercie & the merritts of Jesus Christ my blessed Saviour and redeemer to receive remission of all my sinnes and to inherritt life everlasting in the kingdome of heaven with all his blessed Angells and Saynts as soone as this mortall life is ended and my bodie I committ to the earth whereof it was made and the same to be buried where and in such manner as my executor and supervisore shall thinke fitt and for such temporall estate as Almightie God hath blessed me withall here in this life  I doe give devise and bequeath the same as followeth  And first I doe give and devise all my landes tenements messuages buildinges and heredataments withall and singular shew? and every of their appurtinenses the Seigniorie and Lande and Lands right where of I lately purchased of John Archer Elgnier[3]? scituate by my and being within Ambleside[4] in the said countie unto my daughter Jane[5] and the heires of her bodie lawfully to be begotten (The dower of Grace[6] my wife of me to the same existed and reprised) And if my daughter Jane shall happen to dye without issue of her bodie then Same? and devise the said land tenements and premisies with th'appurtenentes unto my daughter Grace[7] and the heyres of her bodie lawfully to be begotton (exept before (  ) )  And if she the said Grace doe dye without issue as aboresaid then I doe give and bequeath the promissed to the heire male now in being of Robert Jackson[8] of Whitehaven[9] in the countie of Cumberland, deceased, and to the heires of his bodie lawfully begotten   And for default of such issue then I give the promissed to the heires male of Thomas Jackson[10] of Whitehaven aforesaid, merchant, And for want of such issue, then I give the same to my right heires forever (excep(  ) alwaies as before is excepted)  Provided and uppon this condicon that if the promissed shall happen to fall and come unto eyther of my said collaterall heires or to my right heires if all the said issues faile then it is my mynde that the promissed shall stand charged and bee chargeable with the yerely somme of five pounds to bee paid from thence forth forever upon candlemas daye to a preaching Minister att Ambleside Chappell[11] aforesaid  and if my said collaterall heires shall faile in payment there of then the said yerely somme of five pounds with the arrerages[12] thereof to bee distreyned? for by the constable of Ambleside aforesaid for the tyme being  Item I give and bequeath out? of the premisses the yerely somme of three pounds to be paid by my said heire eyther lineall or collaterall from the tyme of my death quarterly unto the church wardenes and overseers of the poore of Ambleside aforesaid forever  And they to distribute out of the same twelve pence in bread every Lordes daye in the yere at Ambleside Chappell to the poor people of Ambelside aforesaid  And for such surplussage as shall remaine of hte said somme and distribucon aforesaid I give and bequeath the same unto the said Churchwardene and overseer of the poore of Ambleside aforesaid for the tyme being for their care and paines to bee taken herein  And if my said heires shall neglect the payment of the said yerely somme of three pounds in manner and forme as aforesaid out of the premisses then it is my mynde will that the same shall bee distreyned? for uppon the promisses by the said churchwardens and overseers of the poore of Ambleside aforesaid for the tyme being  Alsoe I doe give & bequeath unto my said daughter Grace the somme of three hundred pounds in lieu of her childes porcon[13]  Item I give unto my said daughter Jane sixtie pounds to stocke my grounde withall at A[m]bleside, Ane I give unto her alsoe all my sheepe goeing uppon the same  Alsoe I give unto my said daughter Grace the somme of thirtie pounds to be paid unto her by my said daughter Jane out of my said lands at Ambleside when shee the said Grace shall attayne her full age of one and twentie yeres,  Also I give and bequeath the somme of five poundes toward the repairing of the flesh house or weighing lofte within Ambleside in the markett place to be paid by my executor within one yere next after my decease  to John Newton[14] and Thomas Mackereth [15] above the stocke And by them to bee disposede of to the use abovesaid  And this legacie to be in lieu of an unjust assesment as I take iff laid and changed uppon me about the markett there  I havinth paid more to that use then the assesment came to  Also I give and bequeath fortie shillings to Arthur Fisher[16], Alsoe I give unto his sonne George Fisher[17] five pounds to bee paid him when hee is loose of his apprentiship  Alsoe I give unto Dorothy Rawlinson[18] my servant twentie shillings  And to Jenet Robinson[19] my servant twentie shillings  Alsoe I give unto my servant James Simpson[20] five pounds to bee paid (  ) him in a yere after my decease in hope hee wilbe assysting to my executor in collecting of my debts  Alsoe I give unto my late Apprentice Thomas Stainbanke[21] fortie shillings though hee would not come to me again when I offered to take him  Also I give unto Agnes Warde[22]? servant to widdow Arthur[23] fortie shillings to buy her a gowne withall  And I give unto my father in law Mr Thomas Sandes[24] fortie shillings to buy a golde ring withall,  And to his wife my mother in lawe, and also to my grandmother either of them twentie shillings to buy them eyther a golde ringe  And for the rest of my personall effecte I give it to Grace my wife who I make and ordaine sole executirx of this my last will and testament, supervisore hereof I nominate Thomas Brathwaite[25], Esquire, Mathers Richardson[26], Esquire, Mr Thomas Sande, Arthur Fisher, John Sutelh? of Ambleside Chaplain George Birkheade[27] whom I desire to bee aiding to see this my will performed and I give to every of them thirteene shillings fower pence[28] as a token of my respect towards them for perpetuity whereof I have hereunto put my hands and seale the five & twentieth daye of Februarie in the yere of our Lord one thousand six hundred fifiie eight  Robert Jackson sealed and delivered in the presence of (  ) Thomas Sande, Robert Harrison[29], George Jobson[30], Miles Eskrigge[31], Roger Askered[32]?, George Fisher

This will was proved at London before the Judge for Probate of willes and granting Administracone the fifth daye of August in the yere of our Lord one thousand six hundred fiftie nyne by the oath of Grace Jackson the relict of the deceased and sole executrix in the said will named to whom was committed administrator of all and singuler the goods, chattele and debts fo the deceased shee being sworne by comission well and truely to administer.


[1] Robert JACKSON. NOTE: He was likely a chief Magistrate of Kendal. SEE: Chief Magistrates of Kendal. Curiously, I could not find him in the mercers rolls at www.londonroll.org, so it is possible that he apprenticed elsewhere such as Kendal or Yorkshire, or else the records have simply vanished.

[2] Kirkby Kendall, Co. Westmorland, England

[3] John ARCHER (ELGINIER?) There was a John ARCHER who was Mayor 1648-1649.

[4] Ambleside, Windermere, Kendal, Westmorland is abt. 14 miles north-west of Kendal. There seems to be a continuity of JACKSONs residing here.

·        See: The Lancashire Archives an April 8, 1766 will for widoe Elizabeth JACKSON. an R 498/108

·        The Lancashire Archives have an Oct 22, 1852 will for a Thomas JACKSON, Gent R 536/114. He was of Waterhead, Ambleside, Windermere, Kendal, Westmorland.

·        Lewis’ Topographical Dictionary of England (1831) includes a Thomas JACKSON Esq. of Ambleside, Westmorland  as one of the Subscribers.

·        Bond regarding Richard CUMPSTON
Dated: 25-February-1698
Bondsmen: Jane CUMPSTON, widow of Ambleside; William JACKSON; Thomas MACKERETH of Ambleside, farmer
Inventory of Richard CUMPSTONE, Ambleside, paper maker
Taken 8-December-1698
Assets ........... 18.17.6
Money owed .. 36.0.0
Funeral .......... 4.0.0
Appraised by Thomas & Arthur MACKERETH

·        Ambleside Herald & Lakes News - Deaths 1880 to end of 1885 posted by David Leverton in the rootsweb list for Westmorland Dec 14, 2008.

Jackson, Arthur 26th ult1 month Elterwater 03-Jul-1885 5
Jackson, George 4th inst 6Ambleside 07-Apr-1882 4
Jackson, Jane 2nd inst 84Langdale 07-Aug-1880 4
Jackson, Jane 31st ult 71Ambleside 07-Apr-1882 4
Jackson, Jane Elizabeth18th ult 2 wks Ambleside 02-Mar-1883 4
Jackson, Mary Tuesday 43 Ambleside 12-Sep-1884 4 Inquest
Jackson, Mrs. E 14th inst 78 Ambleside 17-Mar-1882 4

·        Listed in the Guide book, A Complete Guide to the English Lakes, by Harriet Martineau, published by John Garnett, Windermere, Westmorland, and by Whittaker and Co, London, 1855; published 1855-71. Page 213:-

Jackson, Mrs., Waterhead House

Jackson, Henry, Royal Oak Inn.

Jackson, Mrs., Newfield Cottage.

Jackson, Thomas, carter and coal agent.

Jackson, Arthur, mason, Rose Cottage.

·        P.J. Mannex’s 1849 History of Westmorland lists a Thomas JACKSON of Waterhead, Ambleside

·        1560 Court of Henry, earl of Cumberland, farmer at Amylsyde of queen Elizabeth, etc., as given under Windermere. Amylsyde.

o   *Owen Jackeson

o   *Robert Jackeson

o   George Jackson

o   Walter Jackson

o   James Jackson

o   Will. Jackson

o   John Jackeson

o   Will. Jackson

o   Thomas Jackson

o   John Jackeson

o   Robert Jackson

o   Gallard (or Gallarn') Jackson

·       The number of times that JACKSONs show up here in 1560 (British History site): At the inquest taken at Amylside, it was presented that:—

Barnard Bratwhait, John Jackeson, John Fissher, John Pertrige, John Makareth and Richard Forrest, each kept one fire within the lordship, against pain 12d. each.

Christ. Fissher and Will. Fissher made an affray upon Robert Jakeson and his son, against pain 20s.

Will. Fissher, junr., unjustly perturbed and took suit at London against 12 jurymen within the lordship contrary to the ordinance and prohibition formerly made and accustomed there, 6s. 8d.

The wife of George Fissher reaped willows at Scalgill which belong to Robert Jakeson's tenement, against pain 3s. 4d.

Fell Garth. Robert Bratwhait has one defect in his fence at Heuland, 4d.; Rich. Forrest for the like there, 4d.; the wife of George Fissher and Will. Fissher have defects in the protection of water-courses, 4d.; the tenant of the tenement late Jenkyn Fissher's, for the same, 4d.; Lancelot Newton for one defect in his fence, 2d.; also (for the same) Math. Aray, David Aray, Hugh Newton, Robert Newton, Robt. Bratwhait, Richard Forrest and Robt. Newton, sen., each 2d.

Feild Garth. John Forrest, Rall. Atkynson and Robt. Bratwhat have each one defect in his fence, 2d. each; the wife of Robt. Bratwhait, John Makareth, George Makareth and Rich. Forrest, 4d. each.

Christ. Atkynson and his servants (famul') have disturbed their neighbours' goods and chattels upon the common pasture, against pain 6d.

Each of the following trespass with their pigs illicitly within the lordship; John Makareth, John Jakeson, the wife of Christ. Atkynson, Robt. Jakeson, Owen Jakson, John Makareth, sen., the wife of John Atkynson, Thomas Ellys, John Ellys, John Newton, George Bratwhait, Math. Newton and Robt. Bratwhait, against pain 2d. each.

The wife of Thomas Jackeson keeps a cow illicitly on bark of the lord's wood (ex cortice bosci domini); Richard Forrest 2 cows; David Aray j cow; John Bratwhait j; Thomas Bratwhait j; John Makareth j; Owen Jakeson ij; Geoffrey Jackeson j heifer; John Jakson j; Robt. Jakeson j; George Bratwhait j; Roger Jakson j; and Robt. Pertrige j; therefore it is ordered by the inquest that each of them amove his cattle before the next court to be held there under pain of forfeiture to the lord for each [beast], 6s. 8d.

Estreats of Amylsid £3 19s.

·        1669–71 Hearth Tax Roll. Ambleside (British History site):: Hugh JACKSON; Thomas JACKSON; Miles JACKSON;

·        Mrs. Jane JACKSON and Mrs. JACKSON were included in the listing of the gentry of Ambleside in The Universal British Directory of Trade, Commerce Vol 2.

[5] Jane JACKSON. Presumably the eldest daughter, and seemingly of age, hence born before 1646.

[6] Grace JACKSON née SANDS

[7] Grace JACKSON – not yet of age, hence born before 1646.

[8] Robert JACKSON of Whitehaven, deceased. Curiously, there is still a Robert Jackson & Son, Timber Merchants, importers and Agents at Catherine St. Whitehaven CA28 7QT United Kingdom

[9] Whitehaven, Parish of Bees, Co. Cumberland (at that time). Whitehaven was principally a port, with a market that was attended by people from all over Cumbria. In 1630 Sir Christopher LOWTHER purchased the estate (a hundred years earlier before the dissolution of the monasteries, it had been owned by The Priory of St. Bees).

·        Whitehaven, MRS. JANE JACKSON, widow, aged 77. Dec. 1844

·        There is still a Robert Jackson & Son, Timber Merchants, importers and Agents at Catherine St., Whitehaven.

·        At No 1 Catherine Street, Whitehaven, on the 21st Jan. 1920, Joseph William, second son of the late Joseph JACKSON, of Scotch street, Whitehaven aged 70 years.

·        Will of Robert Jackson, Gentleman of Whitehaven, Cumberland Sept 6, 1854.

·        A Robert JACKSON of Whitehaven was a subscriber to the Poetical Works of Robert Anderson, 1820.

·        John Shearer Jackson, left the Northern Lakes District of England in the 1700s, and migrated via Whitehaven to Grand Cayman Island.

·        Sea captain listed in Whitehaven, Pigot's Cumberland Directory 1834: JACKSON John, 10 Preston Street.

[10] Thomas JACKSON

·        WILL PROB 11/397/311 Will of Thomas Jackson, Merchant of Whitehaven, Cumberland

·        23 November 1689 The National Archives, Kew

·        RESIDENCE: St. Bees, Cumberland   [Whitehaven is in St Bees parish]

·        19 Jun 1665 Whitehall. Warrant for a grant to Sir John Lowther, Bart., of the messuages, &c., at St. Bees, Cumberland, now in tenure of Thos. Jackson and 16 others, with the salt houses, pier or quay, and all lands, &c., between high and low water mark, belonging to the manor, for ever. From: 'Charles II - volume 124: June 10-21, 1665', Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1664-5 (1863), pp. 417-440. BHO

·        NOTE: A Thomas JACKSON is on the Hearth Rolls for Ambleside for 1669-71.

·        Thomas Jackson Esq. has a delightful residence here, called Waterhead, from its situation at the head of the Lake.  SOURCE: Allison's Northern Tourist's Guide to the Lakes of Cumberland, Westmorland & Lancashire ... Seventh edition. 1837.p 137

[11] Ambleside Chapel

[12] This refers to arrear-ages, someone being behind in payment, hence the constable is involved.

[13] Aka portion.

[14] John NEWTON NOTE: A Thomas NEWTON is on the Hearth Rolls for 1669-71.

[15] Thomas MACKERETH NOTE: A Thomas MACKRETH is on the Hearth Rolls for 1669-71.

[16] Arthur FISHER.

[17] George FISHER, son of above Arthur FISHER.

[18] Dorothy RAWLINSON

[19] Jenet ROBINSON

[20] James SIMPSON

[21] Thomas STAINBANKE

[22] Agnes WARDE (?0

[23] Widow ARTHUR

[24] Thomas SANDES, father of Grace SANDES, wife of Robert JACKSON. NOTE: There is a good chance that he may be the Thomas SANDES who had a token issued. He was a mayor of Kendal, and made a fortune in Kendal cotton.

[25] Thomas BRATHWAITE NOTE: A Thomas BRATHWAITE is on the Hearth Rolls for 1669-71.

[26] Mathers RICHARDSON

[27] George BIRKHEADE

[28] “thirteene shillings fower pence” means 13s 4d.

[29] Robert HARRISON

[30] George JOBSON

[31] Miles ESKRIGGE

[32] Roger ASKERED



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