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This Thomas JACKSON is significant on at several counts. He was awarded land in Co. Meath in post-Cromwellian Ireland; he was a pewterer in London; he was related to Rev. Daniel JACKSON of Santry, Dublin.
: Clan JACKSON included a wealth of information that made a huge difference in being able to annotate this will. I have created a JACKSONs of Derbyshire tree where many of the interconnections can be followed. Other source material is indicated beneath the transcription of the will, as well as in the footnotes.
NOTE: I have also posted a piece about him on my blog.
Sharon Oddie Brown. December 2, 2011
Update: December 4, 2011: Joseph JACKSON pewterer will abstract Dublin 1692 added.


Thomas Jackson pewterer will transcription and notes   


NOTE: I have used [square brackets] to indicate words I am unsure about;(round brackets) were in the transcription. I have bolded names and have used bullets to separate out the Items. This was not done in the original. Jan Waugh helped me with some of the trickier bits of the transcription, but in the end, all errors – and there likely will be some - are mine. Where the footnotes include nothing but the name, that means that I know nothing more at this time, but by doing it this way. I can more readily add bits later.


In the Name of God, Amen. The first day of September Anno din., 1680 And in Year Two and Thirtieth years of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord Charles the Second by the year of God King of England Scotland France and Ireland. Defender of the ffaith, I Thomas Jackson[1] Citizen and Pewterer of London being in good health yet sensible of the uncertainty of life doe make and ordain this my last will and testament And First and principally I commit my soul into the hands of God’s Eternal Unchangeable? free Grace love and mercy in Jesus Christ in hope of Eternal Life and Salvation through Faith in his precious blood And I commit my body to be buried in Christian manner And in the parish Church of [StokeNewington[2]] (As in- conveniently it may be) In hope of a Joyful resurrection to Glory att? the appearring of Jesus Christ when he shall come to be glorified in his Saints And as [bou/nthissy (bau/nchissy) and cosicirissy] such goods Chatells debts and personall effects as it hath pleased God to send me in this world I give, will and bequeath the same as followeth (That is to say) Imprimis[3] I will that all such debts as I shall duly owe at the time of my decease shall be paid accor- ding to equity and good conscience.

  • Item I give and.bequeath unto my brother Mr. John Jackson[4] and his wife twenty shillings a piece.
  • Item  I give and bequeath unto and amongst such child or children of my nephew Thomas Jackson[5] my eldest brothers[6] son as shall happen to be living att the time of the decease of my said nephew Thomas Jackson all such sume and sumes of money as my said nephew Thomas Jackson shall owe stand and indebted to me at the time of my decease onely my will and mind is that my said nephew Thomas Jackson shall keep and have the use of the same moneys for and during his natural life without paying or allowing any interest for this sum or any part thereof.
  • Item I give and bequeath unto my Kinsman Thomas Jackson[7], cooper, and to his mother and sister Forty shillings a piece
  • Item I give and bequeath unto my nephews Thomas Smith[8] and George Smith[9] my sister’s[10] sons and to John Jackson[11] my brother William’s[12] son and to Mr. John Jackson[13] my brother John’s son Twenty shillings a piece.
  • Item I will and bequeath unto my nephew Joseph Jackson[14] five pounds.
  • Item I will and bequeath unto Mr Samuel Ashurst[15] Andrew Morton[16] Mr. Bull[17] Mr. [Blarkinson?] Blackmore[18] and Mr. Jackson[19] of Tottenham Twenty pounds a piece.
  • Item I give and bequeath twenty pounds to be delivered into the aforesaid  [Andrew] M[aster?] M[ister?] Ashhurst[‘s][20] hand for him to distribute amongst those persons which I have given him particular notes of and my purchase order for to bring on Nathaniell [Euston?[21] -Jackson?][22] to [be?] his assistant therein.
  • Item I give and bequeath unto the poor of the Company of Pewterers London ten pounds. Item I give and bequeath unto Mr Case[23] and Mr. Watson[24] twenty shillings a piece.
  • Item I give and bequeath unto Mr. Longford[25] and to Isabell[26] and Elizabeth[27] [Broats Court] my wife’s two sisters daughters five pounds a piece.
  • Item I give and bequeath unto Ann Bottom[28] my servant maid Five pounds.


Residue of my goods chattels leases debts and personal effects whatsoever not before have bein [been] given and bequeathed after my debts and Funeral shall be paid and discharged I give and bequeath onto my said Loving son Samuel Jackson[29]. And I doe hearby make and ordain and appoint my said Loving son Samuel Jackson the executor of this my last will and testament not doubting but that he will faithfully perform the trust hereby committed to him. And I doe hereby revoke [desnull?] and make void all former wills by me made. In Witness thereof I the said Thomas Jackson  The Testator have to this my last will and testament sett my hand and seal this day and year First above written /Thomas Jackson Signed sealed published and declared? By the said Thomas Jackson the Testator to be his last will and Testament in the presence of us Francis Stannton[30] Elizabeth Stannton[31] Margery [Cousins?][32].


PROBATUM FUIT. ...[I leave the Latin to others] 15 September 1680.


'Index of Persons - J', Historical gazetteer of London before the Great Fire: Cheapside; parishes of All Hallows Honey Lane, St Martin Pomary, St Mary le Bow, St Mary Colechurch and St Pancras Soper Lane (1987). URL:

JACKSON (Jakson, Jaxon, Johson)
-, Jackson, Arthur (fl. 1601-19), cit. & clothworker, ?h. of Mirable, ?f. of John (fl. 1624-31). St. Pancras Soper Lane 15B (r)
-, Jackson, Christopher (fl. <1517). St. Olave Old Jewry 1E (r)
-, Jackson, John (fl. 1624-31), ?s. of Arthur. St. Pancras Soper Lane 15B (r)
-, Jackson, John (fl. 1649-56), merchant tailor. 95/D-F, J-L
-, Jackson, Mrs. Mirable (fl. 1619-c.1624), ?wid. of Arthur. St. Pancras Soper Lane 15B
-, Jaxon, Robert (fl. 1582). St. Mary le Bow 43
-, Jackson, (Mr.) Robert (fl. 1665-6), tailor. St. Pancras Soper Lane 17B (r)
-, Jackson (Johson), Samuel (fl. 1666-71), pewterer, s. of Thomas. St. Mary Colechurch 21C (r), E-F
-, Jackson, Thomas (fl. 1638, d. 1680), cit. & pewterer, colonel, f. of Samuel. St. Mary Colechurch 21E-F (r)
-, Jakson (Jackson), William (fl. 1516), pewterer. St. Pancras Soper Lane 8 (s)

It is possible that there is a link to Henry JACKSON http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Jackson-3078 , b 1606 in London, brother of John and Thomas, son of Thomas JACKSON and Anne HOBSON. There are a number of names in his story that are a match with names in the wills of Thomas JACKSON and his son, Samuel JACKSON – both pewterers in London.

Thomas JACKSON was made a Warden in 1647, and then a Master in 1660. It is likely that he was related to Startup JACKSON who was mentioned in 1635 (he resigned from being a pewter and went into construction). It is possible that the John JACKSON who was mentioned earlier was an uncle. SEE:  Chats on old Pewter.  H.J.L.J. Massé, M.A. New York. 1911.

Dublin Will probates: Joseph JACKSON Will Abstract in 1692. Dublin Pewterer. He could be the Joseph JACKSON (b. Jan 3, 1646) son of John JACKSON (1604-1691) & Anne HOLT. This would make him a nephew of the Thomas of this will.

Consistory Court of London Will Abstracts Volume 8 (1621-1630)
Surnames E-J

JACKSON, John - East Smithfield & St Botolphs without Algate, London, pewterer (f40)

son Startup J; wife Joan exec; overs Rennald Tompson & Jn Felles


[1] Thomas JACKSON(1600- 1680). The fact that he was both a pewterer and a colonel, makes it most likely that he was the pewterer named Thomas JACKSON who was awarded lands in Co. Meath.

·        The son of Robert JACKSON and Mary SMITH, he was born in Ch. Broughton, Derbyshire in 1600.

·        He was in Colonel Fairfax’s Regiment, Parliamentary Army.

·        He married Grace ROEBUCK of Horbury, Yorkshire.

[3] Imprimis translates as specially, particularly, specifically. Also “the first”

[4] John JACKSON and his wife. This would be Rev. John JACKSON (1604-1691) of Twyford, Berkshire and his wife Anne HOLT. SOURCE: Clan Jackson.

[5] Thomas JACKSON – nephew of Testator.

[6] Richard JACKSON is the eldest brother – according to Clan Jackson

[7] Thomas JACKSON, cooper. His relationship is not yet known to me.

[8] Thomas SMITH. NOTE: It would be worth checking out the Thomas SMITH (1615-1702), Bishop of Carlisile. There may be a familial tie.

[9] George SMITH. Note there was a marriage of a George SMITH and a Grizel JACKSON at St. Andrews Church, Dublin on September 14, 1672. There may be a familial tie. Also: Ashby, built by George Smith, Citizen of London, a native of this parish, in 1688, and endowed by him with 20s. a year. Dr. Thomas Smith, his cousin, and Bishop of Carlisle, and a native of this parish, left 100/. for the benefit of this School. SOURCE: Westmoreland Schools in Gentleman’s Magazine Vol 93 Part 2

There was a George SMITH who was a Citizen and pewterer.

[10] Anne JACKSON (b 1598) married Thomas SMITH on Nov 13, 1620 at St. Michael's Church, Church Broughton, Derbyshire. SOURCE: Clan Jackson

[11] John JACKSON, son of Testator’s brother, William JACKSON and Eleanor SMITH. He also had a brother Moses JACKSON. SOURCE: Clan Jackson.

[12] William JACKSON (b 1595), Testator’s brother. He married Eleanor SMITH.

[13] John JACKSON (b.1650) son of Testator’s brother, John JACKSON and Anne HOLT. He married Penelope COOK.

[14] Joseph JACKSON, nephew of Testator. NOTE: AT present, I do not know where he fits in, but the records for his brother’s children are not yet complete.

[15] Samuel ASHURST

[16] Andrew MORTON

[17] Mr. BULL

[18] Mr. BLARKINSON or BLACKMORE – hard to read and interpret what it might be.

[19] Mr. JACKSON of Tottenham

[20] Andrew ACHURST?

[21] NOTE: This may be Nathaniel JACKSON not EUSTON.

[22] Nathanial EUSTON or JACKSON?

[23] Mr. CASE

[24] Mr. WATSON

[25] Mr. LONGFORD – given the context, possibly a brother-in-law of Thomas JACKSON

[26] Isabell – possibly LONGFORD

[27] Elizabeth – possibly LONGFORD

[28] Ann BOTTOM

[29] Samuel JACKSON (1658 – 1716), pewterer. Son of Testator. NOTE: I have transcribed a transcription of his will.

[30] Francis STANNTON – possibly STAUNTON.

[31] Elizabeth STANNTON – possibly STAUNTON. The curious thing is that there are surnames that look like this in the will of John JACKSON, pewterer, probated Sept 30, 1592.He seemingly had no male descendants.

[32] Margery COUSINS? The name is not at all clear. This is a long shot guess. The curious thing is that there are surnames that look like this in the will of John JACKSON, pewterer, probated Sept 30, 1592. This John JACKSON seemingly had no male descendants.



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