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These excerpts are from Of the Archbishop of Armagh: A view or an account taken by Thomas Ashe Esq., in Anno 1703 (notes and observations to help his memory acreages added afterwards)
Sharon Oddie Brown, December 11, 2004

[NOTE: The bolding in the text beneath is mine]

P6. COUNTY OF ARMAGH: MULLINTUR. It contains 80r 3p Irish plantation measure. It is very good land. William, Mary and Jane Oliver [1] are tenants and have a farm house [___]. This is Lyme-Stone-Land and bears good Corne.

P22 CAVANACAW. This contains 135 acres 3 roods Irish Plantation Measure. Thos Steevenson, John Bingham, Andrew Ager, James Baggs & [left blank] are tenants and small Farme Houses with Barns, Stables, Gardens & besides some small cabbines upon the premises. This is bounded with Balleberton West, Drumgaw, South Ballinchamere East. The 20 acres Plantation belonging to James Read. North it is Arable and Pasture Land Inclosed with Dry Ditch most of it, but not so good land as the Fields nearer Armagh.

[1] These OLIVER family members predate the ones in our history but it may be that my ignorance is the only reason for no direct connection at this time.



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