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NAMES: James JACKSON tanner of Newtown, Co. Down; John JACKSON, brother of Ballyreagan; Katherine McKINNEY aka Catring McKINNEY; Catrine HUTCHON and Catrine BIRCHE; Rachel JACKSON; John TODE; Agnes PAGE; Sam McDOUELL; Hendrie JACKSON; James ROSSE; John JACKSON of Ballyskeagh; Thomas JACKSON of Ballyreagan; James JACKSON nephew of James JACKSON of Ballymasca; James  NEIL; Gilbert JACKSON son of John JACKSON of Ballyskeagh; Martha WITHER; James SLOAN; Thomas JACKSON of Newtown Innkeeper.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 4, 2010

Minor update- July 8, 2010 - Masonic info added.
Major update of footnotes. June 28, 2014.
Update: February 6, 2024: See image beneath: A JACKSON with three stars [aka mullets]: Pedigrees compiled by Denis O'Callaghan Fisher with extracts from various records relating to the Fuller family, by: Fisher, Denis 'Callaghan, 1809-1869, genealogist Published / Created: (1829) SOURCE: NLI. NOTE: This could link several of the JACKSONs of the Liberties of Dublin with these JACKSONs of Co. Down.

1711 Feb 18th

DEED 8-241-2687


Although the Library of Congress tree is one of many versions of this JACKSON tree that ties James JACKSON of Newtown to the descendants of Sir Anthony JACKSON (supposedly an ancestor of the Quaker line), I have detached his family from that line. Since James JACKSON of Newtown, Co. Down and his family are obviously members of a mercantile family, they are therefore just as likely to be connected to the JACKSONs of Drogheda and/or Coleraine and/or Monaghan. There are several floating bits that may also find a home in this line:

  • SEE: Jacksons of County Down.
  • Griffiths Valuation shows many JACKSONs still connected to the townlands mentioned in this will and I would assume that at least some of them (it not all) are related. Also, the Newtownard Masonic Lodge #447 includes both a James JACKSON as a member and a Gilbert JACKSON as a master (both of them a latter generation from the James & Gilbert JACKSON of this deed). SOURCE: Doreen Walker. Friendship Masonic Lodge No. 447, Newtownards 1766-197. North Irish Roots, Vol. 14, No. 1 (2003), pp. 42-48. North of Ireland Family History Society (NIFHS).  http://www.jstor.org/stable/27697493
  • This is probably a relation: No. 274. Thurs. 1 Nov. 1792 Died. On Monday se'nnight, the Rev. James Jackson, of Ballyregan, near Dundonald. SOURCE: THE WATERFORD HERALD 1792 Births, Marriages and Deaths By H. F. MORRIS in The Irish Genealogist.
  • PRONI: LPC/1175: Henry JACKSON held a lease at Ballymiscaw in 1695 from James ROSS. Given that names ricochet down the generations, it is of interest that a nephew Hendrie [aka Henry JACKSON] is connected to the family close to this time frame [see footnote #3].
  • The Box Tomb where he was buried included the " arms": A chevron with three mullets and in the base a hand holding a sword. I cannot find a JACKSON crest with three stars [aka mullets] on it.
William JACKSON of Dublin, Merchant. Will dated 9 June 1697 proved 23 September following




In the name of God, I James JACKSON[1] in Newtown[2] in the County of Down  being Sensible of my Bodily Weakness and apprehensive of my approaching Change and desireous to prevent mistakes and Debates among my friends about anything I leave when I am gone do therefore make this my last will and Testament Whereby  after leaving my soul to God, dying in the hope of a Glorious Ressurection through the Death and Merrits of my Blessed Saviour Jesus Christ, and after leaving my Body to be buried in such deent manner as to my Execs  here after shall seem met I order leave and bequeath  as followeth (Viz) First I order and appoint that all my justr debts be honestly and punctually paid next I leave to my brother John JACKSON[3] of Ballyreggin[4] a Guiney as a token of my kindness Item I leave to his son James JACKSON[5] my nephew all & whole my Right and Title to my freehold of Ballymasca[6] yet so as James  NEIL[7] in whose possession it now is shall quietly and peaceable enjoy the same during the time and according to the Terms he holds the same  by a lease  under my hand and seal Item I leave  to my nephew Gilbert JACKSON[8] Son to John JACKSON[9] of Ballyskeagh[10], all and whole my interest in and about the town of Newtown (Viz) my  Tan Yard and Tan House[11]  together with all the Bark and Leather in it, whether Tanned or in Tanning, as also my Parks hay Turf Cows and Horses together with my Dwelling House and Garden, and all my household plenishings and everything in my House, as it shall be at my decease (Excepting Money and Plate) Item I order and appoint that what Debts are due to me by Bond or otherwise as also what money and plate I shall have at my Decease together with my proportion of the Barge called the William and John[12] shall go solely and Wholly to the said Gilbert JACKSON and James JACKSON and be equally divided betwixt ‘em each taking to himself the exact half of the whole, and finally I appoint my said [?] nephews Gilbert JACKSON & James JACKSON  to be my sole and joint execs to this my last will and Testament whom I order and appoint to pay out  of the readiest of my effects as followeth (Viz) Ten Pounds Sterl to John THOMPSON[13] and John JACKSON[14] both in the parish of Newton to be disposed of according to their pleasure and Five Pounds Sterl to John Feat (?) one of my nephews to encourage him to follow his studies  and also Eight Pounds Sterl  to Eliz Cord her sisters and brothers  to be given to them for their support  from time to time as the above mentioned Gilbert JACKSON shall see fit and convenient and moreover forty shillings to my  two servents (Viz) James SLOAN[15] and Martha WITHER[16] to be equally  divided betwixt them, which shall bear date the Thirteenth day of Novr 1711 and is witnessed by Thos JACKSON[17] of Newtown Innkeeper John THOMPSON of the same  Merch  and John MAIRS[18] Minister in Newtown aforesaid. [Legal technicalities of signing and seals]

[1] James JACKSON d abt 1711. He was a tanner, of Newtown Co. Down and older brother of “John” JACKSON (1667-1725). SOURCE: William Ross Cooper and Frances Jackson Baldwin, The Jackson Family Genealogy and History, Library of Congress Microfilm 86/6192 (C). NOTE: It would be worth it to look at PRONI D2908/3/2. There are some notes there from Movilla Cemetery John  JACKSON of Ballyskeagh who dyed ye 16th of June 1716 aged 77, also  Janet Jackson his wife, etc.  There is also mention of James JACKSON, Gilbert JACKSON of Newton  Tanner. SOURCE: Dee Bardes email March 15, 2009.

  • Movilla Graveyard: JACKSON Here lyeth the body of James Jackson late provist of Newton who departed this life 25 Nov 1711 aged 63 years. Here also lieth the body of Gilbert Jackson of Newton, tanner, who departed this life 22 Sep 1723 aged 46 years. Annas Kell who departed this life Sep1766 aged 87 years & 9 of their children viz., Hugh, Jane, Grizell,Sarah, John, Mary, Jane, James & Annas. The only surviving child is Jane who is now wife to John Moor of Drumon, county Tyrone.
  • PRONI D1195/5/2/1 OUR LOCAL INDUSTRIES Newtownards, or as it was formerly called, Ballylisnevan, is a town of great antiquity, and was in ancient times, a place of industrial importance....A tannery was established in this town at a very early date by a Gilbert Jackson, Esquire. It was situated in Mill Street, at the corner of the old road to Comber.... The title "Gilbert Jackson, tanner", still remains on an old tombstone in Novilla Cemetry; and the original records of the First Presbyterian Church, bear his name as a trustee of that Church. He died in 1723 and the tanyard was afterwards closed for several years, from the death of a manager. NOTE: James preceeded him as a tanner at that location.

[2] Newtown, Co. Down aka Newtownards, Barony of Lower Ards, Co. Down. It is on the eastern border of Dundonald Parish.

[3] John JACKSON, brother of James JACKSON born 1667, died 1725. He was of Ballyreagan as distinct from the John JACKSON (husband of his sister Janet) of Ballyskeagh.

·        He was the owner of the estates of Ballyreagan of 885 acres in the parishes of Dundonalds and Newtownards, County Down, Ireland, about 5 miles southeast of Belfast. He inherited a leasehold on Ballynisca from his older brother who died without issue. He married Katherine McKinney, member of a prominent family of Dundalks [sic] parish (per wills of himself and of his wife). His will mentions their children. SOURCE: The Jackson Family Genealogy and History, Library of Congress Microfilm 86/6192 (C)

·        Down will made 1 July 1725. No memorial of probate. John JACKSON of Ballyreagan and Dundonald parish County Down to be buried as my ancestors been Dundonald churchyard. Three sons John Thomas and Joseph are married. Ballyreagan is settled on son Thomas. Eldest daughter Mary. Youngest daughter Rachel JACKSON. Daughter Martha. Wife Kathrine JACKSON alias McKINLEY. Executors wife, James JACKSON and Alexander Hutchison. Witnesses Sam M’DWELL; Robert HOUSTON. SOURCE: PRONI T/1088/1

·        Down will of his wife made 15 July 1727. No memorandum of probate. Catring JACKSON alias McKINLEY of Ballyreggan and Dundonald parish County Down, to be buried with my ancestors in Dundonald churchyard. Legacy left me by the will of my husband, legacies to my “newvie  Hendrie JACKSON, to Rachel JACKSON, Catrine JACKSON, Catrine HUTCHON and Catrine BIRCHE. Executors James JACKSON and JohnTODE. Witnesses Agnes PAGE Sam McDOUELL. Ballyreagan 363 acres is in Newtonards Parish. Ballyreagan 522 acres is in Dundonald parish. SOURCE: PRONI T/1088/1 NOTE: This is also interesting with respect to the Mary JACKSON who married James BIRCH around 1700. We still do not know anything about her other than the name of her husband and some children, but this is getting us very close to understanding the connections between the familes.

·        Based on the following, I am assuming that the father of this John JACKSON was a Robert JACKSON rather than the “John?” in the Library of Congress records: Between John JACKSON of Ballyreagan, Co. Of Dorone [Downe?] Gent. Of 1st part & Thomas JACKSON of same, Gent of the other part... refers to a 1 Nov 1677 deed between James ROSSE of the one pt. & the said John JACKSON lands of Ballyreagan formerly possessed by John DENHAM & all land of Ballyreagan formerly possessed by Robert JACKSON father of said John JACKSON, Parish Dundonald, Co. Dorone [Downe?]... Thomas JACKSON. WITNESS James RATCLIFFE of Belfast, Co. Antrim, clothier; Andrew WALKER of Dundonald, Co. Down, yeoman; Richard LOWDER of Belfast, Gent. Thomas JACKSON [SEAL] SOURCE: DEED: 25-57-13497 1714 Dec 13. NOTE: It is possible that there are two generations of Thomas JACKSONs mentioned here.

[4] Ballyreagan 522 acres is in Dundonald parish, Barony of Castlereagh Lower, Co. Down. Newtownards and Dundonald are adjacent parishes and the townlands of Ballyreagan and Ballyskeagh are not far apart. See: Maps on Ros Davies site.

[5] James JACKSON nephew of James JACKSON, son of John JACKSON and Katherine McKINNEY.

[6] Ballymasca aka Ballymascaw, Parish of Dundonald, Barony of Castlereagh Lower, Co. Down. It is on the eastern border of the townland of Ballyreagh..

[7] James  NEIL

[8] Gilbert JACKSON (1677-1723) son of John JACKSON of Ballyskeagh. I assume that his mother was Janet JACKSON, a sister of James JACKSON who married a John JACKSON. NOTE: There are at least two Gilbert JACKSONs in this geographic and chronological neck of the woods:

·        PRONI D1071/B/B/10 1735-1739 Three letters from James & Gilbert Jackson to James Blackwood. Of most interest is that it also includes the will of his stepmother.

·        PRONI D654/L/E/36B/2 18 September 1722 Lease, Rev. Thos. Kennedy to John Thompson and Gilbert Jackson, House in Back St, Newtownards.

·        Then there is a probate of a will of a Gilbert JACKSON in 1723 of Newtown.

[9] John JACKSON (1639-1716) of Ballyskeagh. I am working on the assumption that he married Janet JACKSON (1641-1695), a sister of the James JACKSON of this will (hence the reference to Gilbert JACKSON –James’ nephew).

[10] Ballyskeagh, Newtownards Parish, Barony of Lower Ards, Co. Down. Newtownards and Dundonald are adjacent parishes and the townlands of Ballyreagan and Ballyskeagh are not far apart. See: Maps on Ros Davies site.

[11] The tanning reference is interesting. Also of interest, is that the JACKSONs who are tanners often seem to be located in areas where there are active Quaker communities. This may be simply coincidence, but it may also have additional meaning.

·        Kenyon Mss. Information of W. Cooper. In April 1689, one Mr. Jackson of the County Down sent to the Isle of Man by one W. Douglass 82 tanned hides and other goods to secure them from the enemy. July 7, 1691. (Hist. Mss. Comm. Rep. 14, Apr. 4, 1894, p. 255)

·        Deeds show a Robert Jackson to be a tanner in Co. Down [NOTE: I have not been able to find this source again]

·        Deed 7-464-2897 tanner in Dublin 1711, Feb 23: A Memorial of the last will and testament of Robert JACKSON late of Crooked Staff in the Libery of Donore and County of Dublin Tanner deceased bearing date the Twenty-third day of February 1711, whereby the said Robert JACKSON (inter alia) did devise unto his beloved wife Joyce JACKSON the front tenement in Crooked Staff sett to several tenants being part of the holding he therein after Bequeathed to his son Robert JACKSON [eldest son] for his use “for ever of his Dwelling House, Tan Yard, Tan House, Bark House, Mill and other Buildings and Improvements made thereon Excepting the passage or Gateway backward from Chambre Street which he did will and declare to be part of the Holding bequeathed to his son William JACKSON...” sons John JACKSON & Thomas JACKSON son-in-law Jeremiah VICKERS. Witness Abraham SPENCE, Dublin City Brewer David CARTON Dublin City Clothier John BALND servant of Joseph MARRIOT, Gent of Dublin. AND

·        Robert JACKSON 43-421-28800 1725 May 7 Indenture May 6, 1724 Wm. JAMES of Athy. Co. Kildare, Tanner did demise & set to Robert JACKSON of Crooked Staff in Co. Dublin Tanner and Josiah JACKSON of Glassholly, Co. Kildare Farmer lease of house in Athy from Robert JACKSON to Josiah JACKSON for 22 years

·        The Richard JACKSON of Drogheda in the mid to late 1600s was also active in tanning and shipped hides to Dover. SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/history/JACKSONs-Drogheda.html#_ftnref25

[12] Barge called the William and John. The PRONI version calls it a "bark". Presumably this was used in shipping goods. I know nothing more.

[13] John THOMPSON of Newtown. Merchant NOTE: I am guessing that this meant he resided in the town of Newtownards.

[14] John JACKSON of Newtown. NOTE: I am guessing that this meant he resided in the town of Newtownards, but I do not know who he might be. The known John JACKSONs who is a nephew of the testator would be too young to be a signatory.

[15] James SLOAN. I would suspect he was Presbyterian, possibly connected to the Parish of Drumbo, and father of a son John SLOAN b 1703.

[16] Martha WITHER I have no references for her.

[17] Thomas JACKSON (1679-1713), an innkeeper and a son of John JACKSON (1624-1679) NOTE: He would have probably resided in the town of Newtownards.

[18] John MAIRS At Loughbrickland 1687-1697. At Corboy aka Longford 1697-1706. At Ramoan 1704-1723.At Newtownards: 1720-1735. In 1725, he was listed in the Non-subscribing Presbytery of Antrim, Congregation of Newtownards. In 1723, a section of the Presbytry abandoned him over this stance. SOURCE: Presbyterians in Ireland: An Illustrated History. See also Ros Davies: Rev. John Mears; minister of 1st Newtownards Presbyterian Church from 10 Feb 1720 until he joined the Non Sbscribers in 1725




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