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NAMES: Oliver ST. JOHN of Tandragee; Ralph DAWON of Drominakelly, Co. Armagh; PLACES: Tullyhappies, Ballymacrangan [Ballymacdermot?]; Arthur DAWSON; Daniel KELLY; Henry CLOSE of Waringstown; Thomas DAWSON; Joseph STRAITON of Artbaka, aka Artbrackagh; John DANE;John MOORE; Walter COPE.
Sharon Oddie Brown. December 16, 2011


Book 39, page 405, #25919

Transcribed by Dawn Lowe.


Deed of Lease

Dated 16 Oct 1716


From Oliver St. John[1] of Tandrogee[2], County Ardmagh

To Ralph Dawson[3] of Drominakelly[4], County Ardmagh, Gent


Whereby said Oliver St. John for 5 shillings in hand paid by Ralph Dawson and for consideration of Rents, services, Covenants and agreements therein reserved did demise, farm let, etc. to Ralph Dawson all that and those Town and lands of Upper Tullyhappies  Lower Tullyhappies and Ballymacrangan[5] with the Corn Mill standing thereon and the Toll Moulter or Grist of all the corn ground at said Mill and also the sixth part of Lisnalee[6] thereunto adjoining the same situated and being in the Barony of Orrier, County Ardmagh … containing 997 acres with all houses, apprutenances,  to Ralph Dawson and his heirs and assigns from 1 May than last past for and during the natural lives of him Ralph Dawson, Arthur Dawson[7] only son of Ralph Dawson by Mary[8] his wife and Daniel Kelly[9] second son of Cornelius Kelly of Lurgan[10] by Margaret[11] his wife and for the longest liver of them … Ralph Dawson and his heirs yielding and paying thereout yearly to Oliver St. John and his heirs Rent of 80 pounds sterling over and above all Taxes and Country Charges the one moiety thereof on the 1st and the other moiety of half on May 1st by equal portions … If rent is behind by 21 days then it would be lawful for Oliver St. John or his heirs to enter and Distrain and the Distresses then and there found to keep/sell until the Rent is paid. Rent and Arrears if happened to be due together with 4 pence per pound fee for distraining by fully satisfied and paid and that Henry Close[12] (?) of Warringstowne[13], County Downe, Thomas Dawson[14] of Tandrogee and Joseph Straiton[15] of Artobraka both in County Ardmagh Gents are witnesses subscribing and attesting to said Deed of Lease and that John Dane[16] of Ardmagh, County Ardmagh Gent and Joseph Straiton are witnesses by subscribing to this Memorial.


Ralph Dawson: Seal


Signed and sealed in presence of John Dane Joseph Straiton Com Ardmagh Att the Genl Sessions of the Peace held at Ardmagh 16 Jan 1723. Joseph Straiton of Artobracka County Ardmagh Gent swears as subscribing witness in open court that he is a subscribing witness to the Deed of Lease whereof this is a Memorial.

John Moore[17]

Walter Cope[18]

Registered 29 Apr 1724

[1] Oliver ST. JOHN of Tandrogee, County Ardmagh

[2] Tandragee, Co. Armagh

[3] Ralph DAWSON of Drominakelly, County Ardmagh, Gent. He was the brother of both Thomas DAWSON and Alice DAWSON, all of them children of William DAWSON and Mary JACKSON. Mary JACKSON was b. abt 1645, but I know nothing about her parents. She was married in Dublin in 1671.

[4] Drominakelly aka Drumnakelly, Parish of Lurgen, Co. Armagh

[5] Upper Tullyhappies  Lower Tullyhappies, Parish of Killevey, Barony of Orier Lower and Ballymacrangan possibly Ballymacdermot in the Parish of Killevy, Barony of Orrier Upper, County Ardmagh aka

[6] Lisnalee, Parish of Forkhill, Barony of Orrier Lower, County Ardmagh aka

[7] Arthur DAWSON, only son of Ralph DAWSON by Mary ORR.

[8] Mary ORR SOURCE: T.G.F. Patterson , Notes & Family Charts Relating to Grand Juries. She was the wife of Ralph DAWSON

[9] Daniel KELLY, second son of Cornelius KELLY of Lurgan by Margaret his wife. He was the husband of Alice DAWSON. SOURCE: T.G.F. Patterson , Notes & Family Charts Relating to Grand Juries. NOTE: He was also a nephew of Ralph DAWSON who bequathed Dawson's Grove to him.

[10] Lurgan, Co. Armagh

[11] Margaret [?] wife of Cornelius KELLY

[12] Henry CLOSE of Waringstown, Co. Down.

[13] Waringstown, Co. Down

[14] Thomas DAWSON of Tandragee, brother of Ralph DAWSON

[15] Joseph STRAITON of Artbaka, aka Artbrackagh, Parish of Drumcree, Barony of Oneeilland West, Co. Armagh

[16] John DANE, Gent,  of Armagh, Co. Armagh.

[17] John MOORE

[18] Walter COPE



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