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NAMES: Enoch PALMER of Dublin; Sarah BOYTON; Mary JACKSON; Elizabeth MAKINGS; Enoch MAKINGS; Josia(s) JONES; Mt [Mr?] ARMSTRONG; William PALMER; Michael JACKSON; Mr. MEREDITH; Samuel PALMER; Ambrose BRUFF [BRUSS?]; Peter CILLARD; Michael BOYTON; James CLARK; Samuel OATES; John SMITH; ALexander McPHERSON; William PARRY. PLACES: St. Mary's Abbey, Dublin.
Sharon Oddie Brown. December 17, 2011
NOTE: I am still trying to unspool these family connections. If anyone knows anything about PALMERs in Dublin, I am all ears. Until then, I am missing a generation between Enoch PALMER and his nieces and nephews. There are frequent mentions of PALMERs in the early St. Michan's Registers.



1721 Jan 2

Transcribed by Dawn Lowe


Book 32, page 347, #19927


Will of Enoch Palmer[1], City of Dublin, Founder, Deceased

Dated 2 Jan 1721


Three nieces \virt\ Sarah Boyton[2] Mary Jackson[3] and Elizabeth Makings[4] 100 pounds sterling apiece

To his nephew Enoch Makings[5] 50 pounds sterling

To Cousin Josia(s) Jones[6] and his wife --- pounds sterling apiece

To his the said Josias Jones’ 2 sons and daughters 40 shillings apiece

To the said Mary Jackson’s 4 children[7] 20 pounds apiece


All which several legacies Enoch Palmer ordered paid out of money secured to him by Mt Armstrong[8] and his son. Enoch Palmer bequeathed to his Father William Palmer[9] during his natural life 12 pounds sterling paid quarterly from Enoch Palmer’s decease over and above the 8 pounds which is to be paid by Michael Jackson after the decease.


Enoch Palmer bequeathed to said Michael Jackson[10], husband to Enoch Palmer’s niece Mary Jackson his house and holding in Mary’s Abbey[11], Dublin, then in possession of Mr Meredith[12] he the said Michael Jackson paying thereout yearly unto his the said Enoch Palmer’s brother Samuel Palmer[13] during his natural life 24 pounds sterling by half-yearly payments.


Enoch Palmer bequeathed to his said brother Samuel his Lodging Room … and his clock together with all his linen and woolen clothes


Enoch Palmer bequeathed to Ambrose Bruff[14] (or Bruss?) Enoch Palmer’s house and holding in Mary’s Lane, Dublin, then in possession of Peter Cillard[15] together with all Enoch Palmer’s pewter and brass


The remainder and residue of Enoch Palmer’s goods are bequeathed to his said 3 nieces: Sarah Boyton, Mary Jackson and Elizabeth Makings equally divided. Said Will did appoint Michael Jackson and Michael Boyton[16] of Dublin, Feltmaker, to be executors



James Clark[17], Dublin, Innkeeper

Samuel Oates[18], Dublin, Grocer

John Smith[19], Public Notary


Witnesses to the Memorial:

Alexander McPherson[20], Clerk to John Smith

John Smith


Michael Jackson: Seal

Michael Boyton: Seal


John Smith has sworn that Enoch Palmer signed and sealed the Will


Registered 29 Jan 1721

Will Parry[21], Deputy Register

[1] Enoch PALMER, Dublin, founder. Son of William PALMER, and brother of Samuel PALMER

[2] Sarah BOYTON. A Sarah PALMER married a William BOYTON, Haberdasher, at St. Michans December 8, 1712.

[3] Mary JACKSON

[4] Elizabeth MAKINGS

[5] Enoch MAKINGS

[6] Josia(s) JONES

[7] The four children were most likely the children of Michael JACKSON and Mary McCRACKEN. I would assume that a sister of Enoch PALMER married an Unnamed McCRACKEN, hence the niece Mary who married Michael JACKSON: SEE: Jacksons of St. Catherine's Parish, Dublin: Michael JACKSON (b. 1684, son of Michael) married Mary McCRACKEN. Their children were William b.1714;James b. 1715; Elizabeth b. 1717 and Ann b. 1721. There were more children born after the date of this will.

[8] Mt [Mr.?] ARMSTRONG

[9] William PALMER, father of Enoch PALMER

[10] Michael JACKSON, husband to Mary

[11] Mary’s Abbey, Dublin

[12] Mr. MEREDITH of Mary’s Abbey, Dublin

[13] Samuel PALMER, brother of Enoch PALMER, son of William PALMER

[14] Ambrose BRUFF or BRUSS?

[15] Peter CILLARD

[16] Michael BOYTON, Feltmaker of Dublin. NOTE: He is likely a relation of William BOYTON, Haberdasher above.

[17] James CLARK, Dublin, Innkeeper

[18] Samuel OATES, Dublin, Grocer

[19] John SMITH, Public Notary

[20] Alexander McPHERSON, clerk to John SMITH

[21] William PARRY, Deputy Registrar



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