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NAMES: Joseph JACKSON; Joseph GILL; Mr. POWER; Thomas WESTON; Jacob POOLE; George CULLIN; Rebecca SMITH; Michael SMITH; Michael SMITH jr.; Hannah SMITH; Joseph ROSE; William BARRY; Bruen WORTHINGTON. PLACES: Cork St, & Earl ST. both in the Liberty of Donore, Co. Dublin.
Sharon Oddie Brown. December 17, 2011


Book 37, page 189, #22377

Transcribed by Dawn Lowe


Deed of Mortgage by L+R Indented

Dated 11-12 Jan 1722


Note in Margin: Mortgage satisfied under seal of mortgagee, 8 Oct 1723, Certificate # 575


Joseph Jackson[1], Cork Street, Liberty of Donore, County Dublin, Weaver, of the first part

Joseph Gill[2], Earl Street, said Liberty, Timber Merchant, of the second part


Deed of Release reciting whereas Jacob Poole of the City of Dublin, Clothier, by Indre of Lease dated 10 Jan last demised to Joseph Jackson a parcel of ground on the north side of Cork Street leading from Dolphin Barne to the Comb in the Parish of St. Catherine in the Liberties of Donore County Dublin containing in front 30 ft in breadth in the rear 31 ft in depth from front to rear 155 ft bounded as follows |vizt| on the east to Mr Power’s[3] holding, on the west to the other ground let by Thomas Weston[4] to Jacob Poole[5] on the north by George Cullins’[6] Garden and on the south to Cork Street, with appurtenances from Sept 29 last past during the natural life of Rebecca Smith[7], widow of Michael Smith[8], and her son Michael Smith[9] and Hannah Smith[10] her daughter and the survivor of them renewable forever at the yearly rent of 2 pounds sterling and 2 pounds sterling on the fall of every life. Joseph Jackson in consideration of 45 pounds sterling paid to him by Joseph Gill confirmed to Joseph Gill all that property …


Witnessed by:

Joseph Rose[11], Clerk to William Barry[12], City of Dublin, Scrivener

William Barry


Signed and sealed in presence of Joseph Rose and William Barry


Delivered to Bruen Worthington[13], Deputy Register, Esq

Registered 12 Jan 1722



[1] Joseph JACKSON of Cork Street, Liberty of Donore, County Dublin. Weaver

[2] Joseph GILL, of Earl Street, Liberty of Donore, Dublin. Timber Merchant

[3] Mr. POWER

[4] Thomas WESTON

[5] Jacob POOLE, Clothier

[6] George CULLIN

[7] Rebecca SMITH, wife of Michael SMITH

[8] Michael SMITH

[9] Michael SMITH, son of Michael SMITH and Rebecca

[10] Hannah SMITH,  daughter of Michael SMITH and Rebecca

[11] Joseph ROSE, Clerk to William Barry

[12] William BARRY, City of Dublin, Scrivener

[13] Bruen WORTHINGTON, Deputy Registrar.



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