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NAMES: James LECKY of Kilnock, Co. Carlow; Thomas JACKSON, merchant of Dublin; Walter BAGNELL of Parish of St. James, liberty of Westminster; Ralph CRUTCHLY; John WILLIAMS; Robert DENT; William PARRY. OTHER PLACES: Rathcrogue, Co. Carlow.

In the footnotes of this deed I have tucked some rather far fetched bits that may or may not prove to be connected to our JACKSON family line. The most interesting part to me is the fact of a JACKSON in County Carlow leasing land at a time that would fit the family story. Clearly, more work is required.
Sharon Oddie Brown, February 13, 2006

Book 39, Page 254, #25159 
Registered the 21st of January 1723 at 4 a clock in the afternoon.

A MEMORIALL of a deed of Assignment bearing Date the Twenty first day of January one thousand seven hundred and Twenty Three made between James Lecky [1] of Kilknock [2] in the county of Coloro [CARLOW] Gent of the one part & Thomas Jackson [3] of the City of Dublin Merchant of the other part reciting that Walter Bagnell [4] of the parish of St James within the liberty of Westminster Esq did by an instrium in writing  under his hand and seal bearing Date the fifteenth day of July  one thousand seven hundred and fifteen  dismiss or agree to dismiss to the said James Lecky the lands of Rathcrogue [5] with the appertinances  in the County of Catherlogh [CARLOW]  for the term of four hundred and ninety years to be computed from the first day  of May then last

past in as large and ample a manner as the same was then held by Ralph Crutchly [6] at the rent of forty pounds and payable half yearly and a four year old [?x] on every Twenty fourth of December . And reciting these the said James Lecky became possed [possessed?] and now is in the possion [possession?] of the said presses. By which said Deed the said James Lecky in Consideration of Three Hundred pound to him paid by the said Thomas Jackson doth grant  & Assign all his right in the interest of in and to the said lands of Rathcroge to the said Thomas Jackson.

To have and to hold to the said Thomas Jackson his Ex {Executors?} Admin & Asigns for during all the rest residue and remainder of the term of years in and by the said recitedinstrument to come and unexpired at and under the rents and Covt thereby reserved and made payable which said Deed now duly Executed by the said James Lecky in the presence of John Williams [7] of the City of Dublin Gent. One of the Applys [Applicants?] at the Court of Common Leases and Robt. Dent [8] of the said city Gent his clerk who are Subscribing Witnesses hereto – James Lecky in the Presence of Jno Williams Robt Dent. The above named Robert Dent maketh oath that he saw the Deed whereof the above writing [?] duly executed by the above named James Leckie and also saw the said James Lecky sign & seal the said man[?] and that Dep[?] is a subscribing witness to thesaid Deed of Mem[?] and Delivered them to Mr William Parry [9] Deputy Registrar the 21st day of January 1723 at or near Four a Clock in the afternoon – R. Dent  [?] 21st die January 1723 for me Will Parry. Dep. Register.

[1] James LECKY: SOURCE: http://www.ballykealeymanorhotel.com/history.htm Apart from Ballykealey and Kilnock, the family had homes at various periods at Staplestown, where they first settled in county Carlow, the location of a mill run by Robert Lecky; Kilmeany, Rathrush and Newgardens, near Carlow town. In his will of June 1707, Robert left his son John Lecky one gold guinea, and his interest in land at Kilnock; his sons James and John got equal shares in Ballykealey. "To my cousin Alexander Lecky his house and garden and free grazing of six callops of cattle on the land of Conoborough; £3 to the poor ofFriends at Newsgardens Monthly meeting. £20 to the poor people in the neighborhood of Ballykealey. Tomy three daughters, Dorothy, Jean and Rebecca, £600 between them , provided they marry with consent of executors and trustees. My son James to build a dwelling house upon the lands at Rathrush for my wife Mary to dwell in." It was Mary, one of the Quaker Watson family, who persuaded her husband to join the Society of Friends.

[2] Kilknock – there are two, one in the civil parish of Kellistown, one in Ballyellin.

[3] Thomas JACKSON. I am still in the territory of long shots when it comes to trying to figure out the connections of this Thomas JACKSON. POSSIBLE LINKS:

SOURCE 1)  http://www.rootsweb.com/~onlanark/queries/q_i.htm Thomas Jackson, b. 1798, Tullow, Co. Carlow., Ireland, d. August 13, 1881 Lanark Twp., Lanark Co., Ontario, Canada, m. Rachel Code,

January 1, 1821 in St. James Church, Perth, Lanark Co., Ontario, Canada.  Children are:  Elizabeth, Ellen (Eleanor), John, Abraham, Thomas, Letitia and Mary.  Will exchange information.
Mary Swank
Also the same info at : http://www.leadersoftomorrowinstitute.com/indexz.html

SOURCE 2) http://www.wargs.com/other/spears.html Believe it or not this SOURCE comes from a genealogy of pop star Britney SPEARS: Thomas JACKSON, b. Killenure, Queens, co. Leinster,

21 June 1692, d. Chester Co., Pa., ... m. Marlborough, co. Wilts., ... 1715 . The entry has since been changed, and this reference to Thomas JACKSON is no longer here. Instead, the earliest referecne is to James JACKSON, born Barnwell Co., S.C. abt 1760, died St. Helena Parish, La., 29 Aug. 1832.
SOURCE 3): http://pennock.ws/surnames/fam/fam30382.html  Thomas JACKSON Born: 21 AUG 1692 at: Killenure, Queens, Leinster, Ireland married Anne LIGHTFOOT. This site also shows a Richard JACKSON (1520-1570) from Yorkshire with a son Anthony JACKSON (1540-1607) and a son, John JACKSON (b. aft 1540) m. Anne TODD. Anthony had a son Isaac JACKSON Born: 1665 at: Cavan,Ireland Married: 29 FEB 1695/96 at: Oldcastle MM, Carlow, Ireland. Died: 1750 at: London Grove Twp., Chester Co., Pa. This Isaac had a son, Thomas JACKSON:  Born: 9 NOV 1698 at: Oldcastle Meath, Ireland Married Mary BOARDMAN at Edenderry, King's Co., Ireland (father Joseph BOARDMAN,she died at Jonestown, Ireland 29 APR 1740): 9 JUN 1721 at: Edenderry, King's Co., Ireland  Died: 21 JUL 1785 at: Edenderry, King's Co., Ireland.

[4] Walter BAGNELL?

[5] The townland of Rathcrogue is 422 acres in the Barony of Carlow, the Parish of Tullowmagimma, the province of Leinster and the County Carlow. Currently, a Ratherogue House in County CARLOW

is described as being near Ashlane Cross Roads, Co. Carlow. [NOTE SOURCE 1) above in footnote #3 mentions a birth at Tullow.]

[6] Ralph CRUTCHLY?

[7] John WILLIAMS?

[8] Robert DENT

[9] William PARRY, Deputy registrar.


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