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NAMES: John BALL of Three Castles aka Bannough, Kilkenny; Thomas JACKSON of Dublin; Dorothy BALL née JACKSON; John HAMILTON; John DOWNING; William PARRY.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 3, 2011


1730 Feb 23-24


Book 65, page 274, #45475
Transcribed thanks to Dawn Lowe. Footnotes by Sharon Oddie Brown.


NOTE: The John BALL (1702-1764) of this lease was a 1st cousin once removed of the Thomas BALL (1727-1798) who held leases with George JACKSON (1718-1782) of Urker.


Deed of Mortgage by Way of Lease and Release Indented

Dated 23-24 Feb 1730

Transcription thanks to Dawn Lowe. Footnotes by Sharon Oddie Brown.


The lease made between John Ball[1] of Three Castles, County Kilkenny, Esq of the first part And Thomas Jackson[2] of City of Dublin, Esq, of the other part

With the Release being Tripartite and made between John Ball, P1,

Dorothy[3] his wife, P2

and Thomas Jackson, P3.

Whereby John Ball for considerations therein mentioned hath by and with Consent of said Dorothy testified by her being party to said Release granted released confirmed to Thomas Jackson all that and those Town and lands of Bannough[4] known as Three Castles in County Kilkenny containing 459 acres plantation measure together with appurtenances thereon to hold to Thomas Jackson, his heirs and assigns to the Only Life and behoof of Thomas Jackson, his heirs and assigns forever.

Redeemable nevertheless by a proviso in said Deed of Release contained whereby the same is declared to be void on payment of 1,991 pounds and 4 pence with interest at the rate of 7 pounds … which said Deeds of Lease and Release and memorial were witnessed by:

John Hamilton[5], City of Dublin, Goldsmith

John Downing[6], City of Dublin, Gent


John Ball: Seal


Signed and sealed in presence of John Hamilton and John Downing, who swears that he also saw John Ball and Dorothy his wife and Thomas Jackson duly execute said Release of which this is a Memorial. Delivered same to William Parry[7], Deputy Register on 19 March 1730.


Registered 19 March 1730

[1] John BALL (1702-1764) of Three Castles, Co. Kilkenny was a son of John BALL and Elizabeth COOTE.  SOURCE: Rev. William Ball Wright, Ball Family Records: Genealogical Memoirs of some Ball Families of Great Britain, Ireland and America, Yorkshire Printing Co., Ltd. 1908,

John Ball, Jun., of Loughross, Co. Armagh, and Three Castles, Co. Kilkenny, was born 1702, and educated at Carrickmacross School, entered Trin. Coll., Dublin, 1718, but does not appear in the list of graduates. He settled at Three Castles in Odogh Parish, Co. Kilkenny, and married Dorothy, second daughter of William Jackson, of Coleraine, and his wife, Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Gorges, of Kilbrew, Co. Meath, by whom he had two daughters. She died Jan., 1760, and was buried at St. Mary's Church, Kilkenny. In 1730 John Ball was High Sheriff of the Co. Armagh. In Pue's Occurrences for March 2, 1745, we read that—There are for sale, lands, a part of estate of John Ball, Esq. (at the Three Castles, Co. Kilkenny), in the Barony of Fews, Co. Armagh, viz., Tullyvallen, 2.,549 acres Plan. meas., Tullynavall and Dromill 476 acres, and 577 acres of bog. 10 miles from Armagh, 10 from Dundalk, also more lands in Ratoath, called Creekstown.

Again, in Faulkner's Dublin Journal, Oct., 1748, we read that—By the vigilance and activity of John. Ball, Esq., of Three Castles. there are lodged of Freny's gang 9 men and 2 women concerned in the robbery at Revd. Mr. Driscoll's, of Ciashacrow.

In 1737 John Ball was High Sheriff of the Co. Kilkenny and Capt. in the Militia. He married, secondly, on 7th May, 1760, Mrs. Margaret Rainsford, widow, of St. Ann's Parish, Dublin. He died Sept., 1764, at South. Frederick Str., Dublin, aged 62; his will was proved by his daughter, Dorothea Margaret, wife of Richard Shenton.

[2] Thomas JACKSON Esq. of City of Dublin. I suspect that this is the Thomas JACKSON (1680-1750) who was the uncle of the Dorothy JACKSON mentioned in the will. He was the son of William JACKSON and Susan BERESFORD. In 1715, he married Margaret BERESFORD, and they had three children. In 1727, he held a seat in the Irish House of Commons for Coleraine. 

[3] Dorothy BALL née JACKSON (?-1760) daughter of William JACKSON (1668-1712) and Elizabeth GORGES (?-1747)

[4] Bannough aka Three Castles, a townland of 457 acres, Odogh Parish , Barony of Crannagh, Co. Kilkenny

[5] John HAMILTON, City of Dublin, Goldsmith

[6] John DOWNING, City of Dublin, Gent. There is a strong possibility that this is the John DOWNING (1700-1762) of Dawson’s Bridge. His mother was Ann JACKSON (father Adam DOWING), she would have been a cousin of the Thomas JACKSON of this deed.

[7] William PARRY, Deputy registrar, Dublin



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