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I know nothing of the names mentioned in this deed, but the pairing of the last name of McCLELLAND with the linen industry, makes me wonder if there may be a connection to the McCLELLANDs who married OLIVERs and were involved in the linen industry in Laragh - a long shot, I know. Perhaps those in the know can set me straight. The connection to TODDs and McCLELLANDs who were also in the linen industry and on the side of the United Irishmen is also of interest with respect to connection to the DONALDSONs of this time.
NAMES: William Morris JONES of Monyglass, Co. Antrim; Andrew & Abraham McCLELLAND of Ballynany; Mary TODD nèe McCLELLAND; Charles CHARLETON; Thmoas TIVEY of Loughbrickland; Nicholas WHITE of Dropgheda; William TIVEY of Loughbrickland; John TREVOR of Loughbrickland.
Thanks to “Mike”who transcribed parts of this deed and and shared with me in an email Sept 14, 2008.
Also thanks to Ros Davies whose site continues to be of help and to PRONI for making so much information available over the internet.
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 30, 2008


Notes from DEED: 79-417-56661


NOTE: It is worth looking at the McCLELLAND names on Ros Davies site. The name continues to be linked to the Parish of Annaclone.


In an indented deed of lease dated 20 August 1735, William Morris Jones[1], Esq., of Monyglafs[2], county Antrim leased unto Andrew McClelland[3] and Abraham McClelland[4], linen Drapiers of Ballynany[5], county Down a farm in their possession in Ballynany containing 49 acres 1 rood plantation measure, for their natural lives along with their sisters daughter Mary Todd[6] and the life of the longest lived, for annual rent of £5.10 with 12p receivers fee.

Charles Charleton[7], Gent., of Monyglafs, county Antrim, Thos Tivey[8], Merchant, of Loughbrickland[9], county Down and Nicholas White[10], Gent., of Drogheda[11] witnessed the lease while Thos TIVEY, William Tivey[12], and John Trevor[13], Gents., of Loughbrickland, county Down witnessed the memorial.

Andrew and Abraham McClelland signed the memorial. The memorial was registered 10 September 1735.


[1] William Morris Jones. PRONI Freeholder Records reveal some interesting connections here.

·         Firstly D/1928/F/1A Freeholder Records for Armagh have a record of a lease from William BROWNLOW to William Morris Jones, “For the townland of Killenerget dated September 16th, 1728 for the lives of Thomas Morris Jones, [?] Cotsworthy O’Neil and Solomon Morris at the yearly rent of £21.10.0.”

·         Nearly a hundred years earlier, in 1635 there is a mention of “Kilmargett 200a English Mr Moris 85 and Mr. Jones 115” Given the name “William Morris JONES, I would suspect a merger of these two families and hence of their holdings. SOURCE: Settlement and Survival on an Ulster Estate: The Brownlow Leasebook 1667-1711. Ed. R.G. Gillespie. It may be that this is the townland currently named either Killcarn Upper or Killcarn Lower in the Parish of Loughgilly, Co. Armagh.

·         D/654/A3/1G In 1815 a Thomas Morris JONES Esq. Held a lease for Thomas McCLELLAND at Drumsallagh

[2] Moneyglass, Parish of Duneane, Co. Antrim.

[3] Andrew McClelland. The fact of both he and Abraham being linen drapers is significant. I would guess that he was on the side of the United Irishmen, since there was a McCLELLAND of the same townland whose house was ransacked by the militia in 1797.

[4] Abraham McClelland. Again, PRONI freeholder records shed some light:

·         D/654/A3/1G In 1814, Abraham McCLELLAND both lived and held a lease at Leganany. The landlord was Thomas Moris Jones.

·         D/654/A3/1G In 1831, Abraham McCLELLAND both lived and held a lease at Tullintabally. Usually 3 lives are given, but this list included 6 lives. I wonder if the last three represent a clerical error. The names are: George McCLELLAND; Robert DAVIDSON; Arthur DAVIDSON; John REILLY; John ROGERS; and James McCLELLAND.

[5] Ballynany,. There are two townlands named Ballynanny in Co. Down. One of 538 acres in the Parish of Annaclone, about 3 ½ km. South of Banbridge and another of 1,698 acres on the River Bann about 6 km south of Rathfriland  at the base of Hen Mountain (one of the Mourne Mountains)  in the Parish of Clonduff. Since there was a McCLELLAND of Ballynanny, Parish of Annaclone whose house was ransacked by Cavan Militia on April 7th, 1797, I suspect that Annaclone is the more likely parish.

SEE: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~rosdavies/MAPS/CoDownParishes.htm

[6] Mary Todd, possibly a daughter of a sister (who married a TODD) of Abraham or Andrew McCLELLAND (making them brothers - if this is thee case). Significantly, an Andrew TODD of Lenaderg married a daughter of James BIRCH and Mary JACKSON and I would suspect that there is both a geographic and linen connection, if not also a familial connection. SOURCE: 1806 Deed.  Interestingly, in 1836 a James McCLELLAND of Tullylish was the tenant of two mills at Lenaderg. Volume 12, p146 Ordinence Survey Memoirs.

[7] Charles Charleton

[8] Thos Tivey of Loughbrickland

[9] Loughbrickland, Parish of Aghaderg, Co. Down. A small settlement about 3 ½ south of Banbridge.

[10] Nicholas White

[11] Drogheda, Co. Louth a port town.

[12] William Tivey of Loughbrickland

[13] John Trevor of Loughbrickland



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