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NAMES: Rt. Hon. John Lord BELLEW; Samuel COULTER of Cavananore; John COULTER; Nathanial COULTER; Andrew COULTER; George PIPPARD of Drogheda; Cornelius M'LAUGHLIN; William PARRY.
Sharon Oddie Brown. January 31, 2010
Transcription by Wendy JACK; footnotes by myself.

SNAPSHOT: Lord John BELLEW is leasing 129 acres 2 roods of profitable land of Cavananore and bog to Samuel and John COULTER of Cavananore.

DEED: 80-451-56529
August 5, 1735

Lf. Bellew to Coulter et al.


NOTE: See also DEED 79-389-56530 between BELLEW & COULTER as well as DEED: 80-473-56629 between BELLEW and DICKIE done at the same time.


Regrd. the 5th day of Augt. 1735 at 12 a Clock in the Afternoon

NOTE: See also DEED 79-389-56530 between BELLEW and DICKIE & BAILIE done at the same time.

To the Regr. appointed by Act of Parliamt. for registring Deeds Conveyances &c. –

A Memorial of an indented Deed of Lease bearing date the Eleventh day of March One thousand Seven hundred & thirty four[1] made between the Rt. Honble Jno. Lord Bellew[2] Baron of Duleek of the one pt. & Saml. Coulter[3] & Jno. Coulter[4] both of Cavenenore[5] in the County of Lowth Farmrs. of the other part Whereby the sd. Jno. Lord Bellew did Demise unto the sd. Saml. Coulter and Jno. Coulter All that & those the Lands of Cavenenore aforesd. then in the posson of the sd. Saml. & Jno. Coulter containing in the whole One Hundred & twenty nine Acres Two roods profitable Land over & above bog (be the same more of less) Mearing & bounding as in a Map of the sd. premes to the sd. Lease annexed To hold to the sd. Saml. Coulter & Jno. Coulter their Heires Exrs. Admrs. and Assignes from the first day of Novr last past for & during the Natural Life & Lives of the sd. Jno. Coulter & of Nathl. Coulter [6]& Andw. Coulter[7] Sons of the sd. Saml. Coulter & the Survrs. & Survr. of them At the Clear Yearly rent of Thirty five pounds & nine pence Ster. with six pence p pound recrs. fees to be paid half yearly at May & Novr. In which sd. Lease are incerted Clauses of Distress & Reentry  with sevl. other Clauses & Covts. & the sd. Lease is Witnessed by George Pippard [8]of Drogheda[9] Esqr. & Cornelius McLaghlin[10] of the same Clke to the sd. George Pippard & this Meml. is Witnesses by the sd. George Pippard & the sd. Corns. McLaghlin. The above named George Pippard Came this day before me & made oath that he is a subscrg. Witness to the Deed of Lease whereof the above writing is a Meml. & that he saw the same duly pfected by the sd. Lord Bellew & Saml. Coulter & Jno. Coulter ptys thereto & that he is a subscribing Witness to this Meml. & Saw the same duly pfected by the sd. Jno. Lord Bellew & that he this Dept. Delivd. sd. Lease & Meml. to Mr Wm Parry Dep Regr. on the fifth day of Augt. 1735 At or near Twelve of the Clock at Noon. Geo. Pippard. Jur. cod. me 5o. die Augti. An. Dni. 1735. Will Parry[11] Dep Regr.


[2] Rt. Hon John Lord BELLEW (1702-1770). He came from an old Anglo-Norman family and succeeded to the title March 22, 1714/1715. SOURCE: http://thepeerage.com/p3309.htm#i33089

[3] Samuel COULTER (b abt 1690) of Cavananore father of 7 children:Andrew, Elizabeth, Mary, Nathanial, Susanna, John and Barbara. Most likely a brother of Charles, William and John COULTER. It is also possible that he was the Samuel COULTER (1700-1760) who according to noted in the Dundalk library - "died without issue". Those notes and the same assumption in "A Man who would speak of Plants" may be erroneous. No sources are cited for this assertion. If he was, this would make him a son of Thomas COULTER and Anne MAFFETT and would go a long way to explaining the interplay between the two branches of the family over the lands of Cavananore and Carnbeg.

[4] John COULTER. There is a brother of Samuel COULTER names John – but he seems to be associated with Carrickistuck. Samuel’s son, John COULTER (d.1774) is more likely here since his wife’s will (Martha COWEN) puts her at Cavananore.

[5] Cavananore, Parish of Creggan SEE:

[6] Nathaniel COULTER son of Samuel COULTER of Cavananore. He married and had a daughter, Mary SOURCE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1775_Will_of_Andrew_Coulter.htm

[7] Andrew COULTER(died bet aug 27 1775-December 1775 (dates when his will was written and then probated). He was a  son of Samuel COULTER of Cavananore. He was a church warden at Creggan Church in 1749. SOURCE: Creggan Local History Society 1989 Vol 1-No.3

[8] George PIPPARD of Drogheda merchant. Going from Deeds evidence, he would seem to be the eldest son of a Christopher PIPPARD of Drogheda and a brother of Henry PIPPARD. What is interesting in his appearance here in terms of the family story is that there are a number of JACKSON-PIPPARD Connections. PIPPARD mentions in Deeds.

[9] Drogheda, a seaport, borough, and market-town, and a county of itself, locally in the county of LOUTH, and province of LEINSTER, 57 miles (S by W.) from Belfast, and 23 (N.) SOURCE: A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland, Samuel Lewis.http://www.libraryireland.com/topog/d3.php NOTE: The COULTER-Drogheda connection is interesting. In 1808,there was a letter from George Coulter at Drogheda to [John Foster] reminding him of the support he gave Colonel Foster at the last election. He is the only Protestant wool draper in Drogheda, and was assured by Colonel Foster that if his business suffered as a result of the election he would be provided for. He was promised a gaugership, but nothing more has come of this. SOURCE: PRONI: D562/12555.

[10] Cornelius M’LAUGHLIN of Drogheda, clerk to the said George PIPPARD. Just as the PIPPARD-JACKSON connections are interesting, so is the name M’LAUGHLIN since the George JACKSON (1718-1782) who is the earliest known member of our family tree married a Margaret O’LAUGHLIN in 1743.

[11] William PARRY. Deputy Registrar.



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