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NAMES: Rt. Hon Lord John BELLEW; James DICKIE of Clonaleenan; David BAILIE; George PIPPARD of Drogheda; Cornelius M'LAUGHLIN of Drogheda; William PARRY.
Sharon Oddie Brown. January 31, 2010
Transcription thanks to Wendy JACK. Footnotes by myself.

SNAPSHOT: Lord John BELLEW is leasing 159 acres 2 roods of profitable land of Clonaleenan to James DICKIE and John BAILIE both of Clonaleenan.

DEED: 79-389- 56530

Ld Bellew to Dickie et al

Regrd. the 5th day of August 1735 at 12 a Clock at Noon


NOTE: See also DEED 80-451-56529 between BELLEW & COULTER as well as DEED: 80-473-56629 between BELLEW and DICKIE done at the same time.


To the Register appointed by Act of Parliament for Registring Deeds Conveyances &c. –

A Memorial of an Indented Deed of Lease bearing Date the Eleventh day of March one thousand Seven hundred and Thirty four Made Between the Rt. Honble John Lord Bellew[1] Baron of Duleek of the one part and Jams Dickie[2] and John Bailie[3] both of Clonleelan[4] in the County of Lowth Farmers of the other part Whereby the said John Lord Bellew Did Demise unto the said James Dickie and John Bailie all that and those the Lands of Clonleenan aforesaid then in the possion of the said James Dickie and John Bailie Containing in the Whole one One hundred and Fifty Nine Acres two Roods profitable Land over and above Bogg the same more or less Mearing and bounding as in a Map of the said premises to the said Lease annexed To hold to the said James Dickie and John Bailie their Exers. admrs. and assigns from the first day of November last past for and during  the Natural Lives and Life of the said James Dickie and John Bailie and of David Bailie[5] Second [son] of the said John Bailie and the Survrs. and Survr. of them at the Clear yearly rent of Fifty one pound Sixteen Shillings and Nine pence after with Six pence p pound Receivrs fees to be paid half yearly at May and November in which said Lease are inserted Clauses of Distress and Reentry with Severall other Clauses and Covenants and the said Lease is Witnessed by George Pippard of Drogheda Esqr. and Hugh Stafford of the City of Dublin Gent and this Meml. is witnessed by the said George Pippard[6] and the said Corns. McLaughlin[7]. Bellew (Seal). The above named George Pippard Came this day before me and made oath that he is a Subscribing Witness to the Deed of Lease whereof the above writing is a Meml. and that he saw the same duly perfected by the said John Lord Bellew and James Dickie and John Bailie parties thereto and that he is a subscribing Witness to this Memorial and Saw the same duly perfected by the said John Lord Bellew and  that he this Dep Delivered said Lease and Memorial to Mr. Wm. Parry[8] Dep Regr. on the fifth day of August 1735 at or near Twelve of the Clock at noon. Geo. Pippard. Jur Cor me 5o. die August Anno Dom 1735. Will Parry Dep Regr.


[1] Rt. Hon John Lord BELLEW. He came from an old Anglo-Norman family and succeeded to the title March 22, 1714/1715. SOURCE: http://thepeerage.com/p3309.htm#i33089

[2] James DICKIE (1700-1747) of Clonaleenan. He was also known as Samuel James DICKIE and was married to Mary BAILEY, sister of John BAILIE SOURCE: STATEMENT OF JOHN DICKIE OF CASINO: [Also called James] Samuel Dickie Of Clonaleenan died March 1747 aged 47 years. He was married to Mary Bailey, sister of John Bailey of Clonaleenan. She died 5th Jan. 1762 aged 60 years. Her brother John died Mar 11 1777 - aged 85 years. The above-named James Dickie and Mary his wife had a son called Robert [Bob] Dickie who married a Miss Reid. Their children were James - Carrickastuck; Robert Roachdale; John Thomas Clonaleenan; Joseph who died abroad; Anne married Colter (whose sister was married to Col. Gracey of Ballytweed, Downpatrick) Mary died unmarried, Betty died unmarried.

[3] John BAILIE (d. aft 1773) of Clonaleenan, husband of Dorothy SMITH.

[4] Clonaleenan, Parish of Creggan, Co. Louth. 311 acres. It is bounded by Barronstown to the east, Carrickastuck and Annaghvacky to the north, Shanmullagh to the west and Derryfalone to the south (amongst others).

[5] David BAILIE. There are five deeds I have found so far that mention David BAILIE:

·        DEED: 79-389-56530. In this deed he is referred to as the second son of John BAILIE of Clonaleenan.

·        DEED: 324-364-216473. Dated Feb 2 1774 and also includes a mention of John BAILIE jr and Clonaleenan.

·         DEED: 332-274-224474. Dated Oct 1 1779 describes a John BAILIE as brother to David BAILIE of Clonaleenan.

·        DEED: 332-386-225119. Dated Oct 2, 1780 mentions the life of David BAILIE in conjunction with lands of Carrickistuck and Annaghvackey.

·        DEED: 355-465-241686. In this deed he is referred to as the second son of John BAILIE of Clonaleenan.

[6] George PIPPARD of Drogheda merchant. Going from Deeds evidence, he would seem to be the eldest son of a Christopher PIPPARD of Drogheda and a brother of Henry PIPPARD. What is interesting in his appearance here in terms of the family story is that there are a number of JACKSON-PIPPARD Connections. PIPPARD mentions in Deeds.

[7] Cornelius M’LAUGHLIN of Drogheda, clerk to the said George PIPPARD. Just as the PIPPARD-JACKSON connections are interesting, so is the name M’LAUGHLIN since the George JACKSON (1718-1782) who is the earliest known member of our family tree married a Margaret O’LAUGHLIN in 1743.

[8] William PARRY, Deputy Registrar.



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