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NAMES: Frances JACKSON; Rev. Peter JACKSON of Killincoole and Darver; Rev. George JACKSON of Dromin, Mosstown & Stabannon; George ADAMS of Heathtown; Elizabeth ADAMS née JACKSON; Francis JACKSON; Anthony FOSTER; James DOBBIN. OTHER PLACES: Bellelulcashell, Kilhavan, Killemurree, Mullefinegan, Tannafofan, Killaughavare, & Eskar all in Co. Monaghan & town and lands of Ardpatrick Co. Louth.
Sharon Oddie Brown. April 9, 2010
NOTE: I am jumping the gun somewhat on this deed - I have more work to do - but I had a request from a person who would benefit from it.
Updated June 29, 2011 Info on Frances JACKSON, widow.
I have assembled a page to complement the interpretation of this deed at JACKSONs of Steeple, Co. Antrim


1739 July 3 DEED: 97-7-66702
Notes only



3 July 1739 re: deed 2 & 3 March 1738 between Frances JACKSON[1] widow of Rev’d Peter JACKSON[2] & the late rector of Killincool[3] in the Co. Of Lowth (Louth) dec’d the rev’d George JACKSON[4] & the only son & heir of the sd. Peter JACKSON, George ADAMS[5] of Heathtown[6] in the Co. of Meath Gent & Elizabeth ADAMS[7] otherwise called JACKSON his wife and only daughter of the sd. Peter JACKSON & Frances JACKSON[8] & Anthony FOSTER[9] of the City of Dublin Esq. With the will annexed of the said Peter JACKSON of the one & James DOBBIN[10] of the City of Dublin Gent of the other ... released 8 tates of Bellelulcashell[11] ... that is to say Kilhavan[12] one tate, Killemurree[13] one tate and half. Mullefinegan[14] half a tate Tannafofan[15] one tate; Killaughavare[16] half a tate & Eskar[17] half a tate all in Co. Monaghan & town and lands of Ardpatrick Co. Louth.

Thanks to Peter Schermerhorn (of the glorious Berkshires) and Anita on the Monaghan rootsweb list, we have some valuable insight into the townlands that are mentioned:

It's interesting that these three townlands, as well as the others I've   proposed, are all in Errigal Trough civil parish.  From your reference deed, it would seem that the name "Bellelulcashell" might apply to this parish, as all of   the townlands would be located in both place names (it doesn't seem likely to be an earlier Barony name).  If I had a copy of the Ordnance Survey letters for   Co. Monaghan, John O'Donovan might have something to say about Bellelulcashell.......but I don't (not enough archaeological interest in Monaghan for me to   have bothered to acquire the letters).  I don't have much else to assist me,  for Monaghan. 
So, here we go, with these places:

We'll start with Anita's Killymurry and Tonyfohanan townlands.  These two are   about a mile and a half NNE/NE of Emyvale town, and are separated by just 500   yards of Killakeady townland.    The other four Monaghan townlands listed appear to be in an open cluster   (astronomical analogy [gr]) at the northern edge of the parish.....and county.    


Using the village (and post office) of Killybrone as one of the reference   points, Anita's Esker is a mile and a half NW of Killybrone, and just a half-mile from the Tyrone border.    A half-mile NE of Esker is Killyhoman, on the Tyrone border and the northernmost townland in the county.  I tend toward this townland as representing   Kilhavan (I know, I know....Anita would call me "adventurous"), because of its   nearness to other mentioned townlands.  I had also been looking at Kilfahavon as   another choice, but it is isolated from all of the other townlands - about 3   miles NNE of Emyvale town, on the Tyrone border. 


So, we're left with Mullefinegan and Killaughavare.  My adventurous choices   are Mullanafinnog and Killyloughavoy.  Killyloughavoy is 3/4 of a mile south of Killybrone post office/village and Mullanafinnog is just a half mile west of   the village. These would all seem to be reasonable....even the most distant townlands are   about 5 miles apart.  As with courtship and marriage in the 18th/19th century,   there could also be a tendency for property acquisitions to be relatively   clustered - as we have here.   


That's my best guess, and I'm stickin' with it (until someone else proves me   wrong [gr]).  But I'm very curious about the "Bellelulcashell", and its   relationship to Errigal Trough.  Errigal, in this case, would probably come from   aireagal, which is a small Church.  Trough - again, in this case - is probably in   reference to tricha/triucha, which is a cantred or district (land   measurement).  But nothing there would lead me to Bellelulcashell. 



[1] Frances JACKSON. I suspect that she was the wife indicated here: Peter JACKSON and Frances FOWNES married at St. Andrews, Dublin December 22, 1711.


[2] Peter JACKSON. There was a Peter JACKSON who was Vicar of Darver.

SOURCE: History of Kilsarren, Co. Louth Rev. J.B. Leslie, M.A. Dundalk. Wm Tempest 1908. P.202.

Armagh Clergy and Parishes page 106 lists a Rev. Peter JACKSON BA 1701, MA 1704. Rector of Louth 1730; will proved 1734. Executors included Francis JACKSON. Later on p. 334. 712— Peter Jackson, coll. R. Killincoole and R. Darver April 22 (D.R.), T.C.D. B.A. 1701 ; M.A. 1704 ; also became R. Louth in 1730, and held all three parishes till his death. His P. Will was proved in 1734. The exors. were William Fownes and Francis Jackson.

Also, there are a number of records in PRONI MIC500/4:

5 May 1665 Certified Copy Grant of Charles II by John "Hutson" [Hodson] to Rectory of Lowth [badly eaten].

10 Mar. 1718 Rev. Peter Jackson Vicar of Louth to Archbishop of Armagh. Killancoole, Co. Louth. Petition and Opinion requesting the uniting of the parishes of Louth and of Killancoole,Co. Louth. [c.1718] Rev. Jackson and Archbishop of Armagh. Notes on the Case about reuniting Louth and Killancoole.

16 Jan. 1723 Case and Opinion of Francis Bernard saying that the Vicarage is in the gift of Primate while the Rectory is in the gift of the Crown. The Crown has won the case against uniting.

25 June 1722 Letter Rev. Theo. Bolton, Dublin to [ ? ][enclosed in D562/523]. Apologising for not sending Mr Jackson's paper sooner and containing a Query about the tythes of the Monastery of Louth or of the Rectory and saying that if they are part of the Monastery they go to the Vicar.

[c. 25 June 1722] Review of the Case. Mr. Jackson, Vicar of Louth] about the Crown's rights in tythes of Louth and querying the distinction between tythes of Rectory and tythes of former Monastery.

[c.June 1722] Case of Parish of Louth by Rev- Peter Jackson, Vicar of Louth giving a detailed history of tithes in the parish of Louth quoting Leases and Patents 1540 onwards.

18 Jan. 1723 Case of and Opinion on by Francis Bernard. Rev. Peter Jackson Vicar of Louth. Re-uniting Rectory and Vicarage of Louth.

[c.1723] Francis Bernard's Opinion on legality of Union. Vicarage and Rectory of Louth. 28 Apr.[1724] Brief for Counsel. Re-v- Peter Jackson Louth. Vicarage of Louth. Legality of Union. Co. Louth.

[c.1724] Francis Bernard's Opinion. Rex. -v- Jackson Re-uniting Louth Vicarage - Rectory [enclosed in D562/529].

[c.1724] Reasons against passing Bill ... for better serving the Right of Advowson and Presentation to Ecclesiastical Benefices. [c.1724] Comment on the Case (21 pages) of Rex. -v- Archcbishop of Armagh and Rev- Peter Jackson.

16 Feb. 1718 Case of and Opinion of Cornelius Callaghan.Rev. Peter Jackson Vicar of Louth. Rectory of Louth, etc.

[3] Killincool AKA Parish of Killancool, Co. Louth

[4] George JACKSON (1711-1782)  Son of Rev. Peter JACKSON, rector of Killincoole BA 1733. Buried at Stabannon. 1755 Vicar of Dromin, Mosstown & Stabannon (united with Collon).  SOURCE: Armagh Clergy and Parishes, p201 & 411.. I have the following on a Rev. George JACKSON:

  1. Presented on July 14, 1755 to Stabannon by Vicars Choir.
  2. Curate of Louth in 1736
  3. A George JACKSON was a Scholar at T.C.D. in 1743 and became M.A.
  4. He resigned the Vicarage of Mosstown and the Rectory of Dromin on 21st March, 1769.
  5. In 1782 at Louth Spring Assizes, the Rev George JACKSON, J.P., and Hercules TROY, were indicted for having assaulted Patrick McARDLE at Stabannon; and having rescued him from said George JACKSON whom he had arrested on the 13th August 1781, for £204 5s 4d. (Grand Jury records – this snippet is confusing).
  6. Died 1782 and is said to be buried in one of the two open vaults at the east end of the church of Stabannon.
  7. According to Notes & Family Charts relating to Grand Jurors by TGF PATTERSON, Rev George JACKSON, rector of Stabannon, Co. Louth had a daughter Martha JACKSON who married a Samuel [MOORE or POE?] SOURCE: LDS Reel# 1279353Item #3, p4A

SOURCE: History of Kilsarren, Co. Louth Rev. J.B. Leslie, M.A. Dundalk. Wm Tempest 1908. P.231.

There is also an interesting mention in PRONI MIC673/2 Includes: D2685/9/2

12 June 1761 At an assembly of the burgesses and freemen Sir William Fownes, Charles Gore, Chambre Brabazon Ponsonby, Rev. George Jackson and 2 others were unanimously elected freemen;

20 June 1761. At an assembly of the burgesses and freemen C.B. Ponsonby and Rev. George Jackson were unanimously elected burgesses vice Samuel Jackson


Feb. 1789 The Speaker to the Solicitor

22 Sep. 1766 Letter from George Jackson to The Right Honble. Lord Chief Baron Foster, referring to lands of Tully and Ardpatrick [Co. Louth].

6 Nov. 1766 Letter from George Jackson to The Right Honble. Lord Chief Baron Foster, refers to Sam Poe, James Fortescue and Faithful Fortescue, also refers to the lands of Tully and Ardpatrick, Co. Louth and Dublin.

NOTE: I have more references in PRONI-George JACKSON filed under PRONI – to be posted when I learn more.

[5] George ADAMS

[6] Heathtown

[7] Elizabeth ADAMS aka JACKSON –a daughter of Rev. Peter JACKSON.

[8] Frances JACKSON. See footnote #1.

[9] Anthony FOSTER

[10] James DOBBIN

[11] Bellelulcashell – as can be seen from the notes above, this one is still a mystery.

[12] Kilhavan – possibly Killyhoman

[13] Killemurree aka Killymurry, Parish of Errigal Trough. Killymurry and Tonyfohanan townlands are
about a mile and a half NNE/NE of Emyvale town, and are separated by just 500 yards of Killakeady townland.

[14]  Mullefinegan - possibly Mullafinnog

[15] Tannafofan aka Tonyfohanan

[16] Killaughavare – possibly Killyloughavoy

[17] Eskar aka Esker, Parish of Errigal Trough



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