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NAMES: John LITTLE Sr. of Tyhallen; John LITTLE Jr. of Portarlington; Hugh COULTER of Aghnasedagh; James SMITH of Killyneal; John KEAN of Singleton Grove; Peter GOULLIN of Portarlington; James RICHARDSON of Culmain; William JOHNSTON, JP; Richard GRAHAM; James HASTINGS.
Sharon Oddie Brown, June 30, 2009
NOTE: I am on a huge learning curve and many of these names and places are new to me. I love to be corrected whenever errors are found. Thanks! NOTE: July 2, 2009. Jack Storey just helped me - Culmaine is Coolmain. See revised footnote. Also, more info on Richard GRAHAM.



DEED: 125-536-86036

1742 June 2


NOTE: I have capitalized surnames for ease of finding them in the text. They were not capitalized in the original. I find the occupation of Hugh COULTER as a linen draper to be significant since that was the trade of so many of the other COULTER family members.


A Memorial of a Deed Poll bearing date the second day of June 1742. Reciting that John LITTLE[1] late of Tyhallen[2] deceased, by his last will and testament settled upon John LITTLE[3] his son the yearly annuity of £2 during his life out of his freehold tenement in the town and County of Monaghan and further that the said John LITTLE of Portarlington[4] in the Queens County did for the consideration of £10 to him bargain and sell to Hugh COULTER[5] of Aghnasedagh[6] in The Parish, Barony and County of Monaghan Linen Draper all his said John LITTLE right honourable rights titled interest and [?] and claim that he had to the said yearly annuity of 2 pounds sterling [?] for him by the will of the said father and all rights whatsoever to the said freehold which said deed poll is witnessed by James SMITH[7] of Killyneal[8] and John KEAN[9] of Singleton Grove[10] both in the County of Monaghan and Peter GOULLIN[11] of Portarlington in the Queens County and this memorial is witnessed by the said James SMITH and James RICHARDSON [12]of Culmain[13] in the County of Monaghan. Hugh COULTER [seal] signed sealed in presence of James SMITH and James RICHARDSON. The said James SMITH maketh oath that he was present and did see the above named John LITTLE duly sign and deliver the Deed Poll above mentioned and further says that he, this deponent is a subscriber and witness to the execution of the said deed and that he also saw the said Hugh COULTER duly sign and seal the above Memorial and that this deponent is a subscribing witness by same James SMITH sworn before me at Glasslough in the County of Monaghan this 28th day of March 1747 by virtue of a Common to me directed to take affidavits in the County of Monaghan and I know that deponent William JOHNSTON[14] Justice of the Peace for the County of Monaghan

Present: Richard GRAHAM[15]. James HASTINGS[16].

[1] John LITTLE sr of Tyhallen

[2] Tyhallen This is a long shot, but there is a Parish of Tyhallen [AKA Tehallen] , in the Barony of  Monaghan. I can’t see anything else that is close.The townlands of Seaveagh and Alkill, both in the Parish of Tehallen were inhabited by a Thomas LITTLE a century later. SOURCE: Griffiths Valuations.

[3] John LITTLE jr of Portarlington. NOTE: In 1775 a John LITTLE married an Anne McMAHON. SOURCE: Clogher Marriage Extracts.

[4] Portarlington, Parish of Lea, Queens Co. A Huguenot settlement that is on both sides of the River Barrow, one part in Kings Co. And one part in Queens Co. Now known as Co, Laois and Co. Offaly. It was settled by French Huguenots after the Williamite wars. They had been preceded by English settlers who had displaced those previously on the Catholic land of the O’Dempseys. The new name for the town came from its patron, Lord Arlington, but the English had abandoned the lands by the end of the1690s.

[5] Hugh COULTER I found an unsourced record on the internet showing a Hugh Coulter b: August 08, 1717 d: June 1766. Possible.

[6] Aghnasedagh. Parish of Monaghan, Co. Monaghan

[7] James SMITH

[8] Killyneal, Parish of Tehallan, Co. Monaghan

[9] John KEAN. I wonder if this may be connected to McKEAN

[10] Singleton Grove. It is in the townland of Emyvale, Parish of Donagh, Co. Monaghan. In 2003 when it was up for sale, it was described as follows: A house dating from the early eighteenth century has been put on the market. Fortsingleton House near Emyvale was originally owned by Lord Blaney and it was purchased from him by the Singleton family from Enniskillen. At that time known as Singleton Grove, the name was changed to Fortsingleton when the house was bought in 1840 by a Scotsman. The latest owners of the house, which includes a section of an old tower, were Ray and Anne Goodall, and they have spent a considerable amount of time over the last twelve years restoring many of its features. It has been used latterly as a country house for guests.

[11] Peter GOULLIN. He was likely the Huguenot settler known by the name Pierre GOULLIN. SOURCE: The Huguenot Settlements in Ireland Grace Lawless Lee. He in described as a Lieutenant from Lourmarin in Provence. HE was a widower who in 1693 married Anne Coussart. SOURCE: Ireland's Huguenots and their refuge, 1662-1745  By Raymond Hylton. They had moved to Monasterevan, Co. Kildare by 1697 and were worshipers at the French Huguenot Church at Portarlington.


[13] Culmain. Thanks to Jack Storey, I now know that this is Coolmain, Parish of Monaghan or Rackwallace. A great site is: Look Around Ireland

[14] William JOHNSTON

[15] Richard GRAHAM. There is a reference Col Richard GRAHAM of Culmaine who married a Martha CRAWFORD in 1787 . Her brother, Thomas CRAWFORD took the name SINGLETON when he inherited his grandmother’s estates at Fort Singleton. SOURCE: The Irish And Anglo-Irish Landed Gentry, When Cromwell Came to Ireland.  John O'Hart Further information thanks again to Jack STOREY (email July 2, 2009) Additional info re Richard Graham appears in the book “History of Ballyalbany Presbyterian”  where on 23rdJan1775 he & Alex Montgomery of Drumrutagh (i.e. Bessmount) drew up a warrant for the arrest of Rev Dr Thomas Clarke of Ballyalbany Church for refusing to kiss the Bible as per Anglican tradition upon acceptance of a Public position (i.e. Sheriff, Councillor etc).  Both Alex Montgomery & Richard Graham belonged to First Monaghan Presbyterian Church – rivalling the “Seceder” Church of Ballyalbany at that time.   Local folklore has it that the Seceder Church of Ballyalbany became so strict that on one occasion the organ was thrown into the nearby River Blackwater because of objections to music in Church.    During the copying of Ballyalbany Church Records I found several letters dated late 1700s where several people had objected to music in Church. 

[16] James HASTINGS



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