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NAMES: Vere HUNT [both sr. & jr.]of Glanagoole, Tipperary; Jeremiah aka Jeremy JACKSON of Fanningstown, Limerick; Richard HAMERSLEY of Holy Cross, Tipperary; William CHADWICKE of Ballinard, Tipperary; Catherine CHADWICKE John SABLIER [?]. OTHER PLACES: Poyntstown, Garryclogh, Ballyconry, Shronell, Kilmagoning, Ballynard.
Sharon Oddie Brown. August 21, 2012


1743 April 2 HUNT to JACKSON Deed: 108 277 76317
NOTE: This is not an absolutely accurate transcription. In several instances, I have used contemporary spellings so that a web search can readily retrieve anything pertinent. Over and above that, there may be my own idiosyncratic errors. It is well known that I can neither type nor spell.


A Memorial of an Indented Deed of Release bearing date the second day of April 1743 between the Rev. Vere Hunt[1] of Glanagoole in the County of Tipperary Clerk of the first part Jeremy Jackson[2] of Fanningstown[3] in the County of Limerick Gent Richard Hamersley[4] of Holy Cross in the County of Tipperary Gent of the second part William Chadwicke[5] of Ballinard[6] in the County of Tipperary Esq. of the third part Vere Hunt[7] son and heir apparent of the said Rev. Vere Hunt of the fourth part and Catherine Chadwicke second daughter of the said William Chadwicke of the fifth part witnesses that the said Vere Hunt the elder for and in consideration of a marriage to be had and solemnized between the said Vere Hunt the younger and the said Catherine Chadwicke[8] and for and in consideration of the sum of £1200 the marriage portion of the said Catherine has Granted Demised Released and Confirmed unto the said Jeremy Jackson and Richard Hamersley their Heirs Executors Administrators and Assigns all and singular the lands of Curragh otherwise Curraghhouse[9] in the Barony of Kenry and County of Limerick and also the farms and lands of Glanagoole[10] part Pointstown[11] and Garryclogh[12] in the Barony of Slievardagh  and County of Tipperary together with all and singular their Rights Members and Appurtenances to have and hold unto the said Jeremy Jackson and Richard Hamersley their Heirs Executors Administrators and Assigns for ever the several uses and behooves in the said deed of release mentioned in which Deed of Release there are several other clauses and covenants and is witnessed by Thomas Bunbury[13] of Ballyconree[14] in the County Tipperary Esq. John Sablier[15] of the town and County of Tipperary gent and by Robert Bradshaw[16] of Kilmagoning[17] in the County of Limerick gent and this Memorial is also witnessed by the said Robert Bradshaw and by William Mansell of Ballynard[18] in the County of Tipperary Gent William Chadwicke [SEAL] signed sealed and only Executed in presence of William Mansell Robert Bradshaw. The above named Robert Bradshaw maketh oath that he saw the deed of which the above writing is a Memorial duly executed and that he is a subscribing witness to the said Deed and Memorial and that the name Robert Bradshaw subscribed as a witness to the said Deed and Memorial is this deponants proper handwriting and that he saw the above named William Chadwicke duly sign and seal the said Deed and Memorial and that he delivered the said Memorial to Mr. Bartholomew Delandre deputy register on the 23rd state of April 1743 at or near five o'clock clock in the afternoon. Robert Bradshaw sworn the 23rd day of April 1743 before Bartholomew Delandre, Deputy Registrar.

[1] Rev. Vere HUNT (abt 1678-1759) He died intestate administrator to his widow, I Sept. 1759. He was married at Kilcooley Abbey, Marriage settlement recited in his father's will, He married in 1712 Constance daughter of Sir Wm. Piers 2 Bart of Tristemagh by Hon. Honara Fitzmaurice his wife. daughter of William 20th Lord Kerry.   http://huntcurraun.org/Limerick%20hunt.htm   

NOTE: The following relates to a later Vere HUNT (1761-1818), an MP and 1st Baronet of Curragh.: http://www.slieveardagh.com/information/vere_hunt.html

[2] Jeremy JACKSON (1707-1780) of Fanningstown aka Jeremiah JACKSON.

PRONI: T808/8246 Pre will made 12 October 1778 proved 18 October 1780.

Jeremiah JACKSON of Fanningstown, County Limerick (or Tanningstown) to eldest son Thomas JACKSON all freeholds & copyholds in Great Britainand lease holds in Ireland. To youngest son Rev. Jeremiah JACKSON of Abington in County Rutland in Great Britain, the advowson of the living of Preston in County Rutland in Great Britain and £1000 and furniture and plate sector in Great Britain. £10 each to daughters Francis LANGLEY and Elizabeth TUTHILL. Executor and residual are a lady: eldest son Thomas JACKSON. Witnesses  Richard DEANE; William BENNETT; James LYONS. Probate to executor.

33 Mount Marion Ave..

Blackrock, County Dublin.

20 July 1913.

I have part of three at: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/familytree/JACKSONs-Duddington.html   but the updated version is at: : http://www.thesilverbowl.com/familytree/JACKSONs-Duddington.html  He married Catherine COX, daughter of Sampson COX [See various editions of Burkes]. NOTE: I may have an error with respect to his parents whom I show to be Francis JACKSON and Frances FAIRCHILD. (as do many other sources) . Estate records show: Hamilton Llewellyn Jackson was descended from the Goulds of Upwey, Dorset, England and the Jacksons of Fanningstown, near Adare, county Limerick and originally of Duddington, Northamptonshire. His great grandfather Jeremiah Jackson had settled at Fanningstown and married Catherine Cox of Ballynoe. Jeremiah Jackson was agent to the Irish estates of the 3rd Lord Carbery in the 1760s and 1770s and letters from J. Jackson are preserved in the Bisbrooke Hall Papers. His parents were Thomas and Helena Hall Jackson. In the mid 19th century he held land in the parish of Kilseily, barony of Tulla Lower, county Clare. The rental of lands held by Hamilton Llewellyn Jackson in the barony of Owney and Arra, county Tipperary and at Mount Rice, barony of Tulla Lower, county Clare were advertised for sale in July 1856. The Tipperary acreage was almost 1500 acres and 317 acres in county Clare. In July 1860 Fanningstown (544 acres) and Jackson's 828 acre estate in county Clare were advertised for sale. The sale rental includes lithographs of Fanningstown Castle and Athlunkard House. The Gould family died out in 1841 and Hamilton Jackson took the name of Gould in lieu of Jackson in 1871 as he had inherited the Gould estate. He was a Justice of the Peace for counties Limerick and Clare and a captain in the Austrian army. He died in 1891. His eldest son married a daughter of Standish Darby O’Grady of Aghamarta Castle, county Cork.


[3] Fanningstown,

[4] Richard HAMERSLEY of Holy Cross

[5] William CHADWICKE (-1748), , A William CHADWICK is mentioned in the Hearth Rolls for Clanwilliam at Gortin Killin Cullen. By his will, dated 1748, proved 1750, he left his widow £300, with plate, jewels and numerous articles of value, and "her chaise and best chaise horse" and an annuity of £50. He bequeathed to his son Rodolphus £100; to his son, Michael £10, he being "already provided for"; to his grand-daughter, Jane Chadwick, £300; and to his daughters, Ann Blood, Grace Bunbury, and Catherine Hunt, each £10 "to buy mourning." http://www.antonymaitland.com/chad0001.htm

[6] Ballinard, Parish of Shronell, Barony of Clanwilliam. NOTE: There are three such townlands, all in different parishes. Landed Estate records indicate: At the time of Griffith's Valuation William Chadwick held land in the parishes of Shronell http://landedestates.nuigalway.ie:8080/LandedEstates/jsp/family-show.jsp?id=3340  NOTE: There is a photograph on this site of a house that incorporated part of the pre-existing older house.

[7] Vere HUNT (1713-abt 1785) SIR VERE HUNT of Curragb County Limerick born about 1713, will dated 14 Feb. 1783, proved 20 June. 1787, married , (1) , Katerine daughter of Wm, Chadwick, Esq., of Ballisinode County , Tipperary . married 1743. had one son who died young. He then married Anne daughter of Edmund Browne, Esq,  he had two sons and a daughter. (1) Sir Vere Hunt (2) John Fitzmaurice Hunt and (3) Jane,  http://huntcurraun.org/Limerick%20hunt.htm

[8] Catherine CHADWICKE (-1760), daughter of William CHADWICKE and Jane GREEN; 1st wife of Vere HUNT, and sister of Grace CHADWICKE, married to Thomas BUNBURY http://www.antonymaitland.com/chad0001.htm

[9] Curraghhouse, Parish of Adare, Barony of Kenry, Co. Limerick. Perhaps in the townland of Curraghbeg or Curraghbridge. For a description of the history: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curraghchase_Forest_Park  The house no longer exists, but a sketch exists at: http://www.askaboutireland.ie/reading-room/environment-geography/environmental-information/county-focus/limerick/curraghchase-house-woods/

[10] Glanagoole. I suspect this is Glengoole, Parish of Kilcooly, Barony of Slievardagh, Co. Tipperary.

[11] Poyntstown, Parish of Fenner or Buolick, Barony of Slievardagh, Co. Tipperary.

[12] Garryclogh, Parish of Fennor, Barony of Slieverdagh, Co. Tipperary.

[13] Thomas BUNBURY of Shronell (1705-1772 married Grace CHADWICKE in 1731. http://www.turtlebunbury.com/family/bunburyfamily_lisnavagh/bunburyfamily_lisnavagh_william2.html

[14] Ballyconree aka Ballyconry, Parish of Shronell, Barony of Clanwilliam, Co. Tipperary.

[15] John [SABLIER], Gent of Tipperary. NOTE: I am unsure of the transcription. It was unclear in the original.

[16] Robert BRADSHAW

[17] Kilmagoning – I am unsure what townland this might be.

[18] Ballynard. I am unsure what this townland might be.



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