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I have posted this Deed because of the mention of Killynure and the later leases between OLIVER & PRINGLE. I suspect that there are family relations between these two families over and above the documented commercial relations, although I have not much proof at this stage.
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 25, 2006
UPDATE: August 23, 2007. p71 of T.G.F. Patterson's Notes & Family Charts Relating to Grand Juries gives the family relationships of names mentioned in this deed.
SOURCE: LDS film # 1279353]
UPDATE August 6, 2008. An email from Kathy Rhodes set me straight on a few bits of misinformation that I had previously include and I have corrected my notes accordingly:

It would seem that a John PRINGLE of Lyme Park, Caledon (will proved in 1742) married a Sarah whose last name is currently unknown. Their children were William PRINGLE of Caledon (will probated June 1779); Rev Robert PRINGLE of Madden Court, Co. Armagh who married Frances ENERY 30 Dec 1783* (her father was Rev. William ENERY rector of Killeshandra); Boyle PRINGLE; John PRINGLE; Henry PRINGLE who married Mary GODLEY on May 23, 1767 (she was the daughter of Rev. Wm. GODLEY and Mary MORGAN - the daughter of Richard MORGAN). They had a son William Henry PRINGLE, M.P. who married Hester Harriet PITT. He died in 1840 but had inherited Corna[?](probably Cornacrew), Parish of Mullaghbrack, CO. Armagh from his Uncle William PRINGLE.
Also, Kathy drew my attention to: "The Records of the Pringles or Hoppringills of the Scottish Border" written by Alexander Pringle, M.A., B.S.C.; published by Oliver and Boyd of Edinburgh and London in 1933. The following quote came from there:
MAJOR-GENERAL HENRY OF CALEDON. Henry was the second son of John Pringle of Lyme Park, Co. Tyrone. In 1747 he became Ensign in Otway's Regt. on Irish half pay, in 1750 Lieut,. in Blackeney's Regt. (Enniskilllngs), in 1756 Major in the 56th Regt., in 1779 Lieut.-Col. in the 51st Foot, in November 1782 Major-General (S. M.). In January 1782 General Murray, while defending Port St Philip in the Island of Minorca, which was besieged by the French, declared to his officers that he would never surrender until driven to the last extremity, and they, including Colonel Henry Pringle, replied that they would obey his orders. In February Governor Murray writes as to the unhappy differences between the Lieut.-Governor and himself relative to the surrender of the Island to the French. Later, a complaint having been presented against Murray, it was found that the case could not be tried for want of Colonel Pringle who was left hostage for the transport vessels. In 1767 Henry married a daughter of the Rev. Dr Godley, Ireland (G. M.). He had issue, a daughter Caroline, who in 1797 marr. Robert, son of the late Sir Richard St George, Bart.; also a son William-Henry (G. M.). SOURCE: The Records of the PRINGLES or HOPPRINGLES
Another family tree of possible interest (p. 112 Patterson) is that of Alexander PRINGLE of Ballinahone, Co. Monaghan whose will was proved in 1719/20. That tree can also be seen at The records of the Pringles or Hoppringles
*NOTE: I have a date of 1743 for the deed, but my notes from Patterson show a marriage date of 1783. One of them is most likely incorrect. I suspect the date is 1743 based on the dates of deeds that I have from deeds of similar numbers.
Update: March 28, 2017. One tidbit to add: John PRINGLE's wife was Sarah DENIS, daughter of the Rev. John DENIS. Thanks to email from Ian McCULLOCH March 27, 2017.


1743 Dec 21


DEED: 162-561-111118


A Meml of an Inentd Deed Tripartate being date the Twenty first day of December one Thousand & seven hundred & fifty three made between the Reverend Robert PRINGLE of Maddincourt in the County of Armagh Clke of the first part Thomas ENERY of the City of Dublin Esq & Henry PRINGLE Esq. Lieutenant in General Blakenies Regiment of Foot of the second part & Frans ENERY spinster eldest daughter of the Reverend Doctor William ENERY of Killishandra in the County of Cavan of the third part. Reciting that a marriage was intended to be shortly had between the said Robert PRINGLE and the said Frans ENERY; ….(so it seems) … the lands of Doogry, Enogh, Lisbanoe, Kennedies, Aghavilly, Lislea, Killynure & Magherarville “…  to the use & intent that the sd Frances in case she should survive the said Robert might have and receive thereout for her jointure an Annuity of one hundred pounds Sterl …”



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