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NAMES: Richard GORGES; Elizabeth FIELDING; Hamilton GORGES; Right Honorable William Lord Baron of Howth aka William St. LAWRENCE; Thomas JACKSON; Gorges Edward HOWARD; John SMITH; George LOWTHER of Kilbrew, Co. Meath. I have not followed up on the huge number of townland names included.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 3, 2011


1743 July 25

Book 246, pg 282, #157959

 Transcription thanks to Dawn Lowe. Footnotes by Sharon Oddie Brown.


Indented Deed

Between Richard Gorges[1] of Kilbrew[2], County Meath, Esq and

Elizabeth[3] his wife, of the first part

Hamilton Gorges[4], City of Dublin, Esq of the second part

John Maddison and Edward Mathews, City of Dublin, Gent

of the third part

And the Right Honorable William Lord Baron of Howth[5] and

Thomas Jackson[6], City of Dublin, Esq, of the fourth part


Whereby Richard Gorges for considerations mentioned therein granted to the said William late Lord Baron of Howth and Thomas Jackson one annuity or rent charge of 160 pounds 10 shillings to be issuing and payable out of the several land and Premises following the Town and lands[7] of Ballygalley Moyaner Hornascowtra, Knocknagallynagh, Carrickstubla, Largnegrillagh, Hurnaseightragh, Ederown Drumshansee, Cochlenagheneene Almuskvane and otherwise Lisemusker otherwise Altamuskim Gortnafiloge Manemaloge otherwise Altneight. Leighee, Alteloghfim otherwise Minenanta, Esher, otherwise Aytonesuggard Surgamae otherwise Mullaghmassagh otherwise Meandough otherwise Boylebrach Syanoth Altnagullan Hallagherim, Aullacedone Corkerkascagh Corkascagh Ballymacleroy, Shanconagh otherwise Shanleney Melich otherwise Mulix Cavansturt Cavanmelich Trostem otherwise Mymesheagh Mullaghmore, Liscaforge, Aghteene Skeaghboy, Tatealtnager otherwise Tatealtnigor Cumsmackenally Cavansturke Cansturlme, Konckaneshamagh Tatebusher Coyener, Downmoyner Aghteedonelligan Tyrenesky otherwise Tyrnashey, Saneveagh otherwise Shanvellagh, Gallanagh, Corbatton Lisgonnell Knockeeroghery, Knocknigurcom, Knockamy otherwise Knocknamy otherwise Knockenny otherwise Knockacumy and Tynouragh, Killmorgan Hindrom, Harres, Twoforemassee Lurganboy Mantry, Artmulloghy, Creevenagh, Killenery and Tyllavannan. Upper Cloghfinn Lower Cloghfinn, Ballykeel Aghenagar otherwise Aghmagore and Eshermore all of which said last mentioned Town and lands and appurtenances are situated in County Tyrone and the Kingdom of Ireland to hold to said Right Honorable William Lord Baron of Howth and Thomas Jackson and their heirs and assigns to the use and in Trust for Hamilton Gorges and the heirs Male of his Body and for want of such issue to the use of Hamilton Gorges, his heirs and assigns forever.


Which said Deed is witnessed by Gorges Edmond Howard[8], City of Dublin, Esq and

John Smith[9], Servant to said Richard Gorges


And this Memorial is witnessed by said Gorges Edmond Howard and George Lowther[10] of Kilbrew, County Meath, Esq

Richard Gorges: Seal


Signed and sealed in presence of George Lowther and Gorges E. Howard, City of Dublin, Esq, subscribing witness to an indented Deed of which this is a Memorial. Delivered to Mr Charles[11], Deputy Register 6 Dec 1765

Registered 6 Dec 1765





[1] Richard GORGES (1708-1778) Esq. of Kilbrew, Co. Meath, eldest son of Richard GORGES (1662-1728) and Nichola Sophia HAMILTON

[2] Kilbrew, Co. Meath. There are two such townlands in Co. Meath. I am betting that it is Kilbrew, a townland of 799 acres, Parish of Kilbrew,Barony of Ratoath, Co. Meath.

[3] Elizabeth FIELDING, Daughter of John FIELDING, Governor of Jamaica

[4] Hamilton GORGES (1712-1786), second son of Richard GORGES (1662-1728) and Nichola Sophia HAMILTON. He married Catherine KEATING.

[5] Right Honorable William Lord Baron of Howth aka William St. LAWRENCE (1688-1748). He married Lucy GORGES, daughter of Lt-Gen Richard GORGES (1662-1728) and Nichola Sophia HAMILTON. SOURCE: http://thepeerage.com/p23506.htm#i235057

[6] Thomas JACKSON Esq., of City of Dublin. I suspect that he is the Thomas JACKSON (1680-1750) He was the son of William JACKSON and Susan BERESFORD. In 1715, he married Margaret BERESFORD, and they had three children. In 1727, he held a seat in the Irish House of Commons for Coleraine. His sister-in-law, Elizabeth GORGES (d.1747), who married his older brother, William JACKSON, was of Kilbrew, Co. Meath.

[7] NOTE: I have put them all into a table: Townlands in Tyrone lease - Thomas JACKSON 1743 July 25. Most of these Tyrone townland names do not appear anywhere else, other than in this lease, in Google searches. The extent of the holdings mentioned in this list of 66 townland names and their alternate names is significant. I have been trying to determine where they all are as part of a clue to unravelling the ancestry of various JACKSON lines. Some of my guesses are pretty far-fetched. I am hoping that people who know more about Tyrone townland names can set me straight, or perhaps add to what I have found out thus far.

[8] Gorges Edward HOWARD (1715-1786) aka Gorges Edmund HOWARD, son of Frances HOWARD & Elizabeth JACKSON (she was the daughter of William JACKSON (1668-1712) of Coleraine and Elizabeth GORGES).

[9] John SMITH, servant to Richard GORGES.

[10] George LOWTHER Esq, of Kilbew, Co. Meath. NOTE: Although I suspect that he was in a previous generation, a George LOWTHER who married Jane BERESFORD  voted against the JACKSONs and for the BERESFORDs in a dispute. Rev. T.H. Mullin. D.D., Coleraine in by-gone centuries, Century Services, 1976, 173

[11] Mr. CHARLES, Deputy Register.



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