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NAMES: Robert WADDELL of Lisnaveane; Christian McMURRAY of Drumgavney; James McMURRAY; Arnold MATTHEW of Gribbey; David GILESPY of Drummuck; Jeremiah McMURRAY of Dromore; James SAUNDERS.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 8, 2009


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1749 November 3



A Memorial of an Indenture of Lease made the third day of November in the year of our Lord 1749 between Robert WADDELL[1] of Lisnaveane[2] in the County of Monaghan Gent of the one part and Christian McMURRAY[3] of Drumgavney[4] in the Barony of Cremorne and County aforesaid widow of the other part. Whereas by the said Robert WADDELL for and in consideration of the clear yearly rent or sum of £6 10 shillings sterling and other covenants in said lease mentioned and expressed demised granted set and to farm unto the said Christian MURRY her exors admons and assigns all that and those the part of the townlands of Drumgavney aforesaid containing by estimation 30 acres Irish measure be the same more or less log and with sufficient Turf Room and Turf Bog of the said James McMURRAY[5] and then in the possession of the said Christian McMURRAY to have and to hold unto the said Christian McMURRAY her exors admons and assigns from the first day of May next for and during the term and time of 61 years from thence next ensuing fully to be completed and ended which said lease is witnessed by Arnold MATTHEW[6] of Gribby[7] in the County of Monaghan Gent David GILESPY[8] of Drummuck[9] in said County Gent and Jeremiah McMURRAY[10] of Dromore[11] in said County farmer and this Memorial is witnessed by the said David GILESBY, Jeremiah McMURRAY, Christian McMURRAY. [Seal]

Signed sealed in the presence of David GILLESPY Jeremiah McMURRAY. [mark and seal]. The above named David GILLESPY came and this day before me made oath that he is a subscribing witness of Deed of Lease to the Deed of Lease of which the above is a Memorial and saw the same duly executed by the above named Robert WADDELL and Christopher McMURRAY and also saw the above Memorial duly signed and sealed by the above named Christian McMURRAY by affixing her mark and putting her seal thereto and which the name David Gillespie subscribing to the said Deed and Memorial is this deponent's proper handwriting and delivered the said Memorial to Mr. James SAUNDERS Deputy Registrar on the 14th day of September 1750 at or near half an hour after five o'clock in the afternoon David GILLESPY sworn before me on this 14th day of September 1750 James SAUNDERS[12] Deputy Registrar.


[1] Robert WADDELL

·         born Scotland and had land leased from Lord Masserene in 1698: Aughnaseda, Lisnaveane, Drumgavney and Cordevlish. SOURCE: Full Circle and also Jerry WADDELL email 2003 Sept 22

·         A Robert WADDELL was a member of the Lisnaveane Rangers SOURCE: Full Circle p244.

[2] Lisnaveane, 205 acres in the Parish of Tullycorbet. At the time of Griffiths, the WADDELLS still retained considerable holdings.

[3] Christian McMURRAY widow of Drumgavney

[4] Drumgavney. 211 acres in the Parish of Tullycorbet.

·         In Griffiths, WADDELLs, McMURRAYs and McCULLAGHs still had a considerable presence in the townland.  SEE: Selected Monaghan Townlands

·         There is another WADDELL-WADDELL deed concerning Drumgavney that I did not Pursue: DEED: 491-448-319202

·         The McMURRAY connection to Drumgavney is still there a hundred years later: Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth McMURRY, wife of John McMURRY of Drumgavney w.d.t.l. 1 March 1852 a. 66 years. She was an affectionate wife and a loving parent.  SOURCE: At the Ford of the Birches p 166. Burial at Christ Church, Ballybay

[5] James McMURRAY. It is quite likely that he was the James McMURRAY who was the son of Andrew McMURRAY & Elizabeth McCULLAGH.

[6] Arnold MATTHEW of Gribbey.

[7] Gribby. There is a townland of Griggy in the Parish of Donagh, Co. Monaghan. I don’t know if this is it.

[8] David GILESBY (d 1890) He would be the right generation for this connections: SOURCE: At the Ford of the Birches p 22: David GILESPIE, son of John GILESPIE of DRUMMUCK is mentioned in lease of EDENANEANE. SOURCE: Full Circle p. 108: d. c1890

[9] Drummuck Parish of Ballybay (NOTE: There are two such named townlands, but this one is the most likely. By the time of Griffiths, it was mostly owned by Thomas and James McCULLAGH.)

[10] Jeremiah McMURRAY

[11] Dromore, probably the one in the Parish of Tullycorbett.

[12] James SAUNDERS



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