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NAMES: Robert WADDELL of Lisnaveane; James McMURRAY of Drumgavney; Alexander WADDELL of Island Derry, Co. Down; Robert MAXWELL, son of Capt MAXWELL of College Hill, Co. Armagh; John ECHLIN son of Rev. Robert ECHLIN; William DUNLAP of Ballybay; Mary WADDELL nee STUART; David GILLESPY of Drummuck; Thomas NOBLE of Donamoyne; Richard EXHAM & Alexander MONTGOMERY.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 8, 2009


DEED: 166  269  111466

1754 Feb 4



The WADDELLS are not a family that I know well. Apparently, Waddells originally were weavers that came from Flanders from around the 12th century onwards. They are found all over Scotland with a strong concentration in the Stirling/Lanark and surrounding counties[1]. There are several subsets of them in Co. Down, Co. Tyrone & Co. Monaghan.



A Memorial of an indenture of lease made the seventh day of November 1753 between Robert WADDELL[2] of Lisnaveane[3] in the parish of Tullycorbett and County of Monaghan of the one part and James McMURRAY[4] of Drumgavney[5]. in parish and County aforesaid of the other part witnesses that the said Robert WADDELL for in consideration of the yearly rents of and considerations therein mentioned and reserved did demise and grant set and to farm let all that at the one quarter of the townland of Drumgavney. of the said parish then in his possession containing by estimation 30 acres plantation measure to be the same more or less situate lying and being in the barony of Cremorne and County of Monaghan aforesaid to hold to the said James McMURRAY his heirs and assigns for and during the natural life of Alexander WADDELL[6] of Ireland Derry[7] Robert MAXWELL[8] son of Capt. MAXWELL[9] of College Hall[10] in the County of Armagh and John ECHLIN[11] son of the Rev. M. Robert ECHLIN[12] of Newtown Clanabois in the County of Down and the survivor and survivors of them and for and during the life and lives of such other person or persons shall from time to time [survey?] and forever thereafter be added thereunto the said James McMURRAY his exors and assigns paying the yearly rent of 6 pounds sterling and in which said indenture there is about that the said Robert WADDELL his heirs and assigns shall upon the death of any of the said lives or any other life or lives forever hereafter add or insert the life of such person or persons as to the said Robert WADDELL and his heirs or assigns shall renew the said premises forth with the Chief Landlord thereof is said James McMURRAY his heirs and assigns first paying the sum of 1 pound five shillings sterling for every such life so added and inserted as aforesaid and in which indenture contains the usual covenant of Distress and Re-entry and for payment of the said yearly rent and the same is witnessed by William DUNLAP [13]of Ballybea[14] and Mary WADDELL[15] wife of the said Robert WADDELL and David GILLESPY[16] of Drummuck[17] in the County of Monaghan Gent and this Memorial is witnessed by the said David GILLESPY Thomas NOBLE[18] of Dunamoine[19] in the County Gent James McMURRAY. [Seal]. Signed and sealed in the presence of David GILLESPY, Thomas Noble. -- the above named David GILLESPY maketh oath that he saw the indenture of lease of which the above writing is a Memorial duly executed by the above parties and that he saw the above Memorial to be signed and sealed by the above named James McMURRAY that he this is a subscribing witness the said indenture and Memorial. David GILLESPY sworn before me at a [General?] [Queens?] Sessions of the Peace held at Monaghan for the said County the 15th day of January 1754. Richard EXHAM[20]. Alexander MONTGOMERY[21].




[1] SOURCE: Rootsweb WADDELL List, September 22, 2003

[2] Robert WADDELL

·         born Scotland and had land leased from Lord Masserene in 1698: Aughnaseda, Lisnaveane, Drumgavney and Cordevlish. SOURCE: Full Circle and also Jerry WADDELL email 2003 Sept 22

·         A Robert WADDELL was a member of the Lisnaveane Rangers SOURCE: Full Circle p244.

[3] Lisnaveane, 205 acres in the Parish of Tullycorbet. At the time of Griffiths, the WADDELLS still retained considerable holdings.

[4] James McMURRAY. It is quite likely that he was the James McMURRAY who was the son of Andrew McMURRAY & Elizabeth McCULLAGH. He is also likely connected to Christian McMURRAY, widow of Drumnagarvey mentioned in the 1749 November 3rd Deed as well as to other McMURRAYs mentioned in that lease: Jeremiah and James McMURRAY.

[5] Drumgavney, 211 acres in the Parish of Tullycorbet.

·         In Griffiths, WADDELLs, McMURRAYs and McCULLAGHs still had a considerable presence in the townland.  SEE: Selected Monaghan Townlands

·         There is another WADDELL-WADDELL deed concerning Drumgavney that I did not Pursue: DEED: 491-448-319202

·         The McMURRAY connection to Drumgavney is still there a hundred years later: Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth McMURRY, wife of John McMURRY of Drumgavney w.d.t.l. 1 March 1852 a. 66 years. She was an affectionate wife and a loving parent.  SOURCE: At the Ford of the Birches p 166. Burial at Christ Church, Ballybay

[6] Alexander WADDELL of Ireland Derry.Co. Down, I believe this is the one who would have been the son of Robert WADDELL & Mary STUART. Born between 1731-33 (possibly at his mother’s place in Scotland) and died 1799. Regardless of who he turns out to be, this Monaghan-Co. Down connection is interesting. In 1830 (I believe), a James George WADDELL, Esq., of  Island-derry House, Dromore was listed as Treasurer. SOURCE: http://www.from-ireland.net/dow/down1834.htm

[7] The Townland of Islandderry lies 3 miles to the west of the town of Dromore. Prior to the rebellion of the Irish Catholics of October 1641 the townland was the property of Art Oge Mac Glaisne Magennis. Following the defeat at the hands of Cromwell in February 1642 Art Oge had to forfeit his lands to the Crown. The first proprietor was Alexander Woodall/Waddell from Moffat Hills in Lanarkshire, Scotland, who paid a quit rent of �5.13.4 to Art Oge for 679 acres, 3 roods and 4 perches. This was the beginning of a long association between the Waddell family and Islandderry. SOURCE: Tale of a Townland  Martin CAMPBELL Thesis. This is well written and well worth reading and can be found at: http://www.lisburn.com/dromore-historical/Journal-2/journal-2-5.html Dromore and District Local Historical Group Journal.

[8] Robert MAXWELL son of Capt. MAXWELL of College Hall. There is a superb genealogy of MAXWELLs at http://ocotilloroad.com/geneal/maxwell1.html .

[9] Capt. MAXWELL of College Hall. Could this be the Capt. Samuel MAXWELL who died in 1788?

[10] College Hall is just up from the Mall in the City of Armagh. A Henry MAXWELL of College Hill died 1709.

[11] John ECHLIN, born 1723, son of the Rev. M. Robert ECHLIN of Newtown Clanabois.

·         NOTE: There is a further ECHLIN-MAXWELL connection in the marriage of Robert MAXWELL & Margaret ECHLIN (daughter of Henry ECHLIN, Bishop of Down & Connor)..

·         NOTE: The Hester ECHLIN who married James DONALDSON of Castledillon, Co. Armagh was the sister of John ECHLIN. SOURCE: Memoirs of the Ancient Familie of the ECHLINS OF PITTADRO in the County of Fife, in Scotland, Now transplanted to Ireland. George Crawford, Esq. 1747. P28. (This connects with the DONALDSONs of Freeduff. SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1823Apr5_LouisaJaneKelly.htm  )

[12] Rev. M. Robert ECHLIN of Newtown Clanabois. The Rev. Robert ECHLIN, Incumbent of Newtownards, Co. Down. He married, in the year 1722, Jane, daughter of Captain James Manson of Tynan, Co. Armagh, and Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Hugh Echlin, of Tynan, Esq. SOURCE: Memoirs of the Ancient Familie of the ECHLINS OF PITTADRO in the County of Fife, in Scotland, Now transplanted to Ireland. George Crawford, Esq. 1747. P 27

  • The ECHLINS had property in Monaghan earlier. SEE: 1709 Dec 2 DEED 1938 5 303: And also All those the Two Tales of Land called Cornebrack containing Two Hundred Eighty Eight Acres and Two Roods of profitable Land Plantation measure be the same more or less, and Lisdungroive als Lisnegreeve containing Sixty Five Acres profitable Land Plantation Measure be the same more or less all lying and being in the Barony of Creemorne and County of Monaghan, which said last mentioned Lands and Premises he the said Robert Echlin Purchased from Henry Hamilton of Ballyborough in the County of Cavan Gentl and Rebecca his Wife... SOURCE: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~registryofdeeds/transcriptions/d001938.htm

[13] William DUNLAP

[14] Ballybea aka Ballybay

[15] Mary WADDELL nèe STUART (from Scotland)

[16] David GILLESPY There is a David GILLESPIE in future generations at Drummuck: SOURCE: At the Ford of the Birches p 22: David GILESPIE, son of John GILESPIE of DRUMMUCK is mentioned in lease of EDENANEANE. SOURCE: Full Circle p. 108: d. c1890 SEE also Deed 1856 May 14.

[17] Drummuck, Parish of Ballybay (NOTE: There are two such named townlands, but this one is the most likely. By the time of Griffiths, it was mostly owned by Thomas and James McCULLAGH.)

[18] Thomas NOBLE.

·         Don’t know if there is a connection to Adam NOBLE of Longhill, Co. Monaghan, Esq.

  • In DEED: 324-263-214753-1777 Dec 1 Francis NOBLE of Donamire, Co. Monaghan Esq. Acting for last will and testament of Brabazon NOBLE of Donamire Esq. Deceased of 1 part. William DALY of Ballybay of 2nd part.  NOTE: IN 1764, Brabazon NOBLE was one of the High Sherriffs of Monaghan.

[19] Dunamoine. I would assume this to be Donaghmoyne, Parish of Donaghmoyne, Co. Monaghan.

[20] Richard EXHAM

[21] Alexander MONTGOMERY



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