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NAMES: William DONALDSON of Lucan, Co. Dublin; Isabella DONALDSON née HOGGART; Anne JACKSON; Anthony KING; Thomas HOGGART; Alexander BRANAN; Agmondisham VESEY; John CALDWELL; William CALDWELL; Samuel CALDWELL; James DONALDSON; Elizabeth DONALDSON; Jonathon NIXON; Jonathon SHEPHEARD; Philip EMER; Francis ALLEN; Patrick TANNIN; Edward HENDRICK; Charles FARRAN; Arthur SHEPHEARD; William HALL. PLACES: East Cold Blow [Dublin?]; Dodsfarm; Esker; 3 Parks; Petty Canons House.
Sharon Oddie Brown. December 17, 2011



Book 206, page 431, #136737

Transcribed by Dawn Lowe


L+R Dated 6-7 Aug 1760


William Donaldson[1], Lucan[2], County Dublin, Gent, and


Isabella Donaldson[3], Wife of William Donaldson, of the first part,


Ann Jackson[4], City of Dublin, widow, of the second part,


Anthony King[5], City of Dublin, Brazier, appointed by the last Will and Testament of Thomas Hoggart[6] late of Dublin, Clothier deceased, of the third part,


Alexander Brenan[7], City of Dublin, Plumber, of the fourth part.


Reciting by lease of 5 Aug 1742 Agmondisham Vesey[8] demised to John Caldwell[9] Attorney the Farm and lands of East Cold Blow[10] with a Stone house and appurtenances then in possession of Jonathan Caldwell[11] containing 50 acres 1 Rood 30 Perches described in a map in said lease to hold for lives of John Caldwell, William[12] and Samuel Caldwell[13], his nephews, at the yearly rent of 31 pounds 1 shilling …


And reciting the Premises became vested in William Donaldson in a lease dated 23 Jan 1746 whereby Agmondisham Vesey demised to Wm Donaldson all that parcel of land called Dodsfarm[14] near Lucan containing 85 acres 3 Roods 4 Perches described in a map annexed to said lease …

To hold to Wm Donaldson, his heirs and assigns from 29 Sept then next during the lives of Wm Donaldson, James Donaldson[15] and Elizabeth Donaldson[16] and the survivor of them for 31 years at the yearly rent of 47 pounds 3 shillings 3 pence …


And reciting Wm Donaldson by L+R dated 19-20 Oct 1743 granted said lands to Jonathan Nixon[17] for securing 200 pounds plus interest and by Deeds of L+R dated 26-27 May 1756 … Jonathan Nixon released said lands to Thomas Hoggart in consideration of 230 pounds 2 shillings 4 pence and a halfpenny …


And reciting by lease dated 8 Oct 1746 Agmondisham Vesey demised to Wm Donaldson all that Brewhouse Malthouse Storehouses Kilns Stable Garden in Lucan then in possession of Wm Donaldson Bounding on 1 side by passage leading by churchyard on another side by the great road and on all other sides by a stone wall built by Wm Donaldson around said Gardens  …


And reciting Jonathan Shepheard[18] by lease dated 7 Aug 1755 demised to Wm Donaldson the Town and lands of Esker[19] also 3 Parks[20] called the Brenans with Garden called Abrahams’ Garden then in possession of Wm Donaldson containing 313 Acres 1 Rood 30 Perches by  map annexed to lease, in the Parish of Esker Bd? NewCastle, County Dublin for 99 years from the 1st May last at the yearly rent of 234 pounds 7 shillings 6 pence …


And reciting L+R dated 20-21 June 1756 wherein Wm Donaldson granted in mortgage to Philip Emer[21] said premises redeemable on payment of 100 pounds plus interest …


Reciting L+R dated 21-22 Dec 1758 wherein Philip Emer made over these Premises to Thomas Hoggart with said Wm Donaldson in consideration for a further 24 pounds 14 shillings 11 pence paid by Thomas Hoggart …


Reciting a lease dated 28 Sept 1758 wherein Agmondisham Vesey demised to Thomas Hoggart the House or Tenement formerly in the Estate of Francis Allen[22] Esq late Lord Bishop of Clogher adjoining the house and land called The Petty Canons House[23] situate in Lucan to hold for 80 years at the yearly rent of 2 pounds 10 shillings …


And by lease dated 28 Sept 1758 Agmondisham Vesey demised to Thomas Hoggart a Little Field containing 2 Rood 3 Perches situate on the east side of the road leading from Lucan to Esker and also a parcel containing 1 acre 3 Rood 3 Perches on the north side of said road then in possession of Patrick Tannin[24] and a parcel containing 3 acres 2 Rood 30 Perches called Luttrells of 3 acres then in possession of Thomas Hoggart on the north side of said road situate in Lucan.


And reciting Thomas Hoggart lately deceased and in his last Will and Testament left to his son-in-law Wm Donaldson all money he owed or was due him at decease by Bonds and his Interest in the Town and left to his daughter Isabella Donaldson yearly sum of 30 pounds … and of his Will appointed Edward Hendrick [25]Woolen Draper and Anthony King Brazier his executors …


And reciting Thomas Hoggart left Issue said Isabella and Ann Jackson, by which said Deed is a Memorial. Said Wm Donaldson, Isabella, Ann and Anthony King in consideration of 434 pounds 14 shillings 6 pence to Wm Donaldson by Alexander Brenan and of 5 shillings apiece to Isabella, Ann and Anthony paid by Alexander Brenan, all parties of the first part granted to Alexander Brenan the lands demised by Agmondisham Vesey by 3 first leases to Alexander Brenan, his heirs and assigns for 94 years …


Witnessed by:

Charles Farran[26], City of Dublin, Gent

Arthur Shepheard[27], City of Dublin, Gent


Wm Donaldson: Seal


Signed and sealed in presence of Charles Farran, Arthur Shepheard, subscribing witness


Delivered to Wm Hall[28], Deputy Register


Registered 6 Sept 1760



[1] William DONALDSON of Lucan, Co. Dublin. Presumably a son-in-law of Thomas HOGGART. He was a brewer.

[2] Lucan

[3] Isabella DONALDSON, née HOGGART, wife of William DONALDSON

[4] Anne JACKSON, City of Dublin, widow. Her husband would have beeen Thomas JACKSON, Glassgrinder of Dublin. They married in 1744.

[5] Anthony KING, City of Dublin, Brazier

[6] Thomas HOGGART, late of Dublin, clothier, deceased. Father-in-law of William DONALDSON. I suspect that he was the Thomas HOGGART, clothier of Dublin, whose will was probated in 1759. I found the connections in Deed: 114-410-79399. June 3, 1744. Between Thomas JACKSON of City of Dublin Glasssgrinder of 1st part Thomas HOGGART of same City Clothier & Anna HOGGART spinster his daughter of 2nd part. James BIBBY of same city Gent & William DONALDSON of same City brewer of 3rd part. Marriage intended between Thomas JACKSON & Anne HOGGART ... £500 ... NOTE: A will was probated for a Thomas JACKSON, glass-seller in 1759. This is likely the same one who was the husband of Ann HOGGART.

[7] Alexander BRANAN, City of Dublin, plumber.

[8] Agmondisham VESEY, born abt 1673 and died 1738. He lived at Lucan, Co. Dublin and married 1stly Charlotte SARSFIELD & then Jane POTTINGER and had many children. SEE :thepeerage.com His was a very well connected landlord class family

[9] John CALDWELL, attorney

[10] East Cold Blow

[11] Jonathon CALDWELL

[12] William CALDWELL, nephew of John CALDWELL

[13] Samuel CALDWELL, nephew of John CALDWELL

[14] Dodsfarm

[15] James DONALDSON

[16] Elizabeth DONALDSON

[17] Jonathon NIXON

[18] Jonathon SHEPHEARD

[19] Esker

[20] 3 Parks

[21] Philip EMER

[22] Francis ALLEN

[23] Petty Canons House, Lucan,

[24] Patrick TANNIN

[25] Edward HENDRICK, woollen draper

[26] Charles FARRAN, Gent

[27] Arthur SHEPHEARD, Gent

[28] William HALL, Deputy registrar.



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