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NAMES: James JACKSON; Richard JACKSON; Elizabeth HARRISON; George HARRSION; Jackson HARRISON; Margaret HARRISON; Elinor HARRISON; Mary HARRISON sr. & jr.; Thomas JACKSON; Thomas PEAT; Richard GITSOLL aka GAITSKILL; John POSTLEWAITE; WIlliam BAXTER. PLACES: Kirby Kendal; Finkle Street aka ffinkle; Gill in Bradley Field; Brigsteer.
Sharon Oddie Brown, September 2, 2010


Richard Jackson of Kirkby Kendal will June 15, 1765


NOTE: This will hooked my interest because of the fact that Jackson’s Hall, which had been owned by the family of the JACKSONs of Coleraine, was at Kirby Lonsdale[1] – the parish contiguous with the one mentioned in this will. There were literally hundreds of JACKSONs in this neck of the woods in the 1600s and 1700s. I expect that it will turn out that there will prove to be some relationship with some of them not only with the JACKSONs of Coleraine but also the Jacksons of County Down. The Jacksons of Coleraine settled as part of the Clothworkers  Company settlement in 1609 and Kendal was a town with a focus on cloth production and as well was on the road between Carlisle and London.


I always like to get a visual of where these places were and there are a lot of great maps available:

John Speed 1611 publication. http://faculty.oxy.edu/horowitz//home/johnspeed/Cities13.htm

Map of the Parishes of Kendal and other adjacent Parishes.http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=49302

Link to a range of Westmorland maps:



From this will, I deduce the following family relationships:


Descendants of James Jackson


   1       James Jackson[2] (1660 – 1743). He married Margaret Unnamed (1654 – 1740)

........    2          Thomas Jackson         (?- 1765)

........    2          Richard Jackson (1697 – 1766). His wife was Elinor Unnamed      

........    2          Mary Jackson (1705 – 1789). She married George Harrison           (1701 – 1782)

...................     3          Jackson Harrison (1741 – 1804). He married Jane Dowker  1754 - 1820

...................     3          Thomas Harrison       

...................     3          James Harrison          

...................     3          Richard Harrison       

...................     3          Margaret Harrison     

...................     3          Jane Harrison 

...................     3          Elinor Harrison          

...................     3          Mary Harrison           

........    2          Elizabeth Jackson (?- 1704)


NOTE: I am new to researching in Westmorland and have much to learn. I have compiled a number of other sources of probable interest – likely connected in some way to Richard JACKSON (1697-1766) and will post them when I am clearer about how they may or may not connect.



In the Name of God Amen. I Richard Jackson[3] of Kirkby Kendal[4] in the County of Westmorland Yeoman being at present in good health and of sound and disposing mind and memory and understanding but considering the uncertainty of the transitory life do make publish and [derland?] this my last will and testament and first and principally I recommend my soul into the hands of the Almighty God hoping through the merits and mediations of Jesus Christ my Saviour to have full pardon and forgiveness of all my sins and my body and to commit to the earth to be decently buried by and at the direction of my Executrix herein after named and as [?]ing and concerning such temporal estate which it hath pleased God to bestow upon me I give and dispose of in manner and form following that is to say I give and devise onto my dear and loving wife Elinor and her assigns during the term of her natural life all that my Buryage Messuage and Tenement with the appurtenances situate standing and being in ffinkle street[5] in Kirkby Kendal aforesaid and from and immediately after her decease I give and devise the same to my niece Elizabeth Harrison[6] daughter of my brother in law George Harrison[7] her heirs and assigns forever. I give and devise onto my nephew Jackson Harrison[8] son of the said George Harrison all that my messuage and Tenement out with all the lands grounds and profits and also appurtenances there unto belonging situate lying and being at Gill[9] in Bradley ffield[10] and also that my peatmoss or turbary ground and peat coake with the appurtenances situate lying and being in Brigsteer[11] both in the parish of Kirkby Kendal aforesaid in the said County of Westmoreland to hold the same to the said Jackson Harrison his heirs and assigns forever I give and bequeath unto my said brother-in-law George Harrison and my said nephew Jackson Harrison the sum of ffour hundred pounds nevertheless upon spousal trust and confidence and to the intent and purpose that they the said George Harrison and Jackson Harrison or the survivor of them his Executors or admons shall and do (as soon after my decease as he or they conveniently may) put and plan the same out at Interest either upon a government or other good and sufficient security or securities and the interest arising and to be raised therefore shall and do pay yearly and every year unto my said wife Elinor or her assigns during the [remains?] of her natural life and from and immediately after her decease There upon Trust that they the said George Harrison and Jackson Harrison or the Survivor of them his Executors or admons shall and do well and truly pay or cause to be paid the said sum of ffour hundred pounds unto my four nieces Margaret[12] and Elinor[13] and Mary[14] daughters of the said George Harrison equally amongst them share and share alike and I give and bequeath unto the said George Harrison and Jackson Harrison the sum of one hundred and ffifty pounds upon trust nevertheless that they the said George Harrison and Jackson Harrison or the survivor of them his Executors or admons shall and do pay or cause to be paid to my said wife or to such person or persons as they shall appoint the sum of Twenty pounds to my sister Mary[15] the wife of the said George Harrison the sum of Ten pounds and unto my said niece Elizabeth Harrison the sum of an one hundred and twenty pounds at the end of twelve calendar months next after my decease. And I do hereby authorize and empower my said Trustees and the Survivor of them his Executors or admons to [produce?] and retain out of the said sum of ffive hundred and ffifty pounds all such reasonable and necessary Charges and Expenses as they or either of them shall pay Sustain or be put unto something the Execution of the trusts aforesaid and in case any of my nieces hereinbefore named shall happen to die before she or they shall have received her or their respective Legacy or Legacies leaving Lawful Issue then and in such case I order that such deceased sisters Legacy or Legacies shall go and be paid to her or their Lawful Issue respectively and if any of them shall happen to die before She or they should have survived her or their respective legacy or legacies with the lawful issue then and in such case order that such deceased sisters legacy or legacies shall go to and be equally divided amongst the surviving sisters share and part alike and if but one Sister then in order that the whole sum of ffive hundred and twenty pounds shall be paid to such only sister but provided my ready Money and securities for Money at the time of my decease shall not amount to the sum of ffive hundred and ffifty pounds that in order that my said Monies shall respectively [allow?] so much as they shall so fall short in proportion to their said Legacies and provided my Ready Money and securities for Money at the time of my decease shall amount to more than the sum of ffive hundred and ffifty pounds then I give and bequeath and order my said trustees to pay with such surplus Money equally amongst my several nieces hereinbefore named. I give to my said brother-in-law and nephew one Guinea [a priorie?] to be paid by my Executrix herein after named. I give to my said sister Mary Harrison the picture of my late brother Thomas Jackson[16] and I order that my Executrix herein before mentioned shall permit my said nephew Jackson Harrison to take such of my books as are marked with the letters J. H. at the beginning as he shall think proper. All the rest residue and remainder of my goods chattels and personal estate and efforts whatsoever I give and bequeath unto my said wife Elinor whom I constitute and appoint sole Executrix of this my Last Will and Testament She thereout paying all my just debts funeral Expenses and the charge of proving this my will provided always and the Devise and bequest herein before made to my said wife are upon this Express Consideration and it is my Will and Intention that the same shall be something of her dower thirds or widow right and in full of her claim in any wise to my Real Estate devised as aforesaid to my said nephew Jackson Harrison and that upon request by him made for that purpose she shall release all her right and Interest thereon accordingly and lastly I do hereby revoke all former and other wills by me at any time heretofore made and declare this only as and for my last will and testament. In witness whereof the said testator Richard Jackson have hereunto to set my hand and seal this 15th day of June in the year of our 1765. Richard Jackson. [Seal]. Signed sealed published and prepared by the said Testator Richard Jackson as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us who at his request and in his presence and in the presence of each other saw subscribed our Names as [?ssors] thereunto Thomas Peat[17] // Richard Gitskoll [18]// Jno Postlewaite [19]/


The within named Richard Jackson of Kirkby Kendal in the County of Westmorland Yeoman do make this present and codicil which I order and direct shall be taken as and for part of my within written last Will and Testament and which will as to all and every the Devices Trusts Gifts Provisos Conditions Legacies Bequests Portions and Appointments therein mentioned devised given and bequeathed of and concerning my Real and Personal Estates I do by this codicil establish ratify and confirm save and except as hereinafter mentioned and whereas the sum of one hundred and ffifty pounds was sometime since borrowed of William Baxter[20] of Kirkby Kendal  aforesaid Ironmonger for my two nieces Margaret Harrison and Elinor Harrison within named for repayment of which with Interest I and my brother in law George Harrison within named gave a joint security now in case the said George Harrison shall not pay to the said William Baxter the said sum of one hundred and fifty pounds and Interest it is my will and meaning and I do hereby order and direct that my said two nieces Margaret and Elinor Harrison shall pay and allow the same in equal proportions out of their legacies within given and bequeathed to them and that my executors within named shall not be liable to or charged with the payment thereof for witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the seventh day of July 1766. Richard Jackson. [Seal]. Signed sealed and published by the said Richard Jackson as and for a codicil to and part of his last will and testament in the presence of us who subscribed our names in his presence Thomas Peat. Richard Gaitskill. Jno Postlewaite.


This will was proved at London with a codicil annexed before the Right Worshipful George [Kay?] of Laws [Master?] and Keeper or Commissary of the prerogative court of Canterbury. Lawfully constituted by the oath of Elinor Jackson widow the Relict of the deceased and sole Executrix named in the said will to whom administration was granted of all and singular the goods chattels and credits of the said deceased she having been first sworn by commission duly to administer. On the 16th day of September in the year of our Lord and The Yeare Seven Hundred and Sixty Eight.

[1] 1812 Jackson's Hall sold by Richard Toulmin North to Thomas Buttle, a well known land surveyor who had to do with many of the local Inclosure Acts. Alex Pearson, Material for an account of K. Lonsdale.  SOURCE: British History on Line http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=49383&strquery=Jackson%27s%20Hall

[2] James Jackson. I know nothing about him. NOTES:

·        1643 Will of Edward Jennings of Markett place in Kirkbie Kendall, tanner, dated 1 March, 1642[-3]. To wife Dorothie his house in the Market place, yearly rent £3 and his house in Finkelstreete, yearly rent 7s. for her life, then to his daughter in law Dorothy wife of James Sutton, charged with £10, viz. to Helen Wright her sister, wife of William Wright of Millthropp, 40s.; to Richard Wright her son, 40s.; Thomas Wright her son, 40s.; Oliver Wright her son, 40s.; Ellen Wright her daughter, 40s. A close of ground in the Kirkefeild, by estimation 3 acres, yearly rent 6s. and a barn on the Fellside with a rood of ground and a barkhouse at Kentside to Elizabeth Kilner second daughter of John Kilner, after the widowhood of testator's wife Dorothy, charged with £10 to Agnes Killner and Margaret Killner her sister. To Margaret Killner his house in Kirkland after the widowhood of Dorothy his wife. To every godchild 10s. charge on his land of Kirkfeild of £30 to be repaid to Mr. James Jackson and John Benson. Some other small legacies. Exors: Dorothy his wife and Elizabeth Killner, second daughter of John Killner, whom he makes residuary legatees. Supervisors: Mr. William Banck, Mr. Lawrence Park, John Killner and Richard Castley. Orig. possessed by W. Farrer. http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=49277

·        KIRKBY KENDALL – 1670 BOND. Bond by Edward Knype of Kirkby Kendall, in the county of Westmoreland, currier, to Nicholas Barrowe of Cartmell, in the county of Lancaster, seene maker, in £49. The condition of the bond relates to covenants contained in a deed poll of Bargain and Sale made between them. Signed by Edward Knype, his mark ‘E’. The seal, in red wax, is a fragment, a device not legible. The witnesses are James Jackson, Thomas Barwicke and Thomas Atkinsonhttp://www.myjacobfamily.com/historical%20manuscripts/westmorelanddeeds2.htm

[3] Richard JACKSON was the son of James JACKSON and Margaret. His birth date is deduced from his age at death. SOURCE: Westmoreland Historic Texts Project http://www.northofthesands.org.uk/westmoreland/surname/17/jackson

·        Here lieth the Body of Iames Jackson late Serjeant att mace & Margaret his wife He died June 18th 1743 age 83 She died February 16th 1740 age 86 Also near Lieth four of their Grand-children, Sons of George and Mary Harrison, to wit, Thomas aged 11, Iames, Richard, and Edmond.

·        Here also lieth the Body of Richard, Son of the above- named Iames & Margaret Jackson who departed this life the 12 Day of July 1766 Aged 69- (partly from Mr. Jennings' 1861 copy ;bur. 14 January 1704, Eliz. daughter of J. J. of High gate, Serjent).

NOTE: There is a Richard JACKSON, son of James recorded in LDS records:12 APR 1696, Stalmine, Lancashire, England.. There is also a Richard JACKSON who was master of the Free School. SOURCE: http://www.edenlinks.co.uk/KENDALWARD/KENDAL/KENDAL_TOWN.HTM

ALSO (an earlier Richard JACKSON): 1653 On 31 March, 1653, there was exceeding great need of a schoolmaster at Kendal, so it was ordered that tithes amounting to about £12 should be granted to the mayor and alderman for the use of a schoolmaster and for the increase of his maintenance. John Myriell was probably the first master to benefit by the order, but he resigned in 1655 on his appointment to be vicar of Torpenhow. The next schoolmaster was Richard Jackson, who remained in office until at least 1667. Older Nonconformity in Kendal, 63. SOURCE: British History on Line


[4] Kirkby Kendal. It was described in 1731 as: It is a fair, large trading Town, but of no great Antiquity, and therefore of Note principally for its Manufactures of Cottons, Cloths, Druggets, Hats, Stockings, etc. SOURCE: Magna Britannica et Hibernia.Volume 6: Westmorland. Thomas Cox (Vicar of Bromfield, Essex) 45 pages, printed in 1731. An excellent source with many links is: http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/eng/WES/Kendal/ There is also a splendid 17C map by John Speed. SEE: http://faculty.oxy.edu/horowitz//home/johnspeed/Cities13.htm

[5] Finkle Street appears on contemporary maps (I am going from Google Search: <Kendal Finkle Street>) to be a short street between the Rainbow Tavern to the Chocolate House in downtown Kendal.

[6] Elizabeth HARRISON

[7] George HARRISON: George Harrison died 6th October 1782 Aged 81 years. Mary his Widow, died 24th April 1789 Aged 84. . . . Jackson Harrison Esqr. died 17th October 1804 Aged 63, Mrs. Jane Harrison his widow died 21st January 1820 Aged 66. Buried at Kendal. Westmorland Church Notes. SOURCE: http://www.northofthesands.org.uk/westmoreland/surname/18/harrison

[8] Jackson HARRISON:  Sacred memory of Jackson Harrison Esqr. one of the Senior Aldermen of this Burgh of Kendal,who died on the 17th of October 1804 Aged 63 years. , also of his Widow Mrs.Jane Harrison daughter of the late James Dowker Esq. who died on the 21st of January 1820 Aged 66 years.

[9] Gill in Bradley Field – NOTE: I do not know where this is.

[10] Bradley Field – NOTE: I do not know where this is.

[11] Brigsteer is a few miles SW of Kendal. Notes:

·        HELSINGTON township and chapelry comprises part of the village of Brigsteer, and a number of dispersed dwellings, extending from 1 ½ to 4 miles S. of Kendal, on the west side of the Kent. Near the high road stands SIZERGH HALL, in the midst of fertile grounds, beautifully sprinkled with wood, though at the foot of a wild and sterile hill. This ancient fortified mansion, built in the suspicious days of feudal discord and Scottish invasion, is the seat of Thomas Strickland, Esq. whose ancestors derived their name from Strickland, or Stirkland, in Morland parish, and resided there and here from a very early period; many of them, for their civil and military services, were distinguished with the honour of knighthood, and one of them was Bishop of Carlisle. The first on record is Sir Walter de Stirkland, who lived in the reign of King John, since which, the family has a regular pedigree down to the present time. When Sizergh Hall was erected has not been ascertained, but it has been frequently repaired and enlarged, so that it is still a very perfect Gothic mansion, and from its strong towers has a very formidable appearance, reminding us of those days when every Englishmen’s house was really his castle. The interior is elegantly furnished, contains some good pictures, and a spacious dining room, the ceiling and wainscoting of which are of richly carved oak, though the former has been injured by a coating of whitewash laid upon it by some person, ignorant of the superior value of carvings compared with stucco work. The Queen’s room is so called from Katherine Parr, the last queen of Henry VIII. having lodged in it a few nights after the king’s death. The Sizergh demesne is extensive, and comprehends a large farm on the opposite side of the river, called Lark rigg. The Manor of Helsington being part of the Lumley Fee, belongs to the Hon. F. G. Howard, but was formerly held by the Bindlose family. The CHAPEL, dedicated to St. John, is a neat building, erected by subscription in 1726, and endowed by John Jackson, of Holeslack, with the adjacent Scar-house estate, and the "Chamber tenement." It was soon afterwards augmented with £200 by Queen Anne’s bounty, £55 8s. given by Mr. Matson the curate, and £44 12s. subscribed, making £300, with which was purchased the Kirkbarrow field, near Kirkland, and land at Rawnrigg, in Barbon. It was again augmented in 1762 with £200 given by the Countess Dowager Gower, and £200 more obtained from Queen Anne’s bounty, with which sums the Scarfoot estate in Underbarrow was purchased, so that its income is now about £150 per annum. The vicar of Kendal is patron of the curacy, which is now enjoyed by the Rev. Wm. Moore, of Kirkland, for whom the Rev. Geo. Wilson, of Heversham officiates. Mr. Jackson, above-mentioned, also left 13s. 4d. yearly out of a shop in Kendal, for the education of three poor children, and a small plot of land called Jack Parrock, for the chapel clerk. Stone-bank Green was formerly the residence of the Fishers, who were connected with many of the old families of the county. http://www.edenlinks.co.uk/KENDALWARD/KENDAL/KENDAL_OUT_TOWN.HTM

[12] Margaret HARRISON, daughter of George HARRISON and Mary JACKSON.

[13] Elinor HARRISON, daughter of George HARRISON and Mary JACKSON.

[14] Mary HARRISON, daughter of George HARRISON and Mary JACKSON.

[15] Mary HARRISON née JACKSON(1705-1789), wife of George HARRISON

[16] Thomas JACKSON. There was a Thomas JACKSON, yeoman whose will was probated 22 Nov 1755. He was of High Butterbent, Hutton Le Hay, Parish of Kendal, Westmorland. SOURCE: http://www.uclan.ac.uk/schools/education_social_sciences/history/research/institute_of_local_and_family_history/members_area/j.php

[17] Thomas PEAT

[18] Richard GITSKOLL aka GAITSKILL.

[19] John POSTLEWAITE. Mr. Postlethwaite was a native of Millom, but spent the last fifty years of his life at Kendal, in the character "of an able and upright attorney," delighting in "doing good and in administering comforts to the poor and distressed." He left £500 to the British and Foreign Bible Society, besides £250 each to the Blue Coat and Industry Schools, and Widow’s Hospital at Kendal. SOURCE: http://www.edenlinks.co.uk/KENDALWARD/KENDAL/KENDAL_TOWN.HTM

[20] William BAXTER, Ironmonger. There is a will probate for him dated Feb 8, 1798. SOURCE: http://www.uclan.ac.uk/schools/education_social_sciences/history/research/institute_of_local_and_family_history/members_area/b.php



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