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NAMES: Galbraith LOWRY-CORRY of Ahennis; David OLIVER of Ballyray AKA Ballyrea; Edmond McMAHON; James NORRIS; William & Joseph OLIVER (twin sons of David); William COLE; Robert COOPER of Killkarn AKA Killcarn, Parish of Loughgilly, Co. Armagh; Thomas IRWIN of Killynal AKA Killnaul, Parish of Aghaloo, Co. Tyrone. OTHER PLACES: Laragh; Cornacarrow.
Sharon Oddie Brown June 19, 2008
Update November 24, 2016 Minor footnote editing.

1765 June 1 DEED 297-602-196312



To the register appointed by act of Parliament for registering of deeds leases and so forth.

A Memorial of an Indenture of Lease bearing date the first day of June one thousand seven hundred sixty five made between Galbraith LOWRY-CORRY[1] of Ahenis[2], and County of Tyrone Esq. of the one part and & David OLIVER[3] of Ballyray[4], Parish & Co. Armagh of the other part Whereby the said Galbraith LOWRY-CORRY did Demise Grant Lett and to farm Lett unto the said David OLIVER All that the two Tates of land known by the name of Laragh[5] and Cornacarrow[6] with the Corn [?] Tuck mills thereon (Excepting sixty acres Plantation Measure in the end of Cornacarrow whereon Edmond McMAHON[7] and others then lived) which by a survey then lately made by James NORRIS[8] Contains two hundred ninety six acres Two Roods and fourteen perches Plantation Measure over and above the said reserved sixty acres, and also reserving unto the said Galbraith LOWRY-CORRY Two Irish Acres of turf bog the most convenient to the said to sixty acres situate in the Barony of Cremoran[9] and County of Monaghan and then in the possession of the said David OLIVER and his undertenants and Cottiers.  To hold onto the said David OLIVER his Heirs and assigns from the first day of May then past for the lives of the said David OLIVER William OLIVER[10] and Joseph OLIVER[11] his sons aged about six months at the yearly rents of nine shillings sterling for every acre during the said lives and upon the death of either of said lives the said premises are to rise sixpence sterling per acre and upon the deaths or fall of the first of said two Surviving Lives then the said premises are to pay for the [xxx] continuance of the last of the said three Lives sixpence sterling by the acre more.  In which said Indenture are contained to the common and Usual Clauses between Landlord and Tenant and particularly a Covenant that the said Galbraith Lowry Cory his Heirs and assigns shall and will let any time when the said David OLIVER doth Erect and completely finish a Cloth Mill within three years and Ditch in twenty Irish acres convenient to said Mill that he the said Galbraith LOWRY-CORRY will grant to the said David OLIVER his Heirs or assigns a Lease of three Lives renewable for Ever of said twenty acres at the same Rent of nine shillings and nine shillings and sixpence and ten shillings per acre the first three lives being the same as before mentioned provided said twenty acres do not Interfere with the Corn or Tuck Mills and also on payment of ten pounds fine for Renewal And that if the said David OLIVER his heirs or assigns shall erect one or more cloth mills on each of which shall be expended two hundred pounds Then the said Galbraith LOWRY CORRY his heirs or assigns shall grant to the said David OLIVER his heirs and assigns fifteen acres renewable forever Cloth Mill so finished paying a fine of ten pounds on the fall of each life and paying the said yearly reserved Rent of Nine Shillings Nine Shillings and sixpence and Ten shillings per acre aforesaid [xxxxxx] And the said Indenture is Indorsed a Covenant Signed by the said parties whereby the said Galbraith LOWRY-CORRY did agree that if the said David OLIVER William OLIVER and Joseph OLIVER should die before the expiration of thirty one years from the first day of May and last then that the said David OLIVER his heirs and assigns might hold and enjoy the said premises for the Remainder of the said Term which said Indenture is witnessed by William COLE[12] Esq. and the right Honourable Lord Mount Florence[13] and by Robert COOPER[14] of Killkarn[15] in the Parish in the County of Armagh and this memorial is witnessed by the said Robert COOPER and by Thomas IRWIN[16] of Killynal[17] in the parish of Aghalow in the County of Tyrone

David Oliver

Signed and sealed and executed

in the presence of

Robert Cooper

Thomas Irwin

The above named Robert COOPER make us both that he is a subscribing witness to the indenture of the least of which the above writing is a memorial and to the above memorial and that he saw the same duty exit executed by the respective executing parties thereto and Seth that the name Robert COOPER signed as a subscribing to said Steve and memorial is his distant opponents proper name and handwriting

Robert Cooper

Sworn before me at Armagh in circuit April 13, 1773

Thomas Tenison[18]





[1] Galbraith Lowry CORRY, b. 11 July 1706, d. 1769. Son of Robert LOWRY & Anna SINCLAIR. He married Sarah CORRY, daughter of Colonel John CORRY & Sarah LESLIE. Galbraith Lowry-Corry was baptised with the name of Galbraith Lowry. He held the office of High Sheriff of County Tyrone in 1733. He held the office of High Sheriff of County Monaghan in 1743. He held the office of Member of Parliament (M.P.) for County Tyrone between 1748 and 1768. On 1764 his name was legally changed to Galbraith Lowry-Corry. He lived at Aheniss, Co. Fermanagh  Their son Amar LOWRY-CORRY became the First Earl of Belmount. SOURCE: http://www.thepeerage.com/p12957.htm#i129569 .

[2] Ahenis, Co. Tyrone. Curiously, there is an Aghenis, Parish of Aghaloo, Co. Tyrone (which agrees with this lease which situated the townland in Tyrone – yet the information that I have found about LOWRY-CORRY indicates Ahennis, Co. Fermanagh. I do not know if there have been boundary changes so that both may be true.

[3] David OLIVER (prob 1725-Feb 1806) of Ballyrea, Co. Armagh, husband of Susannah WALKER. Curiously in spite of all the leases involving Ballyrea, he does not show up in the PRONI Freeholders Records with that particular holding. In fact the only David OLIVER to show up there is one at Bangor, Co. Down in 1813-1821.

[4] Ballyray AKA Ballyrea, Parish of Armagh, Co. Armagh.

[5] Laragh is a townland in the Parish of  Aghnamullen, Co. Monaghan. (NOTE: There are other townlands named Laragh, but this one fits the description of being the Laragh beside Cornacarrow where David OLIVER (1725-1806) first signed a set of leases in 1764 to establish  mills.

[6] Laragh & Cornacarrow, both in the Parish of Aughnamullen are just to the south of Lough Eglish.

[7] Edmond McMAHON possibly related to Thomas and/or Owen McMAHON

[8] James NORRIS. It may be that he is James NORRIS of Torrehage, Parish of Aghalow AKA Aghaloo, Co. Tyrone, the father of Charles NORRIS who married a Sarah OLIVER, daughter of Andrew OLIVER. SEE: DEED: 166-289-111573. 1750 October 22

[9] Barony of Cremoran AKA Cremorne.

[10] William OLIVER (1764-1844) twin son of David OLIVER (1725-Feb 1806) of Ballyrea, Co. Armagh, and Susannah WALKER (d. Mar 1808, Ballyrea). He had sons William OLIVER and Joseph OLIVER of Laragh.

[11] Joseph OLIVER (1764-1837) twin son of David OLIVER (1725-Feb 1806) of Ballyrea, Co. Armagh, and Susannah WALKER (d. Mar 1808, Ballyrea). He resided at Tullymore, CO. Armagh and was predeceased by his only son.

[12] William Willoughby COLE(1735/6-1803), 1st Earl of Enniskillen succeeded to the title of 2nd Baron Mountflorence of Florence Court, co. Fermanagh [I., 1760] on 30 November 1767.1 He succeeded to the title of 1st Viscount Enniskillen, co. Fermanagh [Ireland] on 20 July 1776.1 He was created 1st Earl of Enniskillen He married Anne LOWRY-CORRY, the daughter of Galbraith CORRY-LOWRY and sister to Armar LOWRY-CORRY.SEE: http://www.thepeerage.com/p3387.htm#i33869

[13] Honourable Lord Mount Florence AKA William COLE Esq.

[14] Robert COOPER of Killcarn.

[15] Killkarn AKA Killcarn (either Lower or upper), Parish of Loughgilly, Co. Armagh

[16] Thomas IRWIN of Killnaul, Parish of Aghaloo, Co. Tyrone.

[17] Killynal in the parish of Aghalow AKA Killynaul, Parish of Aghaloo, Co. Tyrone

[18] Thomas TENISON



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