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NAMES: James GLOVER; Benjamin OLIVER; Samuel WATT; Andrew OLIVER; Andrew PRENTICE; Thomas JOHNSTON; Thomas McCANN; Henry CUST. PLACES: Tyrearly aka Tirearly, Parish of Lisnadill; Ballinahonebeg, Parish of Armagh both in Co. Armagh.
Sharon Oddie Brown. June 29, 2009


DEED 261 529 172554 GLOVER-OLIVER

1768 Sept 2

It would be interesting to know what goods and chattels were being sold and for what reasons. Business? After the death of a family member? Unfortunately, the Memorial does not include the schedule.


To the Registry appointed for Registering Deeds Wills and so forth. A Memorial of a Deed Poll or Assignment dated the second day of September 1768 between James GLOVER[1] of Tyrearly[2] in that Parish and County of Armagh of the one part and Benjamin OLIVER[3] of Ballinahonebeg[4] in the said Parish and County of the other part whereby said James GLOVER in consideration of £22 to him paid by said Benjamin OLIVER did bargain sell release and confirm to said Benjamin OLIVER his exhors admons and assigns all and [?] the goods and chattels in Schedule thereunto annexed and to hold the said goods and chattels to the said Benjamin OLIVER his exhors admons and assigns for [?] which said Device is witnessed by Samuel WATT[5] and Andrew OLIVER[6] of the Parish and County aforesaid and this Memorial is also witnessed by the said Andrew OLIVER and Andrew PRENTICE[7] of the town and County aforesaid James [his mark] GLOVER [seal] signed sealed and executed in presence of Andrew PRENTICE and Andrew OLIVER the above mentioned Andrew OLIVER maketh oath that he saw the deponent of assignment of which the above writing is a Memorial duly signed sealed and delivered by the above named James GLOVER and that he saw the above Memorial duly executed by the said GLOVER and deponent. Saith that the name Andrew OLIVER signed as witness to the said Deed and Memorial is this deponent's name and proper handwriting Andrew OLIVER sworn before me the 17th day of October 1768 by virtue of a commission to me directed for taking affidavits and I know the deponent.

Thomas JOHNSON[8] present.

Thomas McCANN[9].

Henry CUST[10].


In the Hearth Money Roll for the Barony Ardmagh 1663-1665 Andrew OLIVER was recorded as having two hearths at SherranmcAghully, now known as Farmacaffley and is still known for its point-to-point horse races, likely a pastime of OLIVERs from centuries ago, first at Ballynahonebeg.

[1] James GLOVER
[2] Tyrearly aka Tirearly, Parish of Lisnadill, Co. Armagh.
[3] Benjamin OLIVER (bef 1717-1770). Probably born and died near Ballinahonebeg. He was a son of William OLIVER (bef 1700-aft 1730) and Elizabeth HARDY.
[4] Ballinahonebeg, Parish of Armagh & Co. Armagh. A known home to OLIVERs for close to three centuries.
[5] Samuel WATT
[6] Andrew OLIVER. I suspect that he was the Andrew OLIVER (bef 1717-aft 1738) who was a brother of Benjamin OLIVER (?-1770).
[7] Andrew PRENTICE. My best guess is that he is related to the James PRENTICE (1711-1777) who married an Elizabeth OATES (because a Jane OATES married a Joseph OLIVER (1727-1796) of Ballinhonebeg). I have no parents for James PRENTICE as yet, and no known siblings either.
[8] Thomas JOHNSON
[9] Thomas McCANN
[10] Henry CUST (1707-1781)  brother of Annarita CUST. He shows up in another deed 130-294-89139 dated 1748 Jun 30 between  Gervaise WALKER of Killmakue (Kilmacrew) Parish & Co. Armagh, Gent & Henry CUST Esq. (For £600 granted lands in Ballinahonemore cont 500 acres). There is also a book: Ways to wealth : the Cust family of eighteenth century Armagh by Leslie A Clarkson; E Margaret Crawford. He receives a mention in The Belfast Newsletter 1 - 4 May 1781 (I have yet to look it up). He was also referred to as Captain Henry CUST  in  The Belfast Newsletter  on 30 Mar. 1756 (I have yet to look this up as well). A Henry CUST was a High Sherriff of Armagh in 1769.



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