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It is likely that the William OLIVER who was a solicitor in Dublin is the brother of Isabella OLIVER who married Andrew DILLWORTH and that Andrew DILLWORTH is possibly a brother of Sarah DILLWORTH - both of them children of James DILLWORTH of Mullaghrivey [probably: Mullaghcreevy, Parish of Donaghmore], Co. Tyrone. (see: HENRY WILLIAM OLIVER 1807-1888:His Descendants by Henry Oliver Rea). This marriage settlement is between John MOORHEAD* of Smithborough, Co. Monaghan & Sarah DILWORTH. OTHER NAMES: Owen WOODS; Patrick WOODS.
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 29, 2006

* He may be the grandfather of John MOORHEAD III that we have in the Rootsweb Family Tree

1770 February
PRONI D/476/259

February 1770 - Between James DILWORTH of Mullaghrivey [probably: Mullaghcreevy, Parish of Donaghmore] in the County of Tyrone of the first part. John MOORHEAD of Smithsborough in the County of Monaghan Gentleman and Sarah DILWORTH otherwise MOORHEAD his wife of the second part and William OLIVER of the City of Dublin Gentleman of the third part. Whereas a marriage has been solemnized between the said John MOORHEAD and Sarah DILWORTH otherwise MOORHEAD, and whereas the said James DILWORTH is possessed of the said Town and lands of Mullaghuvey [probably: Mullaghcreevy, Parish of Donaghmore] by virtue of a Deed Renewable for ever under the Arch Bishop of Armagh and whereas the said James DILWORTH by Indenture of Lease bearing date the seventeenth day of October one thousand seven hundred and seventy for the consideration therein mentioned did Demise unto Owen WOODS & Patrick WOODS all that farmland and parcel of lands  then in possession of the said Owen & Patrick WOODS Containing by Estimation Twenty-One acres English Measure together with that proportion of Turbery or Turf Bog then in their possession with the houses and edifices Erected thereon which Lands & premises are a part of the said Towns and Lands of Mullaghuvey to hold unto them their Execs Admons & Assigns from the first day of November then next for the term of Sixteen years. And whereas the said James DILWORTH for the natural love and Affection that he beareth for his Daughter and Son-in-Law the said John MOORHEAD doth by these presents for him his heirs Execs Admones & Assigns, Assign Transfer & make over unto the said William OLIVER his heirs and assigns all & Singular the herein before mentioned Twenty Acres of Lands with the Appurtenances together with the said Original Lease and all the rents and profits arising there out during the existence of said Lease and from and after the Determination of said Lease to Hold unto the said William this assigns for Administering(?) the Existence of the Original Deeds of said Town Lands of Mullaghavey [probably: Mullaghcreevy, Parish of Donaghmore] & every renewal or Renewals that shall be obtained thereout to hold unto him or them from the first day of May next at and under the yearly rent of Five pounds as Said to be paid unto the said James DILWORTH his Exors, Admrs or Assigns and in case of nonpayment there of that he and they may destraint & dispose thereof in such cases as usual between Landlord and Tenant . IN TRUST never the less & it is the Intention of these presents that the said Sarah DILLWORTH otherwise MOORHEAD shall have and enjoy all and singular the said premises ..... signed James DILWORTH, John MOORHEAD Sarah MOORHEAD, Will OLIVER


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